What does this team need?

The obvious is an experienced centre, but we also need a power running back.

Here... just copy / paste the Bombers offensive line and ANY backfield will succeed. :smiley: :+1:

Hot and lucky like Winnipeg did in 2019.


EXACTLY! We needed a QB right away and we got one right away!!!

We were lucky as h*** that Toronto didn't know what they had.
You guys need a line fix between now and the playoffs and if your brass is lucky enough to get it without giving away the farm then we'll see you in the Cup. :smiley: :+1:

An organization that realizes theres a fan base that not only enjoys winning but have expectations that go beyond parking and concessions.

Make a 100% commitment to Evans and build an offense on that. A QB needs to know he's THE QB and so does the team.

Start making some hard decisions on the spectacularly average and expensive D line.


Yeah I meant you were lucky the goal post got in the way of the open receiver.

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We had a servo installed just before the game that moved the bar on command.

Bwahahahahahaha!!!! :laughing:

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  1. A fire lit under them. Someone needs to be cut. Message sent. Idle threat or not.

  2. Coach/Play to win. It's obvious our chances to score are limited. Take them. No 3rd and inches FGs. No conservative running plays when you can bury someone.

  3. Agree on Evans. This isn't Evans vs. Masoli. This is sending a message to the team that he's the QB of the future. The insurance policy hasn't even worked. Watford was the one that kept our season alive.

  4. Ric Flair.

  5. An independent message board again.


I thought they were doing well, especially since they got all the starters back. I haven't looked at the stats though.

But to me, the DBs are the strongest group on this year's defence, while K.Kelly has been the best surprise.


LBs and secondary are fine, imo.

D line is better than I thought in relevent stats. Eye test says they don't dominate and considering the money they've poured into Laurent contract. All subjective of course. Be happy to be proven wrong.

Wynn has been steady all year, thought Davis was out of shape at the beginning of the season but has had a great month. These guys are worth every penny in my eyes.

Laurent is a tough one. He’s been battling a bad knee all year, but they were worse off without him at the start of the season. I think we always expect him to be dominant but he tends to get double teamed and opens up opportunities for everyone else. Still believe he’s an important cog there, and almost a necessity as a quality Canadian defensive starter. Slowing down though and gets pulled out a lot in passing situations. They drafted Mohammed Diallo this year and if he doesn’t make an NFL roster in 2022 he could be the heir apparent at nose tackle next season.

Can’t get much of a read on Eddy Wilson or Lee Autry. Will have to watch them a bit more closely. Howsare has improved but still find he’s inconsistent. Never gives up on the play but seems a bit undersized. Still want to see Mauldin come back and get some time at d. End.


"Let's Go Brandon"

As for the original question, I’m almost resigned to the fact that they wont be bringing in another kicker or offensive tackle this year barring injury. Bertolet has been better but still flubs the odd convert. If Van Zeyl can stay healthy then Monday was the best the oline has looked and they need to try to keep this group together. Murray and Woodmansey settling in nicely.

The team seems so close to taking off but for some reason the coaching staff doesn’t appear to trust in its players. Dare I say over-coaching? Too much misdirection on offence, just line up your natural running backs and let the offensive linemen tee off all game and be aggressive. Irons should be featured more. Fewer hitch passes (a lot of our receivers are undersized and just aren’t made to block
for these situations). And please ditch the Sam Giguere memorial wide receiver sweeps.

Defence needs to stay aggressive all game long. DB’s played way off the Argo receivers especially in 2nd half. Less prevent d and 3 man rush.

This team reminds me a bit of the ‘99 team. Both came off surprisingly good prior seasons but spent a chunk of the year being very mediocre and possibly complacent. We were a 5-5 team at one point in ‘99 and had just gotten whooped in Montreal then started to turn the tide. Maybe a good ass- whuppin is what these guys need to shake the whole team out of its slumber. We coasted the last month of 2019 with no real challenges and I think it showed in the Grey Cup and carried over to this year.


Maybe STE should start juicing.

Agree with naming Evans the undisputed starter. That dude will put this team on his back if given the chance & a decent O line, which seems to have solidified a bit. As Schweinhund said, Irons made a good case for keeping him in at RB.

I also agree with your later point about a cut or firing, but I honestly don't think Steinauer operates that way, or would take that approach. Speaking of coaching technique, the staff needs to be told that they're not playing to win, they're playing not to lose. Timid play calling & 3 man rush defence aren't going to work & neither is DBs playing 10 yards off the receivers. Although I'm generally pleased with Steinauer, clock management is an issue, and I think Monday was the first time I've seen a tempo offence in quite some time.

If we come back from this bye week & everything is the same, you can add that to the list, because it will mean the coaches just refuse to acknowledge their shortcomings.

The QBs can wear their big boy pants and both be ready to play.

Unquestioned Evans has performed better this year but a QB does not need to know he is the QB.
If Masoli has another performance like against Toronto maybe he is the better option with Evans having missed time.

Players need to perform regardless of who is under centre.
And in the CFL starting QBs change frequently.

Fajardo and Collaros are the only QBs to start all their teams games.

So true!

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I'm starting to wonder how much the departure of Jim Barker has affected this team?

Barker has a solid football mind and has a wealth of experience as a GM and coach. He also is a good talent evaluator and had many scouting connections. It's likely Barker helped or advised our co-GMs and Orlondo steer the 2019 ship that helped us to a 15-3 season. Once Barker was released this ship appears to be rudderless.

Coincidence or not? :thinking:


I for one, liked the way the cats came to play. IMO , they played better than the way they played in prior games . I liked the improvement overall, and look forward to them improving more . With the return of players, they look more stable. Now they need to play to protect their leads.

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