What does the caretaker say about this poor start


Will you be stepping in to help this fiasco?? How do you thin we as CONSUMERS feel when we don't get results from OUR product. Just like the stock market people will sell when they see the stock falling.

Thank you..

leave bob out of this, u guys all run back to blame things on him but hes done nothing but wonders for this hamilton team.. its just a mater of time before we are going to be a great team here in hamilton.. now.. ive never bin a supporter of mashall but.. if he goes i wont feel sorry for him as he doesnt do a ver good job. non the less Bob has tried his best to turn around a very very poor team who almost at one point went under like the renegades! thanks you bob and dont listen to all these smucks who r trying to blame things on you i know its not your fault.

Bob is just the guy who signs the cheques.. he has people in place to run the daily football operations, why pick on him?? I sincerely doubt and hope Bob wouldn't interfere and leave the decision making to the guys he TRUSTS to run this team the right way.... in due time the Cats will be winning and THEN what will you have to whine about?

dont forget it was bob who hired these inexpereinced coaches and gm in their positions (marshall,reed,barassi,katz) so i do think bob has to answer and fix the problems he CREATED i'm sure he didnt hire inexperienced people to run his other businesses

Maybe He Should be a More Hands Owner..

The caretaker has done everything he can to get the right tools to make this franchise successful. I'm sure he doesn't make team decisions by reading what pee'd off fans have to say on this website. If that were the case he'd be firing people every other week. Let's let the people he's put in place to run the team make changes when they see fit to do so.

When the caretaker says he's going to make us a championship franchise......I believe him. :cowboy:

We all want this team to be successful, and not anymore than the coaches or team brass, but when they're down let's get behind them........not kick them in the head. :cowboy:

just my two cents worth :cowboy:

Nice Post Buckwheat…but be carefull…some here don’t take to kindly to “logic”!

Let’s see what the next couple of games bring before we ask for somebody’s head!

Do we really need to wait a couple more games? Logic would seem to suggest Greg is not a CFL head coach. His body of work makes that painfully obvious.

Heck, why not wait till Labour Day? :thup: :twisted:

How about we let the Cat brass make any decisions when they fill it's the right time.

Look, if our offense would've been on track last night, we win. Three balls that were catchable, would have changed the outcome.

Montreal took more penalties, made a lot of mistakes, had more turnovers but still won.
We got to make those catches.....then we win. :cowboy:

[quote="1tccat"]dont forget it was bob who hired these inexpereinced coaches and gm in their positions (marshall,reed,barassi,katz)

C'mon.....quit the whining about the owner.
Katz is doing a fine job. Barassi is history. Bob Young has done an incredible job in all of the other areas of the operation. With or without (more likely) Marshall, this team will eventually become a winner.There have been occasional signs of improvement but its not consistent. I have been rootin' for Greg but it looks like his days are numbered unless a miracle occurs ie. they make the playoffs this year.
But whatever happens we should give everlasting thanks to Bob Young for stepping in and saving the Tiger Cats from oblivion.
Think about it.

You're right on there...62 Cats

This team needs our support right now. Negativity will get us nowhere. :cowboy:

Maybe we will.

Are you gonna be there?

actually woody, buckwheat there made a couple of fallacies in his post... so LOGICALLY his post doesn't hold water...

however, i agree with him on a common sense sort of level... more or less...

For the life of me Espo...I don't follow where he made a couple of fallacies??? :?

Anyway, the long and short of it is that Marshall knows what he is doing and unfortunately he has had some bad advise given to him with play selection, some players who have made stupid moves and just plainly some bad luck. If anybody thinks there is some majic way to create a Head Coach who can come in mid-season and turn this team into an instant success...they are grossly mistaken! I'm not directing this at you Espo...but to anyone who thinks that the team can just change coaches and all will be well. :roll:

I mean really, do you think he just all of a sudden doesn't know what he is doing??? He was given his defence and offence and told..here you go...run these plays...they will work....!!! gimme a break...his assistants and the players should carry just as much blame...AND, more importantly remember...he is the coach...he has to work with what he's got and what he has is not working! Give him the time to straighten it out! This last game I saw some real improvement! As a matter of fact this team, if they had not got so many penalties...could be 4 and O!

Again, I'm not letting him off the hook completly...HE IS THE HEAD COACH...it's up to him to say yes, we will run this play or that and what players are used! The first 3 games this year...I'm afraid we were seeing too much influence of Pao Pao!

It's time to step up...take some chances and shake the team up!

I've been very consistant in saying "the same old" doesn't work! And one more thing...if I ever see him tell the QB to take a knee when we are behind, yes, I'll go along with replacing him right away!

He should be allowed to finish the year. I think he knows what needs to be done...the key will be for the team to execute properly and show some disciplin! I still believe this team can make the playoffs! :thup:

no worries there woody, i dont quite have the marshal hate on yet.

however should i see the term 0-5 bandied about next week after our game, i might be changing my tune... purely emotional reaction however... lol

that was a good game right down to the
quick kick nobody to blame!!!