What DOES a coach call a rookie named....

Sir James Delgardo?

I always thought that the reason Larry Goodenough kept playing in the NHL year after year was because coaches - when discussing him - always mentioned that he was Goodenough. Nobody checked to make sure that it wasn't his play that they were talking about.

Will Sir James get this kind of respect?

Signor Mobley sure isn't being given
any special consideration, Mark.

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Wasn't there also a Prince Wembley or something like that once?

I had a friend once who named her son Archibald Bishop, or Arch Bishop for short. Plan was for him to enter the priesthood, and eventually become Archbishop Arch Bishop.

Shaun KING

A teacher of mine, a Mr. H. Victor Ball, was known as Vic Ball.

His first name was Horace, I kid you not,

Few people dared to call him Horace Ball.

Prince Wembley III

Anything he wants. He's the head coach. :wink:

If it were up to me, I'd go with Jimmy. :smiley:


There was also a Wonderful Monds.

Signor Mobley sure isn't being given any special consideration, Mark.
Yeah- but the CFL dosn't have any Mexican teams Ron. :)

How about poor Richard Hertz, living in Beaton, ON?

Dick Hertz from Beaton?

Are you pulling our legs, sig?

And lest we forget, we have a guy in this year's training camp by the name of Getzlaff.

This guy has a brother (Getzlaff) who is also a professional athlete.

The radio and TV media must have fun with this stuff.

True story, RFTT.

Gtezlaff - "What is he, some kind of Wise Guy?

Nuck, nuck, nuck..."