What does the future hold?

We have a back-to-back with Saskatchewan over the next two weeks, with the first game being played in Regina. I know we beat them on the road last time, but I just don't see any miracle comebacks happening for us this time around.

Saskatchewan is looking good. Durant is managing the game well, and Cates is looking like he did last season when he carried this team on his shoulders. The defence has gotten it together. They've forced a total of 14 turnovers in their last two games. I think they scored something like 30+ points on just turnovers tonight.

Granted, they were playing Winnipeg, and they're a garbage team this season... but still, you can't deny that this team is looking dangerous. Now we have a back-to-back with them. We were embarrassed by Calgary in the LDC, and then when we actually showed up for the re-match and played hard, it still wasn't enough. So what's the morale going to be like with this team?

After this back-to-back, we still have B.C., @ Calgary, and @ B.C. Five of our remaining eight games are going to be tough. I hate to say can, but unless something happens (still no headlines about Daley), I think we could be looking at another fourth place finish.


I think will do well against the Riders We played well against the run on Fri so I hope we can keep that up , we just have to put a lot of pressure on Durant (who is no Burris) and not give him any time to throw the deep ball which we all know is our weakness. The Offence should be fine.
I’m picking an Esks win , unless a major shake-up happens this week then It’s a complete crapshoot.

The problem with our run defence the other night is, yes, we prevented Reynolds from running all over us, but we weren’t able to stop Burris. It’s like as soon as we plug up one leak, another one springs up.

Putting pressure of Durant is another matter. Even though we were able to sack Burris twice, we still weren’t able to get that much pressure on him, and Saskatchewan’s O-Line is playing well. I get the feeling Durant is going to get all the time he needs, and he has more than enough deep threats with Dressler, and Getzlaf, and Bagg, etc.

I think best case scenario, we get a home-and-home split.

I say they split the games, I see on TSN Chris Shultz is picking Edmonton to beat the Riders by 13 points :roll: I think his prediction is nuts, i figure a real close game here.

Riders are going to win both games! Not

As good as Durant is I really think he will have problems with the rush and won't react in time . I think Edmonton will come out on top by a 10 and also win at Commonwealth by a bunch . It's time to turn the ship around.

Future is not good for Esks. They need to revamp their Defense, they have some good receivers, and should be good there and running backs for a few seasons--

They need to replace at least 7 to 8 players on Defense- They have no up and coming stars on defense. They obvuously are a team that can find good offensive players and no defensive players at all-

Half of their Defense is cuts from the Alouettes, and their pass rush never makes any sacks--

For the record also CGY has ran the same play about 70 times at Edmonton, where Burris fakes the handoff to Reynolds and then rolls out and throws it to Lewis or Copeland. Its unbelievable how many times

I'm all for being optimistic, but saying we're going to sweep Saskatchewan is just flat out delusional, man... :expressionless:

Sorry I really don't remember writing this , must have been the Beer talking :? :? :?

That makes sense. :lol:

Esks seem to either play great or awful no middle ground (for the most part)
I'm guessing one blow out win for each visiting team

I don't know. I just can't see us winning on the road. We already stole one victory in Regina. I can't see them letting us steal another. I think they'll come prepared this week.

If Ed's D can pressure Durant he will throw pics, that is your chance

So the Question now is can we win in our backyard?

I like our chances at home. The tough one was winning on the road in Sask vs a team that was hot.
Go Esks!!!
Not all of us see the glass as half empty......
I like playing for 1st Place for a change, a whole lot better than the last couple of years.

I was completely surprised when the score was 21-10. It seemed like Ricky Ray was replaced with a robot. Then the fumble happened, and I figured it was all over there... and it would've been had Morgan stayed on his man. Not an impressive win in the least, but we do get the W. We won't get so lucky next week. We need to learn to play a full 60 minutes.

Future is very bleak for the Eskimos-- They are going to have a great offense, but by far will be the worst defensive team in the league--

Also they will likely lose most close games also due to the fact that Ritchie Hall has no clue what is going on. I seriously doubt half the time he knows the score--

For starters here is what HALL needs to do--

He needs to start by going to STAPLES and buying a CLIPBOARD and CHART---

He needs to get his hands out of his pockets and maybe actually carry the CHallenge flag with him--

He needs to yell at players and maybe say something to a player, anything Good or bad, yell, Hug, do something----

I wonder how lame HALL's pregame speaches are, if he even does a pregame speech---

I expect excellence from this franchise, and not coaching like you are coaching coed flag football here.

The future will begin once Hall is fired and put as defensive coordinator and Strasser is head COACH--

Imagine Edmonton is an offensive team, Strasser is doing everything for the team, so what exactly does HALL bring to the team?
He defintely does not have Edmonton ready to play--
That early loss to BC told me everything about HALL, you cant let BC come into your house and push you around and abuse you--

HALL is just lost as a coach, I have no idea how he was hired, because he is the worst coach in any level of football in teh world.

The only thing I have to say to that is "You Have No Ideal About The Game Of Football"

Well given that this particular poster is also on record that Wally Buono is a lousy coach and should be fired. . . it puts Richie in pretty good company I'd say. . .

Whether you agree with his posts about Hall or not (and for the record, I don't), it would appear that he does know football. Just read some of his other posts about Edmonton's defence.

I get the feeling Esks31 would rather just bury his head in the sand.