What do you want for Christmas?

I want everyone on this site to have a Merry Christmas.
SASKARGO is going home for Christmas.Look out Saskabush I'm going to be home for the holidays.
All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth?Well that is all us Saskatchewan people have,is 2 front teeth.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!



Peace and Love.

a new government.

I wish.....But the Easterners out number us Westerners.

Maybe Hughie Campbell should run for office and he can institute some sort of cross-over rule. lol :smiley:

Merry Christmas Saskargo, May you and your "little extra package" have a good one.

Its amazing how dumb Easterns can be. ..... they keep on voting Paul Martain and the liberals who has stole 10 billion dollars from tax payers, its amazing hes still there. But u have the West-Conservative(hope they win) East-Liberals North-NDP Quebec-Bloc anyways i hope the Liberals FALL and Steven Harper takes over!

Is it up to 10 billion already?
Seems like just last week it was 2 billion.
Lets vote for the Conservatives so they can hold us back again like they did with the


I want Halifax to get the Commonwealth games and eventually a CFL team!

I want Snow. And lots of it. I want to be in waste deep powder the whole week after xmas.

I can always use socks too

I wanna a new government for Canada too, one where they have a parliament for Canada divide into a house that represents the provinces with 2 seats and a house that represents people base on population. That way the West and East can be represented. PM chosen by popular election and submissive to the parliament.

I as want to see Quebec represented as a distinct society like they always wanted, Alaska a part of Canada, etc.

More to come.

You want snow???? Come back to where you planted those trees this summer Billy, they're all covered up now!

all i want for christmas is to see kerry joseph in a rider jersey.do you think santa
can make my wish come true?

All I want is for Kanga to shut the heck up

Now now ro...you being a bad bad boy, santa won,t be bringing you a christmas tree...

I've got one already, Had it for years :wink:

I want a hippo

you cant see it, Ro, but I'm showing you how your number one to me. :twisted:

Me and Ro having one of our fights again.

Care to re-think that finger?