What does Calvillo eat?

Calvilo looks great, and says he’s in a great place after changing his diet.

Chui, the sideline reporter showed the stuff, high in fiber, a Bolivian rice, that has made the difference.

Did anyone catch the name of the stuff? I googled “Bolivian Rice”, but no results of note.


PJAY :cowboy:

Possibly it's Quinoa.


Yup;quinoa. My wife just reminded me how much I derided it when she first served it.
It's like tofu, needs a lot of flavoring to make it palatable.

Thanks, folks...

Merlin, Any suggestions to making it palatable?


Its Quinoa

I eat it every day twice a day. For Breakfeast with maple syrup and for dinner in beef consome.

I also use it to make my own pasta out of it.

It has a nutty flavour and it is incredibly rich grain in protein which makes it unique.

I cook it in a rice steamer and buy it at the bulk barn.

comes in brown and red

I eat it from time to time. Any beef and drippings mixed in is excellent.

Chef Russ LOL

I also like it strifry style with veggies and chicken breast seared in a cast Iron pan and mixed together with a nice hot sauce.

Thanks for the tip. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have a batch I can heat up this week! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again, folks.

I have been reading about it in Wikepedia.

Honestly, I'm surprised no smarta$$ comments have come up yet. Kinda nice!



I haven't had it yet, but if I ever do, I would just use it instead of rice (which also doesn't have much flavour of its own).

Try Basmati Rice, or Thai Jasmine Rice; they are both quite flavourful on their own.

Who cares, what bothers me the most, is that AC was once a Ti-Cat, Lancaster and the staff in 98 gave him away and let him go. He wanted to stay, we could of had Danny Mac, backed up by AC and 15 years of pure Hamilton Glory instead of many years of despair and rebuilding.

My only hope in moving forward is that we keep Glenn, Porter and Tafralis at least we will have three good QB's, learn from past mistakes and move forward.

I think quinoa tastes perfectly fine on it’s own, but if you want to jazz it up slightly it’s very good with a spicy peanut sauce like “President’s Choice: Memories of Szechuan”, or even just a few tablespoons of plain yogurt on top.

And I think it’s nothing like tofu taste or texture-wise. The texture is sort of partway between rice and barley, but as others have mentioned, it has a bit of a nutty flavor. I don’t find it nearly as bland as rice or tofu. Just cook it in plenty of water and make sure it doesn’t dry out too much at the end.

Another “supergrain” worth checking out is amaranth, though it isn’t nearly as versatile as quinoa.

I'm not sure if that's entirely true. I don't think we could have kept both McManus and Calvillo, because Calvillo was already being paid like he was a starter.

You can't blame Lancaster. AC in Hamilton was not the QB he became in Montreal. When he took over from Ham he mostly handed the ball of to Pringle and Cahoon would catch everything within five feet.

There was no way to know.

AC is a freak of nature to be playing this well at his age (no matter what he eats). He’s as good a CFL QB as I’ve ever seen and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down one bit. I don’t get it. It’s gotta be in his genes.

An Argo-Cat fan

In my opinion, it’s A.C.'s lack of serious injuries.

The bodies of running backs and receivers gets whacked a lot
and so do the bodies of LBs and DBs who do the whacking

Many of these guys are lucky to make it through five years
without getting injuries that seriously restrict their play

It’s not age that ends their careers it’s serious injuries.

In general, QBs don’t get really whacked nearly as often
and if they can avoid serious shoulder or knee injuries

and concussions, they can play well into their late 30’s.

True, but lack of physical contact alone isn't enough. You have to keep yourself in shape both physically and mentally, and make sure you have the stamina to grind out an 18-game season + playoffs. You also have to make sure your mechanics are sound because your arm will inevitably lose some strength (well, unless you're Danny McManus; man had a cannon right up until he retired).

Very true and something I forgot to consider. I can't recall AC ever having a major injury or a need for surgery.

I'll bet he's very good to Chiu and the O-line boys. :smiley:

An Argo-Cat fan

On Sunday, Anthony will be dining on “GREENS”. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)