What Does Kahari Jones Find So Funny?

It looks like Kahari Jones has picked up John Wells disease. The giggling disease. Jones seems to find every play so funny he starts chuckling during his comments.

I hated when Wells did that, and TSN finally smartened up and canned the guy.

Somebody tell Kahari to quit the giggles and call the play like a former football player. Not a little schoolgirl.

Because after awhile you start tuning him out. Just like John Wells.

You got a point berezin.

His name is Khari...

If you're going to criticize the guy, at least do yourself a favour and spell his name correctly.

I think that spelling is even stranger a name then my spelling.

Geez, is there a CFL broadcaster that nobody criticizes?

I like Chris Cuthbert. And Chris Walby. Elliot Friedman knows his game. Glen Suter does a good job. Rod Black is good. Greg Frehrs is getting better. Danny Macmanus is getting better

The rest? If they're on TV, they should be able to do the job. The bad ones don't keep the viewer up to date as to what is happening on the field, and appear disinterested at times. See Steve Armitage and Mark Lee.

Armitage,Lee,and Walby are my least favorite.

Off topic, I caught Warren Moon doing colour for the Seattle game and he was GREAT. Interesting, to the point and funny when he needed to be. Maybe Khari should get a tape of that broadcast.

A little bit.
John Wells was a pretty good broacaster, and I suspect that after 40 years in the business, if TSN "canned" him, he can live with it....
However, I suspect he retired.

But yes, I was getting a tad annoyed by Khari's giggling.
But as this is his first full year as a colour guy, I think overall he is doing pretty well.
He needs to control the giggles, slow down a bit, but generally his comments are pretty good.
I prefer him to Danny Mac or Chris Walby anyday.
And it still isn't his fault they keep pairing him with Steve "does my head look like a turnip" Armitage, who has been one of the worst broadcasters in the last 30 years....

Pat Marsden...

If you dont mind hearing the Blue Bombers described as the Green Riders or Tig'-Cats I suppose John Wells was great. Arius, Im concerned about you. Why are you even arguing for about John Wells being even a shred descent? Its a proven scientific fact that he was the MOST inaccurate CFL commentator of alllllll time. The only man that gives him a run for the worst EVER was his own father Jack. The record has been set straight, continue living people!


....berezin likes Walby and Black, which is enough for me to pay no attention to his assessment.....:wink:

Funnily enough, i liked Jones more after he showed some personality by laughing at the Tabbies. They were so inept that they were comical (watching them on offence was akin to a drunken monkey on roller skates) and he just seemed more human for reacting in a way broadcasters rarely do.

...you mean ol cactus Jack....best half-inebriated announcer of all time....he sure made me laugh over the yrs. .... half the time..i don't think he knew if he was in the Peg. doing a game ...Regina or wherever...John on the other hand was a tea-totler...but could have used a few 'drinks' on his broadcasts.......would have made his delivery a little better ...methinks... :lol:

Whoever wrote that John Wells retired is 100% wrongo.

He finally got the boot when Chris Cuthebert came to TSN. It was a forced retirement.

Wells could never make a comment without giggling. He always was talking about something else irrelevant while the game was going on. And he was a lousy play caller.

I remember one game in Hamilton where Wells had already declared Montreal the winner of the game at the end of the third quarter!

Yet Hamilton almost came back and won in the last minute. Probably most people had tuned out because of Wells prediction. Talk about a ratings killer. Thats John Wells.

I was through with Walby after his ridiculous Elvis impression... :?

I was through with him waaaaaaaay before that....

John Wells is not retired. He is doing "the drive home" on CJOB (Radio), in Winnipeg. That may not be the name of the show, since I don't listen to it, but that is when he is on.

Walby I can live with, but Suter frustrates me. Jones is very raw, and MacManus is too, but getting better.

Me too. I think it was in the first game he ever did, in like the 2nd quarter or something. It didn't take long.

He finds it absolutely hilarious that you can't even spell his first name.