What does this all mean for Bishop

Yes I know you are all tired of me mentioning Bishop, but I do not recall anybody mentioning him much since Kelly/ Bauer departures.

My brother said to me the other day, I guess this is not good news for Bishop? I said to him that was also my first reaction, yet maybe it will end up being the best thing for Bishop. Now with Kelly and Bauer it seemed fairly likely that Bishop would be coming atleast to camp, but now who knows? Could be a huge trade bringing in Ricky Ray or something? Perhaps something along those lines? But a new system with Bishop getting a chance to compete, would be something I would be happy about. Bishop managed to absolutely wow Dunigan in his performance against Montreal. Bishop should have been named the offensive player of the week atleast once this season, but was snubbed. I say he had 4 games where he was absolutely fabulous, I taped them all, rewatched a few recently. The chemistry that Bishop was having with Bowman and Ralph etc was starting to really impress. That`s not something that just happens with any qb receiver.

Just wondered what anybody thought of Bishops chances for getting a shot next year? Did they go down with the departure of Kelly and Bauer? Is he under contract at all? Be kind to me eh, its Christmas :lol:

He'll be the starter next year...

Someone's hitting the spiked 'Nog a little early. You guys would have to give us a hell of a lot more than Bishop to get Ricky Ray.

He also killed us in the loss to BC. That was awful, he needs to find some consistency or he will be done as a Bomber.

I'm thinking Fred Reid would be in the mix, if trade talks were to heat up.

I know they've been talking about Ricky Ray for a week now. I would not trade Ricky Ray for the entire Bomber team...

Bishop will be at camp, but so will a few others, including a surprise or two. :wink:

No, thanks. We have Whitlock and McCarty.

No one is going to take Bishop in any sort of trade. He is a garbage QB who falls apart when it counts. If he starts for you in 2010, you are doomed.

Bishop alone, probably won't get you into the playoffs, I agree.

But in a rotation, not unlike what BC has done for past several years, he could be effective off the bench.

I can't see him as anything more than a #2 reliever type of player.


when he's coming off the bench... hehe, not in any way as a starter...

but as a reliever, i love the idea.. cuz defenses will have to completely change the way they are defending you when a mobile qb with a cannon like bish's comes in... so either u will make them rework the game plan, or catch them sleeping... if bish plays some decent ball he could score some points and win the game off the bench

if he stinks.... oh well you were already losing and your #1 wasnt playing that great in the first place cuz he was pulled! nothing lossed.. regroup and get ready ready for next week

…I think you’re right pigseye…Bishop in relief is a pretty good start…There has been ‘rumblings’ about Ray …quite frankly his asking price would have to be right…Trading our up-and-comers for a qb. on the downside of his career…i dunno…He’d make any receiving corps look good…some fans in edm. ,however, think the ‘bloom is off the rose’ and he’s not getting it done, according to them…Maybe it is time for a change…I heard a rumour that a deal was being worked on for Ray, up until the management blew-up in the Peg…so who knows where that is???..I can see why guys like hfxtc are a little concerned… with comments like " i wouldn’t trade the whole Bomber team for Ray :lol: :lol: Let’s just say if Ray were the Bombers qb. in 2010…his teams the Als./Cats wouldn’t be looking at an automatic 2 pts. playing the BluenGold… :wink: you can take that to the bank :lol: As for Bishop still being in the mix…the new regime will have to mull that over extensively… :roll:

I have no problem having Bishop on the roster. But obviously, for this team to be moving in the right direction, he can't be our starter after training camp...either bring in another vet, or live and die with a rookie this year...

I was dubious about bringing Bishop in at all, but now I think he's earned the right to a look-see in training camp; a relief role might be his real forte.

Not to hijack the thread, but the same question applies to LeFors. Did he show enough when healthy (when exactly was that??) to be worth a look in training camp, or is Mike Kelly the only person who thought LeFors has what it takes? Would LeFors show better in a non-Kelly offence? Come to think of it, wouldn't Bishop do the same, or almost anyone for that matter?

If Ray moves I expect it will be to Toronto, to assume Kerry Joseph's role as the Saviour From Away (a little Maritime talk there for you Westerners :lol: ). They've been trying to buy solutions to their problems since as far back as Tobin Rote and Ronnie Knox, with Doug Flutie along the way.

....Here's one for you ploen truth.....LeFors was recently commenting on Kellys offensive schemes....He said ...(not an exact quote)...:" I couldn't figure out what his game-plan was for the offence....and neither could a lot of the other guys....'I tried' ,he said ' but it was beyond me, i couldn't grasp it"......That sounds about right.. lol lol.....I think he'll get another shot.. :wink:

Well said papa...(glad you didn't stay away too long :thup: )...can't blame anyone for failing to understand the "rocket surgery".. :lol:

Full blown competition from week to week is the only way to go, until someone steps up and wins the job. The more arms competing, the better, gotta be pushing all of them.

2 youngins.

Exactly...and on that note...anyone in favour of bringing Randall back for another shot? He had some supporters on the forum who maybe saw him live at practice, but he never got a fair chance...just a few plays in garbage time, even Bramlett got a better look.

When you blow through 9 ? QB's in less than half a season, you know you got a problem.

Should be a clean slate for whoever is brought in, seems like kind of a waste with Dinwiddie & Randal to have spent time on the roster learning, only to be dumped, because the system was flawed, and not because they didn't have the ability.

Agreed, although Dinwiddie did get to start several games under Berry without seizing the opportunity. Randall is still an unknown quantity.