What does Edmonton have to take from Calgary's Grey Cup?

so, Edmonton as well already know is hosting the Big Game next season. question is, what does the Grey Cup Committee need to take from Calgary's experience to make it a great week??

I know of a few things I could suggest:

  • Use Churchill Square and area to do what Calgary did with their Downtown Mall.. have the party within the streets.

they need to put up tents and set it up so that it could be in a circle as well as the entire pavilion. It would really work well.

  • Have all the parties for each club in big convention center type areas. none of these small dinky night clubs that a few places held theirs.

the B.C. Lions and Hamilton Tiger-Cats party locations were too small..

anyone have other ideas?

Yes, actually book a half time show that doesn't suck :smiley:

^^ That, and pay off the officials so that the Eskimos definitely make it to the Grey Cup. :twisted:

That would take a pile of dough :lol:

...don't allow any gap-toothed inbred banjo-pickin hicks into your city....wait a sec, it's Edmonton, how would you notice?!?!....

(Next Episode: RedandWhite goes straight to Hell with no chance for appeal)

That's impossible.

The Argos hosted their party in a small venue as well. "The Unicorn". We waited about an hour to get in. It was WAY too small. All venues need to be bigger. The Saturday night was NUTS. Every venue that was hosting a Grey Cup party that night had HUGE lines.

Yes, book a decent half time show. Just the last couple I can remember:
2004 - The Hip = AWESOME!
2005 - Black Eyed Peas = Crap
2006 - Nelly Furtado = Crap
2007 - Lenny Kravitz = AWESOME
2008 - Theory of a Deadman = Decent
2009 - Blue Rodeo = Crap

Some 2010 suggestions - AC/DC, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Our Lady Peace, Nickelback.

Cheaper Booze would be nice. $6.50 a beer adds up over the course of 4 days!!!

Please leave.

yes please leave

Half time 50/50__ Lottery :thup: Proceeds to Toronto,s university football team,s !!

Nope, do Trooper again. Although my number# choice would be Stompin Tom still.

On another note, there is a rumour that the opening act for the Vancouver Olympics is Celene Dion.


2004 - The Hip = AWESOME!
2005 - Black Eyed Peas = Crap
2006 - Nelly Furtado = Crap
2007 - Lenny Kravitz = AWESOME
2008 - Theory of a Deadman = Decent
2009 - Blue Rodeo = Crap

Sorry but they were all crap!

Randy Bachman and Fred Turner are back together and will be touring next summer as Bachman Turner (legal issues mean they can't include the Overdrive part of the old band name).

Yeah no point in getting one of the most successful bands of the last fifteen years.

great big sea would be nice for half time

Nothing screams Alberta like Nickleback...lol...that would be so cliche.


if you want a band for halftime I would suggest the Tragically Hip, or barenaked Ladies

Any post that talks about musical preferences is crap! I don't think you will ever be able to find an act that will please everyone!

The Hip have already done a Grey Cup, and BNL lost it's founding member (Page), so not sure how popular it would be. One thing's for sure, you can count on the posts calling those bands lame. Or where's the guy that thinks that all Canadian bands are pathetic? I'm sure he'd have something negative to say.