What does this all mean for Bishop

It sure was a sad way to start a new QB into a game. I would like to see him get a chance bacause our choices are limited.

if we dont make any significant qb moves in the offseason


should all get a crack at the number one... i saw randall lots in tc and prac.. he looked good.. he got thrown into tough situations in a bad offense.. he has a great skill set i just hope he gets a real shot somewhere, ive always been a fan of the guy

bramlett i think is toast.. has nice poise but refuses to scramble and looks like a sitting duck at most times in the pocket... doesnt have that cfl look

lefors.. hey he did have some potential in edm... had goodm preseason here... in a better offensive system with more stability around him, maybe he may be ok... who knows....

one thing is for sure.. the job cannot simply be handed to anyone prior to the start of the season


when he's coming off the bench... hehe, not in any way as a starter...

but as a reliever, i love the idea.. cuz defenses will have to completely change the way they are defending you when a mobile qb with a cannon like bish's comes in... so either u will make them rework the game plan, or catch them sleeping... if bish plays some decent ball he could score some points and win the game off the bench

Now I am a big Bishop fan, I can not recall him ever being known as a great off the bench QB, He really has no history of that in the CFL. It sounds great to say it, but it certainly has not been the case since he has been in the CFL. Bishop needs time to get in a rhythm, needs time to be working with the first string offense etc. I am not saying this because I want him to be the starter, certainly I do, just saying he really has no record of coming off the bench cold and being this great "off the bench Qb" I think that term is thrown around quite a bit. Most QBs need time to get a chemistry going with the guys, its hard for the backup QB to really get that. However I am sure that if that was Bishop`s roll, he would try to make that adjustment, I will be talking to him on Sunday and I will run it by him. :lol:

im not saying hes been an off the bench qb. im just thinking that may be his best role here.. if we start a younger less experienced qb infront of him... we not only develope the young guy.. but bish will get some time to make plays as well... and im just saying i think bish with his arm coming off the bench would really screw up oppposing defenses and may get the bombers some quick points!

Good point!!!

I echo that, excellent point. This is just a test btw, paul pearson does not seem to be working, perhaps someone is trying to tell me something

Came across this poll in my travels, unsure where it came from or who took it?


Yes, he played well enough for another look 77%
No, he was not good for the team 15%
Unsure 9%

Total Votes for this Question: 790

Rather than the identity of the QB, I believe it was the offensive package that Kelly installed that was the major problem. When even Lefors states for the record that the players didn't like/understand it, couldn't make it work, and that every time they made a suggestion Kelly shot it down, speaks volumes. Even with a star QB, that offence wouldnt' go; so I don't think we can really judge too harshly any of the QBs used this past season.

So the new coach/GM should take a hard look at what is in the stable, release a couple, focus on 2 or 3 that he believes have a good chance to be successful in the new offence, and give them time in training camp to see who works out best, and may the best man win.

I personally have never been impressed with Lefors, sure he was dreadful this past season but like I said no one would have been successful with that offence; but previous to that he never won a game when QBing the Eskimos. So I'm not sure if I'd bring him back or not; Bramlet I'd cut loose, he doesn't seem to me to have the makeup for a CFL starter. . . so unless someone new is brought in by way of F/A or trade, I'd probably focus my attention on Bishop, Santos, and DiMichele (sp?). If they all crap the bed, then find someone else but quick.

But FIRST order of business has to be the new GM (or whatever title they're going to give him), SECOND head coach, and then THIRD a decent offensive coordinator. Once those three are in place THEN it's time to address the QB situation. I'd be reluctant to sign a new QB, release an existing one from the roster, or trade for a new one, until those three positions are filled and it is at least sketched out what kind of an offence the new regime is planning to install.

I'd be scared of having released a QB who would work well in the new offence, or to sign or trade for a new QB who might not work well in the new offence. The new offence has to be established first. So to make a QB move now, before a GM, Head Coach, and Offensive coordinator are in place, to me would be a big mistake.

........There are going to be some tough decisions made early with this club....I can't see 'anything' moving forward until the proper positions at the top have been filled....but that' makes it all the more imperative that these roles be filled soon...EARLY January should see most of the serious candidates 'whittled' down to a few....Nobody believes that the qb. situation or other possible player moves can be seen as credible with the 'makeshift' management that's now in place...The Bombers have to make some very important moves in the NEXT WEEK to get this show on the road...We have to have solid direction from the 'people' who are 'really' going to be in charge....Living with someone elses decsions is not acceptable...sooooooooo we are patiently waiting for the bod ( along with Asper)to set the course for 2010 and into the future.....Get er done guys and may the chosen avenues be the right ones :thup: :rockin:

If the Bombers don't name a new GM and coach by the end of the first week of January, they will really be way behind other clubs in relation to hiring quality, experienced assistant coaches, preparing for the draft, making very important personnel decisions (i.e. keep Bishop or pursue a trade for someone else?), and budgeting for/targeting quality free agents.

I am actually shocked that the new Bomber GM and coach weren't hired by Christmas...but then again, maybe they already have been, and the Bombers are just waiting to make it public. (At least that is what Papazoola and all of his blue-blooded buddies are hoping).

I think most hardcore Bomber fans want a real search done and not have the positions just handed to people because they are familiar. Considering Bauer resigned and Kelly was fired on Dec 17, having a new GM and HC named by Christmas wouldn't have gone over well.

Everyone knew that Bauer and Kelly were on their way out way before it was made official. Your BOD looks like it has to many cooks in the kitchen. It is taking them too long to make key decisions. The coach and GM should have been hired by now.

I am a little bit/lot surprised that Bombers are on the verge of signing/trading a whole lot of players even before any management positions are filled?

Reported in another thread here by reliable source that Bombers are very close on a deal to bring J Jackson and Paris Jackson to town. According to the "reliable source" BC gets Lefors and Edwards possibly one or 2 more also. And if that was not enough, the same "reliable source" says Bombers are also considering bringing in Joseph and Jyles. All this before anybody is even hired??? I understand that Hodskinson (sp) or something like that, has been given permission to make deals, but this would be strange to do all that before more front office people/GM/Coach are brought in.

Sounds more like a joke to me

and yes, paulpearson is having tech difficulties???

I think we have a consensus here (even housedog hasn't disagreed so far)...fill the top jobs first, and fill them right, and fill them quickly. Tall order. I think most of us would priorize "right" over "quickly" but there isn't a whole lot of time to play with. It'll be interesting to see who moves first, us or the Argos (are we really waiting for Asper to do something first?). There's limited talent out there, and both teams blew it bigtime last year, so we'll see who has learned their lesson.

I've been bitten before by re-LIE-able sources so I'm not going to get too fussed up about QB rumours. It's obvious now that Kelly's offensive schemes were a huge part of the problem, so as Madjack says, we'll need to see what sort of offence we're going to run before deciding who can best run it on the field. The alternative is to anoint someone first and tailor the offence to him, but after last year, that way madness lies.

Good luck with the username paul, I don't think there are many Kelly fanatics left at this point. I'd still like to know where bramletgirl fits into all this.

… :lol: :lol: …i really preferred ‘paul pearson’ and his pic of the lovely lady … rather than Michael looking at Flutie with the appearance of…‘geez i wished i had his football savvy to go with my ‘cannon arm’…i’d have a cereal with my face on it’… :lol: :lol:

Can't please everyone I guess.

Criticized for not following the process when they hired/gave the job to Kelly and criticized for not making the same mistake again.

I'd rather they took their sweet time and hired the best applicants this time around. Maybe they won't have to clean house all the time, putting the organization back to square one all the time.

The Bombers BoD had already voted unanimously for Bauer to remain in his position. Up until his arrest there were numerous media reports that Kelly was going to be back for another season. Rumours being reported in the media about new jobs and firings don't make them true. It's been a couple of weeks now since everything went down but a couple of days ago Bauer told the FP that he is considering a number of opportunities but none of them are in football. Decisions had been made but circumstances changed.

…i think there’s a certain amount of angst amongst the Bomber faithful…due to the fact that there is another team,in a similar situation, with just as many problems, who will be vying for some key positions in their organization…We don’t want to be seen as ‘left standing at the gate’…so to speak…or ‘beaten to the punch’ as far as personnel is concerned…I know we’d sleep a lot easier if we got into the ‘hunt’ very early in the new year…HOWEVER…if we are not diligent about the new people in charge…we could be doomed to repeat…Looks like we’re caught between the proverbial ’ rock and a hard place’…I hope there’s some quick ‘due process’ around the cornor for the Bombers…and not hasty regrets, that’ll come back to haunt us in the future…GOOD LUCK BOD…glad i’m not sitting with that group, having to make these calls… :roll: