What does Toronto hope to get in attendance??

What does Toronto hope to get in attendance when they host Montreal on Tuesday night? I mean the game is being played outside of the Labor Day weekend, Kids are back in school, first day for kids back to school, first day back to work for people from the long weekend, if the Argo's get 15,000 I would be surprised, last home game they had a whopping 17,000 and that was on a Friday night??

Bigcat, could you please do us all a favour, and learn when to use question marks and when not to ?

Thanks kindly.

The bigger question is why isn't the game being played tomorrow,instead of Tuesday ? The Jays are playing in Arizona on Monday,so why is the Argo game scheduled for Tuesday night ? Is there something else going on at the Rogers on Monday that the park isn't available for football ?

Completely idiotic to play a game on Tuesday night. I can only shake my head. As far as attendance, I hope I'm wrong but I'd say 16,000.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe it’s the referees fault

They say that the rogers center takes 2 days to convert from baseball to football.

The way Rogers books the stadium it's possible that a private citizen booked it for a BBQ. Just to show the respect TO gives to the CFL. :slight_smile:

Toronto sports fans don't seem to have problems with attendance at Jays games on Tuesdays!!
It's an ARGO problem and they have to stop this blame the stadium, blame the day of the week etc. Tuesday has the potential to draw more than Labour Day, everyone is back from the summer holidays/long weekend.
If it was played on Monday the only way they would attract more fans is if Hamilton was there and they brought their fans too.

The Argos need to sign a star quarterback, oh wait they already did and attendance didn't improve!
The Argo need to win the Grey Cup, oh wait they already did and attendance didn't improve!

Or maybe its the good folks at Rogers don't what to celebrate labor day. :wink:

in addition to previous post, when it first opened the jays and the argos played on the same turf. Now they used different turf's so that's probably why it takes longer now.

Back to the original question, I'd guess around 15,000 as well. I've had a theory for a while that TO fans will only support losers, Blue Jays win and attendance goes down, Argos win (even though they still s**k and attendance goes down. Meanwhile the Leafs stink and they raise ticket prices!!
BTW: You win the spelling contest, it's Labour Day not Labor Day, unless we're talking 4 down ball.
Another question is what's better for the Ti-Cats an Argo win that would move them 4 points up or a Montreal win that would move them into a tie?


No, check the dictionary you can spell Labor or Labour - I don't like using the remnants of French with the "U" its just not right. If we are going to start picking apart spelling then how about using Toronto instead of TO? is that bad spelling or just laziness?
But the reality is Argos suck and they won't draw more than 18,000. After Labor Day Toronto fans will be getting excited about the Bills in Toronto.
I wonder if Jays fans, Raptors fans, Leaf fans would say its "idiotic" to play a game on a Tuesday night.


The Argos need to move out of that white elephant of a stadium.
Simple as that!!!
Horrible place to watch a sporting event. Treated like second class citizens.
C’mon Braley get this fixed.

Actually from what I have heard, they HAVE to get out of Rogers Centre within about 3 years - I think by 2016? but so far are having a hard time coming up with options in or near downtown. They've already looked into using BMO which at present is not long enough for football, and rejected it as an option.

Madjack must be an Argo Fan who cares about precise english and not about Football, typical when you consider all Toronto Fans are Opera Fans, move the team to a City that wants and appreciates Football and Madjack can have have his Opera Buddies!

Oversensitive much. . .but thanks for not overdoing the question marks. And no, I am not an Argo fan, nor am I an opera fan.

I disagree Jack…

Well disagree all you like, but you are wrong.

I was born and raised in Hamilton so it is in the blood, I cannot cheer for the blue team. And I am a jazz fan, and have no use whatever for opera.