What does Bo know?

"I am also waiting for the CFL to be slapping TWO particular teams (not Riders) very hard for having un-signed players participating at their practices last week. There may be more...but I know of these ones and can back it up. I may elect to hand my information over to a member of the media on this one. "

For the love of God please do. IF no one including the league is going to do it then some one needs to force their hand. It would be ever so nice to see other teams face punishment for doing exactly what we did. The real prize would be if it was a certain team that is acting all high and mighty. That would bring such a smile to my face.

And the fine(s) better be commensurate with what they fined us :x

Any shred of respect I had left (and it was a small shred) for Rod just evaporated. He's a disgrace of a 'journalist'.

That may be asking a bit much unless the guilty party also went over the amount of players we were . Yes they should be penalized but the amount can’t be as much as we got unless again they had more then 10 extra players or if they too were practicing with guys on the 6 game.

The penalty has to fit the offense but I guess a point could be made they had fair warning of what would happen if they got caught. Again that would depend on when the offense occurred of course. If it was before the Riders got nailed then no the league can’t go crazy on them, but if they did it after, then yes a very stiff penalty should be dealt to them.

Rather read Area51 comments than your spunk juice non sense crap.

That's fine. Be a whining b**ch homer. Like I care.


Well, if the "news" of our violation and fine came out first...then their violation better have happened AFTER ours and hence a stiff fine. If the league wants to send a message, then send it with the same enthusiasm for everybody.

Firstly I will restate...all 9 teams do this to a certain degree....again Jones was pretty stupid with the scale he did it to. Though there is not actually anything stopping setting up side squads it is definitely against the spirit of the rules.

at any rate, I had indicated in the main forum thread that I was under the impression that there were a few players that were on the 6 that had been participating with it all and that was what they ended up getting nailed for. well...apparently this was wrong. I was chatting with someone a couple days ago and I will just say that this person is around there daily. They stated it was 1 particular player that was brought in from the 6 for an evaluation on where he was at and if he could come off of the 6 early because they were battling injuries and they rather needed him. They took a look at him and determined he was not and actually brought in a player from outside of the organization.

Now yes...this is against the rules to do...but definitely a bit ridiculous...I mean EVERY team does this continuously...

  • did Ray get pulled off early on a hunch....no
  • did Harris...no
  • Did Zach C...no...there were always statements of "he is getting close" and such
    Of course teams are pulling players on the 6 aside for evaluation before missing that 5 games is up...happens all the time....nobody cares as long as they are not participating in the main practice. Had Jones done that and pulled him into the clubhouse or something for a separate evaluation then nothing ever happens...or perhaps the CFL finds some way of saying don't do this any more and MAYBE finds a way of fining the club...but there is never an SMS hit.

Anyways....I thought this was rather amusing and thought i would share after pondering it for a bit. No, I will not put it out there here as to who that one player was.