What does Darian say about his 'football gods' now?

Let's rewind to our Game 1 loss to the Als. Darian makes it all about him (and the football gods acting on his behalf) when Crapigna misses the FG. Durant was mediocre that game, but he still focuses on himself and his sour grapes by taking shots at Jones who like him or not - is tasked with building sustainable success here. Darian's comments left a bad taste then (classless and personal) and it now looks like Jones was brilliant in offering Darian a lower salary, or a trade. Darian got exactly what he wanted. Fast forward to now, where everyone is wondering why Darian sucks? Answer: he doesn't have success and other leaders surrounding him. And maybe he's lost a step or two. He isn't worth the $450K to $500K he's being paid, and he lacks leadership skills necessary to pilot that team. Is he one and done in Montreal?

I remember the statement also, 'there is a football God after all, or something very similar to that effect. Undoubtedly there were some mixed feeling after DD's release as many had, but by golly we got to stand behind Jones and his decisions. He definitely works tirelessly behind building a us a football team and the proof is now showing in the pudding. Just keeps getting better all the time.

You know, the guy played his heart out here, for many years, 2013 play-offs against BC he was the reason we beat them, his effort alone. He took a pay cut for Jones... then Jones Bad mouths him so he moves on. Can't blame him. DD only set back is his slow reads where he needs time to make those plays. No O line to protect his production drops. I am not sure why he can't get the O going in Montreal not sure if it's the O-line or WR. But to bad mouth the guy p's me off. He got screwed by Jones as did a few others. He was happy to beat Jones... can't blame him. But to sit here and run the guy down is just wrong.... I wish the guy the best... oh and he was a great leader here, don't think that has changed there either! Nuff Said!


Yes I agree, and it doesn't help that he seems to have a new coach or different system to play every year, Some consistency in that area would probably have helped him a great deal. Time to move on!!!!!

He's maybe a factor in always needing one....food for thought

The only ones who got screwed in the Durant situation - is Montreal. Paying that kind of salary believing Darian was elite (when his record says otherwise) and his signing would immediately put bums in the seats - has blown up in their face. That doesn't change the fact that Darian was an integral component of our club while he was here and I have the Durant signed mementos to prove it and we won a GC at home with him (and Sheets, and Simon, etc etc). Our club was built in 2013 for one reason only: win it at home. Total group effort. Subsequently taking a pay cut to remain with the club and move forward is still something he CHOSE to do once when it was suggested as an option. Others took cuts too. Would we rather be paying Darian $440 to 500K now - and watching him skip balls off the turf weekly here? No way. He got his and his football gods are in charge (according to Darian, anyway). Why he's pissed at Jones makes no sense to me. All Jones did was act objectively when Darian demanded the big $ after two injury laden seasons and average performance. Face it - many of us would be unable to do what Jones was tasked to do (make some very tough decisions with a longer vision). The big question remains: what exactly are those football gods saying now?

The recent Ken Miller hiring in Montreal points in the direction that Darian isn't a strong self motivator. Miller is like a player whisperer......

Will be interesting to see if he needs a nap during games.

I think the world of Miller but yikes

Lol. That's funny


Sure he's struggling... your point being he's not worth what he's getting? .... The guy is worth a lot more than any team would be allowed to give him. He's a million $ man in a 300,000 league.

Is he the best ever? I doubt it, not even close probably, but he sure gave all of us a thrill when he played here.

All of this this negative stuff keeps piling in and mushed around and then we wonder why the fan base is falling, or at the very least stagnant. (soon to be a $200,000 league)?

One thing that my life experiences have taught me is that advancement is not possible without support. So in that vein if y'all really love to watch someone fail just hop on his back like all the other leaches and monkeys.

Team sport and a team game.... please don't forget that.

While I agree that I would LOVE to see CFL payers making more $ and more bums in the seats in EVERY CFL park - the reality is any business pays via the rules of supply and demand. If you are building a new house and could get the same trades for 20% less due to a downturn in the market, would you be THAT character guy and pay over market - on principle? I doubt it. CFL wages are what they are. That being said, we are talking about athletes who only work for half the year and are paid more than an average salary to play a game. Many athletes say this is a blessing. But of course it would be lovely to see everyone making more $.

Is Durant worth $1 million? Ok - go ahead and see where or who will pay that. In other words, no he's not. I don't see why that upsets you. Had the Riders held onto the romantic notion that DD needs $450 to $500K - they would be in big trouble competitively right now. Keep in mind, it was DD who told the world the football gods were in charge - ergo we are now just discussing it. I don't think it's being negative vs maybe being more realistic? Jones isn't a fool.

Yeah Darian probably should have chosen his words more carefully in that interview but many an athlete has made that mistake before so let's not pretend it hasn't been done before. Now if your saying that Darian deserves what he gets for his comments well whatever, but if you think Jones didn't make a few gaffs when being interviewed then your sorrily mistaken. Jones has said some things Darian has said some things and at the end of the day neither is blameless.

I just don't understand why all the glee or concern about Darian. The guy was a great qb while here and I appreciate all he did in that time but that time has now past. I just wish him the best personally and hope he can turn it around. Other then that though I'm far more concerned on what happens to our qb now and how he does. As far as who is right Jones or Darian well lets put it this way. Jones wanted a cheaper qb so he could add more pieces to the team so he is right in that aspect. Darian nearing the end of his career and knowing the chances of getting another big pay day took the money and really who can blame him? It was asked if you could use cheaper labor to build a house would you do it but lets flip that around. If you were the contractor and you could get more money for building that house, would you also not take that? In most cases yes you would and so would most people as you are looking out for their financial security. This is what Darian was also doing so again he was also correct. Just because some see it one way and some see it another, the reality is that both men did what was right or they felt was right for them. The rest is just other peoples opinions.

"that" interview? Durant has been doing nonstop horrible interviews. He is painting a pretty poor picture of himself the past year.

Also...Jones never wanted cheaper...he wanted lower base...that was it.

Dueces burned a pile of bridges...First with Murphy...then with the board (who didn't want him back at that point) and then with Jones...who was actually the last one to say F it.

Agreed. DD took the low road and as such revealed his perspective and take on things. All I heard is "me, me, me". Now we are asking, how is "me, me, me" doing?

Watch the Als sidelines when the D is on the field. I'm not seeing leadership from Darian, instead we see "me, me, me". Moody, quiet, not much for encouraging his team.

Didn't think he was that way (despite misc rumblings saying so), so when he attacked Jones for doing exactly what Jones is being paid to do - he invited intense scrutiny upon himself. Is Darian doing what he's paid to do?

Not even close IMO. The flip side of all this Darian Durant scrutiny is the revelation that we seem to have one helluva HC and GM building this club. Yep - the same guy who fans were calling for his head not that long ago. Go RIDERS!!

Funny thing is that very little has ever come out from the team's side on it...they are being professional and essentially wishing him the best. I am actually a little surprised something has not leaked out from the board tbh...they were left with a pretty sour taste in their mouths. DD opened the BS with the media...Jones slapped back with the "moderately" comment while Murphy would have been fine shaking hands and saying goodbye at that point...DD really pissed him off. but they bit tongues after that...DD was the only sour note to an otherwise fabulous CFL week in Regina and it really hasn't improved. He has also been a horrible leader with the media...he needs to take the heat and then lay into his team in private a bit...mainly the OL.

The injury bug had finally caught up with DD. He has been healthier this year than he has since the 2013 Grey Cup ... but is playing a noticeably more cautious game in my opinion.

I hold no grudge for him leaving or how he left. He "was" a great rider and carried this team on shoulders many a game. The 2013 Grey Cup was our holy grail.

However ..... this is professional sports and winning is the name of the game. All great athletes reach that point in their career where they must chose to retire as the home team hero or move on and play a diminished game for a team hoping a new team can re kindle the former star in them.

DD selected to continue his career and all the best to him. I will always give a rider fan thank you for his years of service - but from 2017 on wards he is" Montreal DD " and deserves all the smack talk he is getting for his comments.

Chris Jones is doing a helluva job as our HC and GM. So long, Darian. Enjoy your 'elite' pay.

Had he not sunk so low with his trash talk and trying to incite RiderNation to turn against our new management - I unlikely would be so rankled. But he did just that. And he said he was elite then demanded unrealistic $, trying to cash in on his fan popularity. Now this week he compared himself to Michael Jordan etc re: his dry spell.

Who needs that s**t? It definitely is his head that's the problem. I think he may be concussed.

Durant is getting worse by the game

Rider Nation was pretty hard on DD leading to the 2013 GC.
I attended the 2013 GC as a tiger- cat fan, and I must say you guys appeared to love Dressler but luke warm to DD; until he won that is.
If my team had won in that fashion Burris would been like a god, forever, regardless of what happened afterwards.
In fact, Hank still is one of my favorites of all time.
(BTW, you guys treated me and my buddies really well. So thanks for that.)
Would love to see KG win the GC in Regina this year.

Deuces was a god in the province. It is as simple as listening to the cheers as they come on the field to see how incredibly popular he was. When he showed up before the GC at Riderville I thought the building might fall apart. Durant did a lot of things right and was very very very good to the fans. He did however do a lot of things wrong as well an did things really wrong at the end...only a fraction of that is out there as general knowledge though. Durant was spectacular with fans...iffy with some staff (even caused a few heads to roll over the years including an entire department of the team)...but what has always separated him has been that he was a warrior...that is what most fans seemed to love about him...a lot of that is gone. A lot of what people hated about DD was that he would often do the 'cmon' head shake as a ball was missed by a WR...something he was more conscious of later and got a bit better about not doing...he has never been good about stepping up and taking heat for his team and that is REALLY shining this year