What does the CFL want to be?

IMO - The CFL has to decide the type of league they want to be. If they CFL wants to a considered a major football league , they have a large hill to climb to build a solid fan base, attract the millenniums and establish a fair revenue sharing mechanism along with a structure as to when teams can and cannot execute recruiting activities. However, keeping the players in then CFL is the bigger challenge. Its a catch22 situation , do you stop the NFL window or minimum 3 year contracts, either option effects the quality of players you attract.
So many challenges for the CFL going forward the larger league because of the situation we're in now has a pool of players available to them causing a closer look at CFL players, that have opted out of contracts. Furthermore, there's never been a time when so many Canadians are on active NCAA rosters and contributing. It's encouraging but the reality is their presence in the CFL will never happen or a long ways off.
Folks this league has to change for the future and in the right direction. The competition is coming and we're not ready.

To be honest I don't believe they ever had any type of leadership that can dictate what type of league they want to be.

More up to the owners and us as fans with our wallets to decide.

I, for one like the rules , Canadian content,and schedule to stay as is.

Can't worry about what the NFL does at the moment. Too many variables to work on.

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