What does Bo know?

So Bo blows the whistle on the Riders and alleges that they are once again "cheating" http://3downnation.com/2016/08/09/calgary-quarterback-accuses-riders-cheating/

So does Bo really know squat or just opening his pie hole and spewing crap? This one could get interesting before all is said and done and possibly have some serious implications for the team if it is found to be true.

If it isn't true then Bo should be nailed and nailed hard with a very stiff fine. This isn't something that should have been "leaked " by a player on social media in the first place in my opinion. If he has the proof then he should have went to the league with it and have it dealt with accordingly by them.

Any thoughts ?

It's not illegal. At least Jones is trying to improve this sorry excuse for a football team.

Yeah....he was also forced to go on air and apologize for his statement...and will likely face league discipline

Jones touches on it here

[url=http://www.riderville.com/2016/08/10/august-10th-chris-jones-media-availability/]http://www.riderville.com/2016/08/10/au ... ilability/[/url]

Having people around town is not against the rules unless they are paying for them to be there or they are participating with the team in practice. They are technically allowed to attend meetings (which IMO is BS and needs to be ammended) and they are allowed to have tryouts. So the question is...are they being compensated in some fashion....I doubt it

I believe Bo screamed about this in camp as well....he was wrong then...so no...we shall see.

IMO this is a situation of Jones saying...hey, we are still figuring things out and you might become a part of that if you are around. The player has a choice...sit in the stands and watch and try to get a better understanding of the team concepts so that if he gets a second workout the staff feels he is progressing on his own and might give him a shot...or they can leave town. If the team is perma lodging these guys they are in trouble....if they are finding their own accommodations then no wrong doing has been done...again, I don't like that meetings MIGHT be getting attended....but there is nothing saying that they can't

When Bo says "I bet none of the people they signed needed flights" he is largely correct. And?

when Bo says "I'm whining? Hmm you are calling for me to be fined. Yet I'm whining. Yes we're in 1st, playing by rules. And Sask.. Yea." he has no foundation to suggest the Riders are not...and of course he points the finger more from there.

There has also been rumors of some vets leaking or complaining that practices are going over the time alloted by the CFLPA. I think the big issue as you mentioned Depop is are these players being compensated in any way? IE food, lodging, etc. I don't think they are "guilty " of having the extra players participating in practices, I mean with practices being open it would be fairly obvious to reporters there are more then should be allowed if it was happening, but I think they are probably pushing the limits as far as the interpretations of the rules go.

So here is the question. Why is Bobo all up in arms about it? I'm sure it's not like the Stamps haven't stepped on the rules a time or two either, or any team for that matter and yet he seems to have a vendetta against the Riders. It is also funny the Stamps do not hold open practices so it makes you wonder what they are up to. Perhaps Bo the finger pointer should keep quiet in case eyes start looking towards their team.

It just seems odd that a player without solid proof would open a can of worms like this. I hope if they find that the Riders are not guilty that Bo gets hammered with a very stiff fine. It is a bad reflection on the league and especially on the Riders to have this sort of accusation floating around.

My thought is.... we are in the bottom of the league, last place, future looks like crap... so why so concerned we suck. I'm I wrong or are we still the team everyone fears, and loves to hate!! JMO LOL If he is found wrong, fine the crap out of him!!

FWIW I'm pretty sure that there is a cap on how much a player can be fined.
I wonder if Boo has someone backing him? ie; willing to pay any fine he may receive and if so that should be added to the payroll. Not?

I'm assuming a coach would not be allowed to take a player or potential player out for lunch?

Compensation seems to be the only factor as best I can tell.

Is it wrong for a bunch of young men to play some ball all on there own? Or perhaps it's only wrong if you are hoping to get a pro gig and the local coaching staff is watching. Seems rather silly to me.

Practices are public, and apparently there are no rules against attending meetings. It seems to me the only issue is compensation and is the team compensating any non roster players? Hmmm..... ya I bet that has never happened in the history of sport.

The fines for the coach can be up to 25k plus suspension.
The fines for the acts are nominal...I think 1-200 bucks and the expenses hit cap (I would need to look it up)
players can only ever be fined 1/36 of their salary per instance...that is 1/2 of 1 game played

non-signed players coming in for tryouts is perfectly fine. What is not fine is if:

  • players on the 6 (prior to missing 5 games) are participating in practices, meetings or rehab (said tryouts)
  • non-signed players are participating in practice. Note that there is no explicit rule saying that they can not attend meetings (which is kinda bs)...but they would definitely add up if there are a bunch of them
  • being compensated...ie lodging/meals/cash
  • the total time of practice + meetings exceeding 4.5 hours in any day or 16 hours (i believe...don't recall exact number at the moment) in a week

I would assume that travel expenses and 2day / 1night costs for a tryout would be acceptable in an audit

So is the fine up to 200 per player over? if that is the case and we ar in violation that would be aprox 9k there if the rumors are true of having 45 extras around. The cap hit on the meals, accomendations etc would probably be a pretty good chunk of change though. I mean 45 guys are probably not sleeping on park benches and eating bread and water .

The cap hit would be 750/week per player likely....IF there is one

pretty much sounds like they were paying accommodations/food on these guys...so not good. The league may ram them hard for this...but in the verbage of the rules the still did not appear to break any. I am thinking that this will amount to a rewording of the rules and not much more...even a fine...I look at the CBA at a glance and it seems to be within the rules and I think from a legal speak the Rider lawyers would destroy the CFL on this...and the CFL just wants it to go away. Of course this is only with partial information on it all

I get that they were looking to push the rules of the CBA as much as they could....but this is crazy

all teams have hangarounds and such...but this is stupid. You will get away with a couple because they all do it...not this volume though...I don't care if the letter of the law allows it...it is stomping on the spirit of it

Things just seem to get better and better. By the time this is all done the Rider name is going to be a joke.
Seriously our rep is taking a real **** kicking this year. Enough is enough.

we get fined, over a last place team that will be lucky to win 2 let alone 3 games, times the Jones experiment ends and Reynolds can join him. over cap, how... he released all our so called over paid players... and we now have a worse team... Jimmy yer right this team is becoming a joke... as a fan I am not impressed!! Yah Jones was such a great move... :oops: :x

Over cap? What are you talking about?

so what is Jones the 3 stooges , GM, HC and DC ?
so the Riders get a $60,000 fine and a deduction in excess of $26,000 , what the final amount is ?
with this on the table can the Riders immediately terminate Chris Jones with no compensation ?
Jones already cost the Riders $15,00 for national / international rules violation.
for somebody whos so smart he's actually ????

OK let me ask Depop this, for what Dressler and Chick where making here, and what they now make, what is that saving!!?? Jones has now cost us 75000.00 and 26, 000 less in cap, ( yah I read it wrong) and our team still sucks. So what has he done for us?? sorry I have no faith in this arrogant arse!!

I would say that with the bonuses and fines it is about even for savings vs players going...based on what Chick and Dressler signed for their 2016 contracts were a total of 140k more than what they are getting now...I really don't care about the loss of Dressler...I like the guy and he is a good receiver but I would take Collins anyways. Chick...I have always said sucked losing...but what he was willing to stay for (and I am not talking 260) was too much

dont get me wrong...I am pissed about the stupidity on this practice thing...I have posted more in the main forum on it.

well...not saying i approve of things...I think i made that clear in here and the main forum (I have been vocal on this whole thing because it is fascinating if nothing else)...teams have been doing this for decades...I think most people realize that...Jones did it to ridiculous proportions so deserved to get nailed...but the informant to the league...no it was not Bo...but it rhymes with that

this could get interesting!

Mo Price?

That little rat should just take his money and shut it.

That was my first thought too. I guess it makes sense as possibly He and Bo being ex team mates may still be friends. If that is the case isn't that biting the hand that feeds you. First you take a 30 k signing bonus and then bail and then you cost the team another 26 k cap hit. Well Jones said he could tell so much by talking to a guy and looking him in the eye whether he is a good fit. I guess Jones better try another method as that certainly isn't panning out so well is it.

This team has been played by so many this year it isn't funny. It's like we have a big neon sign flashing SUCKERS above us. I guess that's what happens when you trash the whole team, people know you may be a bit desperate and will bite on almost anything. Barker sure seen an opportunity and took full advantage of it that's for sure. I just wonder how big the line up of others waiting to do the same thing is.


Monday, August 15, 2016 THE MONDAY MORNING GOALIE

Photo credit: Matt Smith

REGINA -- Something really stinks.

And it's not just the Saskatchewan Roughriders' 1-6 record, but that's putrid enough.

No, Saturday's 19-10 Rider loss to the Calgary Stampeders at Mosaic Stadium capped one of the worst weeks in recent memory for this franchise. Now the 2016 Roughriders season is hanging in the balance and we've barely passed mid-August.

BUT! But, but, but, but, the current situation of the Saskatchewan Roughriders extends far past Saturday's game, and maybe even beyond this current season.

Twice in the past two weeks, the Riders were slapped with fines for breaking CFL rules. $15,000 for a ratio infringement on August 3, and then $60,000 last Thursday for roster violations. For those who don't understand these things (and apparently there are many), Rider Coach and GM Chris Jones got nailed for not playing the minimum amount of Canadians against B.C. on July 16, and further for having too many extra players around at practice who aren't under contract or on the team's roster.

Then, on Sunday, TSN's Gary Lawless reported the Riders were dinged with a $5,000 fine for prancing on the midfield logo in Calgary for too long two games ago. That's about as ticky-tack as it gets. Can somebody say "Witch Hunt"?

Frankly, for what I'd heard about the roster situation over the past five weeks and the subsequent investigation by the CFL, I figured one of two things was going to happen: Jones would've talked his way out of it and walked away unscathed, OR Jones and the Riders would face the firing squad to the tune of a $250,000 fine and the loss of first round draft picks for a period of years. (A la the Portland Winterhawks or New England Patriots).

However when the investigation was completed and the fine was announced on Thursday, CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge slapped Saskatchewan with a $60,000 penalty. He split the difference.

My first reaction? "I was expecting way worse". And for fear of making the situation worse, I tempered my comments on-air about Orridge's decision. That is, until I saw a Tweet from TSN's Dave Naylor which said this was the maximum fine allowable by CFL rules.

Was this the highest fine in CFL history? Nobody seems to know. And that's the way things go in the CFL these days. You wouldn't want to actually announce facts like these when issuing news releases of this magnitude.

But oh no, it's the Roughriders whose conduct, behaviour and activities have compromised the reputation of the CFL as Orridge stated in his news release on Thursday.

The same 1-6 Saskatchewan Roughriders who are currently leading the league in attendance. The Gden Goose. The CFL has a problem alright, but it definitely ain't us.

More on that in a moment. A lot more.

However first, in my opinion, the Roughriders did get off easy in the arena of public opinion on the roster fine. If the Riders were guilty of such a sophisticated scandal as reporters Justin Dunk and Scott Mitchell alleged (of housing, feeding and paying non-roster players), they surely would've faced far more-significant sanctions.

However none of that was brought up by the CFL on Thursday in their decision.

The Roughriders could seriously look at action against Dunk and Mitchell if those cavalier accusations are proven to be false. Rider President Craig Reynold's assertion on Friday that no non-roster players were being paid aligns with what I knew of the situation.

Another thought which bounced around my head was, "We're sure lucky Arash Madani is at the Olympics in Brazil right now" because the Sportsnet reporter loves scandals like these and takes no prisoners when it comes to exposing the truth. But it's Canada. The minimum effort will suffice.

If the Roughriders were an NFL team, ESPN would have a production truck parked outside Mosaic Stadium and they'd be broadcasting live for days. It would end up being a 30 for 30 documentary.

To me, if Jones really thought these tryouts were breaking the rules, he would've held them somewhere else in the city and no one would have even known it was going on. Instead, the tryouts were done in plain view at Mosaic Stadium and on July 15 when the B.C. Lions came into town, they saw it themselves.

But no, the Riders got off fairly easily but Orridge's swipe at them in his news release is something I'm not yet ready to let go of.

But the bigger situation here is where the Saskatchewan Roughriders are going under Chris Jones. Personally I like his direction, but others in the Rider Nation do not.

I'm not going to go back into my monologue on how I'm sick of playing by the rules and losing while watching other teams break the rules and win. (Go back to Friday's SportsCage podcast if you want to hear that). But the fact is Chris Jones is the CFL's answer to New England's Bill Belichik. He's always going to find a way to use his influence, bend the rules, find the loopholes, or occasionally break the rules in order to consistently win.

That's what I want in a Head Coach and in a General Manager.

And as far as this organization goes, any businessman would spend tens of thousand of dollars in order to make millions. That's what winning does.

But the Riders are 1-6 under Jones you say? To that I ask you who was last year's Grey Cup-winning Head Coach?

I thought so.

Zip it.

When I heard Craig Reynolds was racing home across the prairies from a vacation in B.C. in order to address reporters on Friday, I thought to myself, "He'd best Google some quotes from Patriots owner Robert Kraft before he gets here".

I did so myself. Here's an excerpt from an ESPN.com column from April 1/2008 when Belichik and the Patriots were nailed for "SpyGate", the scandal involving the videotaping of other teams' sideline signals:

  • "New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick made the rounds on Tuesday, apologizing for and explaining Spygate.

In an emotional speech before NFL owners, Kraft and coach Belichick apologized for the franchise's involvement in the scandal.

With apparent tension in the meeting room, Kraft asked for time to speak and apologized for Spygate in which a videographer was caught taping signals of Jets defensive coaches. After an investigation, the Patriots lost a first-round draft choice and $250,000 and Belichick was fined $500,000.

Kraft spoke of the values of the partnership with the league and how disappointed he was that his team brought negative attention to the league. Colts coach Tony Dungy described the speech as heartfelt and excellent, saying "I appreciated what he had to say."

Others who listened believed Kraft was speaking from the heart. Once Kraft was done talking, the entire room broke into applause.

Belichick also requested time to speak. As he told reporters earlier in the day, he accepted the punishment and thought that action showed no gray area in regard to the rules involving spying. Since the season opener against the Jets, Belichick said he has changed the entire operation and is now moving forward with no misunderstanding."


That sounds exactly what went down here on Friday.

By the way the Patriots have appeared in two Super Bowls since Spygate, winning once in 2015. And now their quarterback Tom Brady will serve a four-game suspension to begin this season for his role in DeflateGate.

That's about all I have to say on that other than I'm glad Chris Jones is in charge here and hope he is for many, many years to come. I've had only one five-minute, "off the record" discussion with the man but it's clear our philosophies mesh.

And regarding Jeffrey Orridge and his claim that the Riders damaged the reputation of the CFL, well, that's a very disappointing statement for the Commissioner to make.

The CFL had better look in its own backyard when it comes to the Mickey Mouse nature of this league. I could go on for days citing examples but the first one that comes to mind is the mole in the CFL office who leaked all this year's draft picks to Sportsnet's Justin Dunk on 2016 Draft Day, completely ruining TSN's live Draft coverage. Perhaps Dunk was sitting in the league office himself and had access to the picks. Either way, TSN was livid. Not good for the CFL and to our knowledge, nothing was done about it.

What about the leak of the Riders' chats with Greg Hardy, or the worst logo launch in the history of pro sports at last year's Grey Cup in Winnipeg?

Those are just the public instances you all know about. What about the ones you don't?

A lot of the finger-pointing in the CFL right now is being directed at the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the heartbeat of the league. The marquee franchise.

People around here are still furious at the non-Pass Interference call against Naaman Roosevelt on the final play of the third quarter Saturday night, and a missed facemasking penalty against Darian Durant in the game's waning moments.

If Stampeders defensive back Jamar Wall had been called for Pass Interference on Naaman Roosevelt upon review - which he should have been - the Riders would've carried the lead into the fourth quarter and who knows how the game would have played out after that?

Some "fans" are pointing out that TSN's Glen Suitor stated that it wasn't Pass Interference.

So what? When did Glen Suitor become the CFL's Director of Officiating?

Besides, Suitor even said, "There was shoulder-to-shoulder contact on the play". Wall didn't go for the ball. He KNOCKED ROOSEVELT OVER before the ball arrived. That should've been a black and white call, not left up to judgment.

That potentially game-changing call was made out of the Command Centre at CFL head office in Toronto.

After the game Chris Jones and Rider linebacker Greg Jones alluded to the fact that non-call was a major factor in the outcome of the game. However they were smart enough not to say anymore.

So the Riders are 1-6. It is what it is. The prospects for the playoffs do not look good. The Chris Jones-led Roughriders will survive and ultimately thrive, but it might not be in 2016. I sometimes wonder if that was even the plan all along anyway.

And most of the anti-Roughrider bias these days seems to be coming out of CFL headquarters in Toronto, the very office which is overseen by one Jeffrey Orridge.

On Friday, September 16 I'm scheduled to MC the annual Plaza of Honor Luncheon in Regina. On the agenda that day is a Q&A forum featuring Jeffrey Orridge and Chris Jones.

It should be fun.


Fairly well stated. Don't agree with all of it...his leading into a potential conspiracy is a little much for me...but the talk on the actual situation I agree with.

I am also waiting for the CFL to be slapping TWO particular teams (not Riders) very hard for having un-signed players participating at their practices last week. There may be more...but I know of these ones and can back it up. I may elect to hand my information over to a member of the media on this one.

Again...common practice brought to ridiculous proportions...someone went to the office...the league phoned Jones...Jones said we are not doing anything we all haven's seen elsewhere and invited them down to take a look for themselves. If Jones was worried that he was doing something new and against the norm he hides all of this....he doesn't do it immediately after regular practice and he SAF doesn't have them out there a few hours before a visiting team plays. This is nothing new...just new volumes...but if the league is going to enforce it they had better start cracking down on all teams!