What does Calgary do with their draft pick 1st overall?

What are some areas that need to be looked at?



I think they should continue to improve on their offensive line last year it blew!!!

then how come back in the huddle, every one was so high on your o-line. thats confusing

I think your mistaking offensive line with the defensive line. Calgary’s defense was awesome last year regardless of the season Stamps d was top of the line if the offense could have got it together the season would have been much better. I thought the line was weak and the QB’s had no time to set up the play. I know last year Calgary’s top pick was an offensive lineman but I think he went down to Green Bay. I know the pick was a gamble not sure how much he played last year.

The offensive line is okay but lacks depth. They were 2nd in sacks allowed and this with no running game for three quarters of the season. It is much harder for offensive lineman to be in a passing formation every play.
These are areas I think need to be addressed:

  1. Depth on offensive line
  2. Safety - L Deck may make it there but who is to say. A rookie would not help at this time.
  3. Receiver- M Juhasz 2nd year he will pick it up a notch and Blake Machan if he plays like he did for the Dinosaurs and is over his injury this problem may be solved.
  4. Pick Lumsden because he is the best player available. Could use him for trade bait later if things do not work out. At this time the pick is not worth giving up a good player for by other teams.
    The draft is weak this year.

they need to try to trade it away and get a kicker CANADIAN kicker who does both, perferably young. Maybe the kid from Hamilton, he does both and they have 2 signed already maybe the Ticats want to move one for their home town boy Lumsden? Maybe the guy in Montreal he has killed us the last few years and I think he has goten over the jinx of BC, his name escapes me.

I think you will see them take Lumsden, yes I forgot about a canadian kicker. Some may become available after training camp. Or one will be available later in the draft. But when you have first over all you grab the best palyer available. If you need to trade later once this fellow has played then his stock might get you someone to fill a position of need. But I do not believe anyone will trade anything of value for Lumsden at this time.

Take Care

Time is 4:47 on Wednesday afternoon and I am going on the record to claim that we will select Chris Best, OL form Duke as the #1 pick. Local boy (Western Canada High) and making heads turn. We’ll pass on Lumsden…no one is really interested in trading…

well…I was out to lunch eh? Didn’t even get the right side of the ball correct let alone the position.