What does Joseph need to do be seen as elite?

He passed for 3 TD's today and over 350 yards and yet when I watched the game it didn't seem that he was playing that well. How can a guy look so ordinary when he leads his team to over 500 yards offence? Is it just me? Don't get me wrong, I like Joseph and think he is a solid QB. It just seems if Burris/Ray/Glenn, etc. pass for 300+ people talk about how he's on fire but if Joseph does it no one notices.

Today it was likely because we should have had about 30 points at halftime with all the yards we racked up but untimely turnovers erased would be points.

Montreal led 4-0 for most of the 1st quarter despite being outplayed badly.

If Joseph played more consistently with his 300+ passing games he'd be considered as one of the better QB's as well.

Kerry is inconsistent... always has and always will. If he was as consistent as we demand he be, he would be in the NFL.
I also think he lacks the necessary "predator" instinct which an athletic QB needs to have. He has heart, but no hated... that type of attitude I think would serve him well in finishing drives.

I agree,Consistency....on one play he can thread the needle 60 yards with a defender draped all over him, on the next, overthrow a wide open receiver with pocket protection.
Like Austin says, make the routine plays look routine.

One way to be a elite quarterback is to be a finalist for MVP award. For example, Printers. This season, Joseph might be all-star quarterback because of injuries to starters of other western teams.

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The wind played a major part in his inconsistency.
When the the wind swirls like it did its very difficult to judge the pass

KJ played another pretty solid game.
And people underestimate the effect the wind has on the passing game.
They think with the wind, passing is easy.
But it can be just as tricky with as against.

According to the coach. KJ has graded out very well in all but 2 games this year--the Lion game and the last Calgary game.
And only the Lion game was a real stinker.
I think Kent was on record saying even in the Winnipeg fiasco, KJ actually graded out something like 90%.

Fans don't know everything about the results of many plays--only the coaches, and usually only with game film, can properly assess a players performance.

If he wins us the Grey Cup, I will definitely call him elite. It might take less than that, but that is a guarantee in my books!!

It is truly amazing what confidence can do for a man...finally one could see the confidence and determination in the face of the Saskatchewan Roughriders pivot
Kerry Joseph. The fans could feel it, it showed in the way he passed, handed and runned the ball, he took full command and responsability of his team and lead them to a convincing victory over the
Montreal Alouettes. I had commented on the Saskatchewan Roughriders past loss, the fact that Kerry, lacked confidence but this week he finally looked confortable in his role a leader of a profesional Football team.
Kerry must maintain a positive and winning attitude all the time, NEVER must he loose his confidence in his ability to play the position of quaterback..no matter what...Kerry has all the tools to be incredibly succesfull Cfl Quarterback for a long time to come
..he possesses a strong arm, strength and incredible running back abilities to break through tackles when absolutely necessary. Keep up the good work kerry Joseph along with the other members of your football team!

There are two problems with Kerry J. first as team Sask doesn't pass allot we have a more balanced attack. Therefore, we never end up with a large number of +300 yd passing games. That isn't his fault. But in a league where passing efficiency is considered more important then wins, it doesn't give credit where credit is due.

Secondly, while Joseph has a had great season in Ottawa, he has never put it all together and had a good year and win a grey cup. If he could win the grey cup, I think things will change.

That was my first thought too. But then again, Marcus Crandell has won a Grey Cup.

Correct me if Im wrong, but Marcus Crandell never really had ridiculously good numbers...

No, you are right Jman. Other than 01 and 02, not much else to write home about.

Yeah, hes a pretty good QB though :slight_smile:

Definately a great back-up!

I never meant to imply that winning a grey cup alone will make you an elite quarterback. I think it is a combination of things. Wins, Passing Yards, Consistency, and Grey Cups.

Your point is well taken though. A Grey Cup would certainly elevate his status. But if (hopefully when) he wins a GC, I think he would need to follow up with another solid year or two to be considered elite.

I question his passing accuracy and decision
making. I must admit he’s hard to dislike, but
im trying…hard!!!

The other thing against him is his age, I think. Dude is 33 now, and if it takes a 2,3 years until he becomes “elite”, he will probably be close to being done…:frowning:

How old was McManus when he retired?