What does David Asper want?

Wondering if you guys know what David Asper really, really wants, the Bombers, an NHL team as reported on the Fan 590 show this past Tuesday - or both?

i guess we could get both but i dunno how much a team would be but it wouldn't cost him that much since we already have a new arena, so i guess he wants both i never heard of him interested in a NHL team tho. And i guess if betman allows him without making hime pay all extra money to move em here he'll prolly get both. like look at the blackberry guy wanted to move pens up north and he woulda had to pay all this extra money to move em and stuff so ya i dunno.

He would most likely want the bombers there not as expensive as a NHL franchise

ok i have found out asper wants both but what he is doing is buying a team but just wants to be part owner so he's chipping in with chapman and stuff to bring a team here but he wants to by a team with a owner already so he just wants to pay for relocation cuz some owners were in it to make profit aka. Predators but they don't get attendance so if they move here they'd get better crowds.

Thanks guys for the info on this.l

He is a fan.

He wants to put his money
where his passion is.

He grew up in the city and went
to countless games as a kid.

Oh, wait..that's Bob Young.

David may want to buy those teams
for some of the same reasons
as other Sports Franchise Owners

Here's an excerpt from that

[url=http://www.cbc.ca]www.cbc.ca[/url] News Article

'Sports economists point out

that most of these owner/fans
have made their fortunes by being
fiercely competitive in business

— often creating value from something
that others may have overlooked.

...And even though many teams themselves
may lose money on an annual basis —

and the financial state of sports teams is something
that owners and player unions seldom agree on

— most clubs do tend to grow in value over time.

For instance, Forbes magazine now values
the New York Yankees at just over $1-billion US,

with George Steinbrenner and his family
owning 80 per cent of the franchise.

Not a bad return on investment
when you consider he bought the team
for $10-million US in 1973.

Annual operating losses just don't seem
as important in those circumstances.'

I dont trust Asper. In fact I dont like private ownership at all. I love how the Bombers are publicy owned, or w/e its called. With David Asper as the loan owner, we risk relocating, which would be the worst thing ever. But I think he wants the Bombers.

  1. He wants both- a new stadium, and to be part of an NHL ownership for a Winnipeg team. I e-mailed regarding this from his website www.blueandgold.ca and he confirmed it. He also confirmed it on THE SCORE network just the other day. He's involved in efforts to bring an NHL team back to Winnipeg. He's got the money to do it too.

  2. I want changes within the Bomber organization. What's so great about being "community owned" anyways? Hasn't won us a Grey Cup in 17 years, and we play out of a terrible, uncomfortable stadium. If there ever was a time for CHANGE, it's now. I welcome Mr. Asper with open arms.

  3. The Bombers won't relocate. Especially if Asper comes on board and helps build us a new stadium. Winnipeg_82 that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard... the only way the Bombers will be "in trouble" is if they keep playing at Canad Inns Stadium

Winnipeg deserves an NHL team! www.JetsOwner.com

The man takes after his father, wanting to create an ever increasing atmosphere of success in Winnipeg. He knows it's good for business, tourism, and civic pride. I hope he can do all that he is attempting.

How many times do i have to say that we cannot support an NHL Franchise, even with a new arena. Reason Being:

Mts Centre only holds 15,000 for hockey and there is no way to add seats, therefore ticket prices would be WAY TOO HIGH, upper deck no less than $50.00 (would you pay that?)

I would love to see the Jets return, but reality is there is no way, we can dream though unless Asper finds a way to add at least another 2000 seats in an already cramped arena...LOL...

OH Yeah as for relocating the Bombers, it will never happen. Name a city that could support the Blue like we do? You can't!!

Irving had Asper on the show, and Dave basically told Bob that if the Government funding wasnt available, he would still try to get it done. The guy really cares, dont ever doubt that.

How many times do i have to say that we cannot support an NHL Franchise, even with a new arena.
[b]PROVE IT [/b]
Mts Centre only holds 15,000 for hockey and there is no way to add seats, therefore ticket prices would be WAY TOO HIGH, upper deck no less than $50.00
[b]PROVE IT[/b]
I would love to see the Jets return, but reality is there is no way
[b]PROVE IT[/b]

You can't. You won't. Game over.

...the nhl can keep going south for all i care...Wpg. doesn't need em....maybe in the 'no-hit-leagues' next expansion they can set up a franchise in Los Vegas....a hot-bed for hockey.... :lol: :lol:

Jets I will have to agree with your point, but some questions that I have are...

Do Asper and Chipman like each other and can they work together?

Can the current MTS centre be expanded? If so how? (I am looking into this myself)

Actually BlueandGold, Tickets prices are at www.jetsowner.com , sure some tickets may be pricey, but some are still affordable.
Upper deck seats are also great in that arena.
In fact, you can sit anywhere in the MTS centre and have a good seat.

here is another link for you to look at.

[url=http://www.teammarketing.com/fci.cfm?page=fci_nhl_06-07.cfm]http://www.teammarketing.com/fci.cfm?pa ... _06-07.cfm[/url]

What would be better, a sold out 15015 seat arena in Winnipeg at $50 per ticket or a half empty 20 000 seat arena in the US at $20 per ticket?
With those numbers Winnipeg could afford a NHL team with the new salary cap.

LOL I will also add that our greedy government would make Millions in taxes off a NHL team in Winnipeg. Trust me on that.
The 80 Million needed for a new stadium in Winnipeg will return the 80 million back to the 2 levels of Government in 5 years time.
That is a legit fact.

...hate to rain on your parade there beerbarons...but i have a long memory and remember how that league dumped on us...falling all over themselves to get out the door...well...they screwed over a lot of people in the Peg. and i for one will never support that bloody league again....sorry bout that...but you'll have to convince a lot of people to re-new interest in that shoddy show and a lot of my family and friends feel the same way.... :thdn:

i guarantee everyone that if we get the NHL back 50-75% of all the haters that didn't want them will be first in line for season tickets, Hockey is Canada's game were is winnipeg located ummmmmmm OH!! canada alot of people want the Jets back even people from other provinces want the Jets just for the rivalaries.

The only people that don't want the NHL back are the people that are living in the ghetto and can only afford to spend 20 bux on a ticket and thats what you pay for at the BB games i got row 1 seats only cost me i think 35 bucks on the 20 YRD line i buy season tickets so i dunno what a single ticket costs lol.

…i’ll tell you right now i can afford a lot more than a few ghetto bucks…but the nhl will NEVER…see any of my dough again…and a lot more people with more cash than i’ll ever see feel the same way…They should have thought things through before they pulled out …and as far as Mr. Bettman goes… :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I'm on your side papa! The Canucks want $75.00 for the cheapest seat! They will never see my dollar. I only go when my son gets freebie tickets from his suppliers.

FYI I can take a familly of four to a Kamloops Blazer game for the price of 1 Canuck ticket. And Guess what....the Kids in the WHL work hard every night.No Todd Bertuzzi's floating on the ice! My son tells me that the Vancouver Giants have a deal where a familly of four can get four tickets, four burgers, four fries, four drinks and a parking pass for $75.00!

I'll leave that with you papa and go back to my ghetto! :wink: :wink: