What do you think?

I would try to develop whichever one our prospects/ current back ups looks the best coming out of camp. I'd keep Bishop around to groom + back up unless someone else better suited to the role pops free.I see no advantage in trading or picking up someone else's unproven backups(Lulay,Mcpherson,ect...)For good or bad I think this is our future.

I actually agree :wink:

Of the available fodder out there, Bishop is probably as good as it gets.

Why does Wally always seem to find QB's who can play right away ? Because he brings in guys who can run when they can't throw. The Bombers need to focus on finding young QB's who can run first and throw second, that is the part of the game they can learn and develop. You can't develop natural ability, he has to have that. If the Bombers are going to continue to insist on bringing in pocket passers with no CFL experience, they are screwed.