What do you think?

What rookie or new player to the tiger cats do you thank will put on a good show this season?

To early to Tell about rookies till the get to Camp

I like the looks of Amarri Jackson.Has the Precahe speed and height but run's better route's, jump's just as well, can break tackles, and seems to have more solid hand's.Corey Surrency as well.Either would make a brilliant replacement for Prechae.

I'm going waaaaay out on a limb here by saying Chris Williams... our soon to be new fireball kick returner :rockin:

Hoping it will be Chris Williams.

Jason Shivers - major improvement at CB , the one week link on D last season. :thup: ------------ as for rookies, will have to wait until the draft, would like to see Obie draft a Canadian QB,and trade one of the Import QB,s for more draft pick,s in 2011 and or 2012. IMHO

What?? You're giving up on Dylan Barker as our starting CB. :roll: He's taller, faster and he is a Canadian ya know!!!

I was reading about Chris Williams, excellent numbers at New Mexico St. Could be interesting.

Sorry peoples but i think the jackson kid will nice at corner! He did pretty good we they brought him in on the practice roster. I think he will get his shot to prove to everyone that he can play at this level! Please don't sleep on him :smiley: !!

Yes.. who can forget the whole Barker as starting CB forum extravaganza of insanity. :slight_smile:

8) What a memory you've got there "mightyone" !!! :wink: :lol:

last i checked barker was a safety not corner

and a darn good one at that :thup:

Why would you be so rude as to take me out of context?? Barker would have been a improvement over the CB,s in 2009, Obie Acquiring Shivers ,fills the position Barker would be subbing in ! :cowboy: :rockin: :twisted:

It's bewildering that you still try to insist that starting Barker at corner last year would have been a good idea. He was essentially a rookie in 2009, and didn't even play corner in college. And a corner needs to be more agile than a safety. Most CFL corners cut their teeth covering very good NCAA receivers. Do you honestly thing Barker learned more about corner play by playing safety in the CIS than pro corners with a few years experience or rookie corners from NCAA Division I schools? Barker has great measureables, but he's not physically a prototypical corner and he lacks experience in the mental game of the corner, which is very different from safety.

When did you see him playing corner to justify your conclusions about his superiority? You might as well argue he should have been a starting wide receiver. Both are theoretically possible, but neither is justified by the available evidence.

Sign that Bill McGrath guy,


46 Hamilton via SSK McGrath, Bill :rockin:

I think that the tiger cats will have the best defensive backs in the league no questions asked. Camp will be something to c, knowing that they will have all that talent back their. Who will be the first team and who will be the second team? Man I love this kind of stuff, I watched the ticats practice all last year and i'm telling u that #22 is going to be something special. I seen him go both ways at practice on the practice roster before the playoffs, and boy some kind of talent. It's like the kid has so much energy i think he can run all day. Bradley is another corner that had and outstanding season along with markeith, barker, sandy, and lamont coming back. Coach will have a tuff choice to make! Can't wait to c it :rockin: