What does the new TSN deal mean for the schedule.

While the new television deal looks good on paper and could potentially mean more money coming to the teams.

What does this mean for the schedule, are we going to be seeing mid-week games again for fill in for when TSN isn't showing baseball?

Something tells me unless people speak up we may be seeing Tuesday night football!

What is everyone else's thoughts...do you think we'll loose a large portion of our Friday night games we've gotten used to?


the TSN president DID say, they are going to market another nite as 'CFL FOOTBALL NITE' just like friday nite football.

could end up as a tuesday, who knows? ( altho, this would be BRUTAL for live attendance )

i dont think the schedule will change much as sportsnet does about 140 blue jays games leaving about 20 games for tsn and tsn also is suppose to get another channel (tsn 2) in the next few years where they will be able to shift overlapping sports

The league has been on to something with the schedule the way it is now.

If they stick to Friday and Saturday games with the odd Thursday and Sunday thrown in. To play Mon, Tues or Wed, would totally screw up the teams routines and their capacity to put an exciting intense product on the field.

Personally, I love the Friday night games, they are an awesome way to kick off the weekend!


I am not aware of TSN's marketing plans, but I agree with 1tccat raises here. The "CFL Football Night" could be as simple as having a weekend P.M. tilt branded that way. They have the NFL game package and other sports to work a schedule around, so how that shakes down will be interesting.

Oski Wee Wee,

Why would it make that much of a difference. CBC only showed ONE game per week on Saturday. Why not market Saturday Night Football?

TSN doesnt make the schedule!

If you believe that, you're deluding yourself. While issued by the league, the biggest input comes from TV

My Neigbour told me there is a new atenna that can pull in digital signals over the air like a conventional one. Once you have it no more fees. I said he was full of it or it would be flying off the shelves. Anybody else heard of it?

Just be thankful your in Hamilton Rogers cable does not include TSN with basic cable package channels 2-29.

[url=http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20061221.wspttruth21/GSStory/GlobeSportsFootball/home]http://www.globesports.com/servlet/stor ... tball/home[/url]
"Our offer, which included another conventional broadcast partner [CanWest Global], would have ensured that all Canadians would have had access to all CFL games free over the air. Clearly, though, reaching as many Canadians as possible, including those who don't have cable access, was not a priority for the league."

A source said the CBC-Global bid had planned to offer more than $20-million a year for TV rights.

The league, by not requesting a bid from the CBC-CanWestGlobal partnership, may have alienated both networks to the extent that neither will present a bid in 2012.

"At the end of the day, while the CFL clubs have a guaranteed income now, they will have nobody to negotiate with down the road," a source predicted. "There will be one person sitting at the end of the table. He will be from TSN and he will say, 'This is what we're going to pay you.' "

sounds like something i've been sayin on the CFL forum.

Wendey's Friday Night Football will become a staple for thsi season. Wendey's Thursday Night Football (different sponsour, different name) will probably become more perdominant and I would expect to see double/tripple headers Saturday and possibly double/triple headers Sunday (doing only a double would work if they keep a bye every week for 2 teams) as well. As long as the league is smart enough to give every team an equal numebr of games when they need to go from Sunday to Thursday and then from a Thursday until the next Sunday then I can see this working.
Keep the usual double-header Labour Day and Thanksgiving Mondya games (it's jsut tradition)then this would lend to a balanced sched and work well for tv.

Input is one thing.... Making the schedule is another!

There's only eight teams which is only 4 games! With a Friday night game every week which could be a double header when B.C. plays, I'm sure TSN could fit the remaining 2-3 games on Sat/Sun. With a past summer filled with darts, snooker, poker, and horse jumping, I'm really excited the weekend will be full of true HD CFL football. I will be watching more CFL fotball than ever and that is why I pay my 5 bucks for TSN HD and not my taxes more crappy CBC.

From what I understand it has nothing to do with the antenna, but all to do with your TV, the new TV's on the market are capable of recieving digital signals EG: High Definition tuner, which you can pick up off air from the networks that brodcast in HD. City, CTV. (but alot of programing is not produced in HD so you just get an analog signal.
Unfortunatly TSN does not brodcast off air signals, only direct fiber feed to a few cable companys and satilite link to others. and as for ROGERS and other cable companies, they don't really choose to put them on any specific channel, its done through negotiations with the network and the CRTC has alot of say in the matter, but everyone blames the cable company because thats who you pay your bill to.