What do you think?

What do you think the bombers should do to improve the team?

Obviously re-sign Johnson Hargraves and Serna.. or everybody if they can

I think we should draft a LaBatte like Gaurd with our second overall pick

Get a RB in here that is more consistent and can do more then just break some big plays against weak run defences, actually grind out yards... Like AJ harris would be the best option right now... or if Jamal Robertson reaches free Agency

Replace Craver with a DB like Byron Parker... He may reach Free agency, and would be the cherry on top of our secondary

Keep Craver for depth though

Trade for Jarious Jackson without giving up anyone we cant replace... one of our DE's, Dorian Smith or Michael laundry would be options...

mayeb a neg lister and a project player

and Get Kelly Campbell here and make our recieving corps one of the tops in the league again...

Were I to be running the Bombers’ show, james, I like almost all of your suggestions. I think the best suggestion you made was to make an offer to Byron Parker. . . he’d sure look good and give you two really good corners.

The suggestion I’m not so sure of is Jackson. . . if you’re keeping Bishop, adding Jackson is just adding a QB who is very similar. . . strong arm but inconsistent. You only need one of those, the other QB should be a change of pace guy with a different style.

.....The priority.....no matter who is coaching the Bombers or who is GM..... is a no. 1 quarterback....I will be a very disappointed fan of the BigBlue, if we bring back Bishop for that role....He has shown to be a 'reliever'...not a starter..Sask. really proved that out last year and the Bombers to a certain extent in 09....and judging by the Riders success this year, the assessment by them of Bishop, wasn't far off...Having said that ...my preference for the number one spot is not available....We would have to 'sell the farm' to get a Ray.....orrrrr McPherson (he may be completely untouchable IF A.C. hangs em up)..The next best bet would be one of the Lions qbs....I agee with MadJack....Bishop AND Jarious Jackson are too similar in the qualities shown at the postion....That would leave Pierce or Lulay as possiblites as i believe Printers has shown enough toward the end of the season to remain a starter......I don't believe either Buck or Lulay are free agents so a trade would have to take place......Depending on what Buono would ask could determine if we would deal...All in all I still like the idea of bringing along Santos (this kids' got something) and Dimichele, under another proven qb. of merit....The quarterbacking situation of the Bombers HAS to be improved or we could be looking at another dismal year....it's that important....If the status quo remains as far as coach.....i'm afraid we might have another go- round with LeFors....I did not see anything last year that impressed me greatly about this guy....Besides not playing savvy football he has a similar arm to Dinwiddie and we parted company with him...Kelly (if he's still around) better have another option...Just my thoughts.. :slight_smile:

I completely agree with your analysis papa. The solution isn't very obvious however. As you say, the price for Ray or McPherson would probably gut the rest of the team. As for the BC group, I think Pierce should hang 'em up before he takes one hit too many, and Lulay would be another development project like Santos. There's actually a shortage of top flight QBs right now. AC is in a class of his own, Durant has come on well, Burris and Ray have tailed off some, then we have Glenn, Bishop, the BC gang and the Argo crew. Printers probably has a lock on the Lions' position. We may have seen the last of Porter, Pickett, and maybe Joseph and LeFors. The league could use a couple more Jim Popps to find some new talent.

....i'm afraid you're right ' honest kenny'....(sorry bout that one ...you can now gas me)....I don't see an easy answer for the Bombers pivot spot in 2010....IS there another Jim Van Pelt sitting on an nfl roster somewhere, who can come in and set the Peg fans on there collective ears????....I keep hoping for such a scenario and we can unearth one...but i'm afraid it's not dealing in reality...Developing a qb. into a winner is the way to go...i just don't know how many fans have the patience to wait for any extended period....Seems the Riders can remain a winner through the development stage of a qb. Guess we'll just have to find that secret :wink: :roll:

Remember when Ottawa brought in Condredge Holloway and Tom Clements as rookies the same year? And Theismann took over the Argo offence in his first year, just like Chuck Ealey did in Hamilton (and won the Grey Cup to boot). I don't think Flutie rode the bench much either. Does "development" take longer now than it used to, or are we just not getting enough of that calibre of recruits?

....i think the last part ,of your last sentence says it....We are not bringing in enough high-end talent.....at the qb. position.....I think the league should hire Wally Buono in that capacity :lol: ....seems he has been 'rather' successful in that area of recent times..... :wink:

i fully believe we will have to develope someone. theres no easy answer or quick fix really available... if we can keep our d intact and add a good olineman and a wr.. we may have enough solid pieces in place to win some games developing a young qb... i wouldnt necessary expect playoffs, but i think we may be able to win enough games to show fans there is hope for the future... if we find the right prospect.... going to be an interesting off season

Seriously, I think you guys need to look deeper for a pivot. Lulay, Jyles, Tate. Keep Micheal as insurance and get someone you can live with long term. Not Sure Kelly is the guy to bring along a QB. You need to hold their hands a bit. Wouldn't be surprised to see Maas freed up.

A Maas and a Jyles could serve you well.

Do you really think fans have the patience to groom a QB? If the Bombers were to miss the playoffs next season, no matter how much promise that young QB showed, there would be a vocal group of fans gathering with pitchforks demanding his head and yet another QB would be run out of town.

...All i can say bout your post blue blood is.....right-on....that's why the Bomber management better be beating the bushes for a credible qb. option in the off-season orrrrrrrr the empty seats at Canadinns could prove to be an embarrassing sight.. :oops: .. :expressionless:

Trust me...as a Ticat fan I know this. If the Bombers trade for Maas, they will be worse off than they were with LeFarce. Maas is way over the hill, and definitely not starting material any more.

Scanning experienced backups/starters who may get chopped/who could be made available via trade throughout the league, Winnipeg's choices will only be between Kerry Joseph, Maas and Buck Pierce. Kelly could try to pry an inexperienced kid off of a team (Barrick Nealy, Zack Champion, Cody Pickett, Adam Tafralis, Chris Leak), but would that really be an improvement over Santos or the other no names Kelly currently has behind Bishop?

So as you can see, the QB landscape is pretty barren for the Bombers. Not a good sign.

Given this state of affairs, I'm thinking Kelly will bring in an NFL QB cut or two, and try to roll the dice that way. It might be his only option.

The reason I said Jarious is this... Pierce is the next Dave Dickenson... but not as good... he's actually turning into a very injury prone fella....

Lulay would still need a lot of time... and we all know Kelly wont touch Printers.

Maas wont leave edmonton, Mcpherson is Montreals next QB, Im not sure Jyles is any more ready for prime time then Picket is... both would need time..

If you role with bishop, I do think we would be able to make the playoffs next year... I think im crazy for thinking this but, even a winning record. With a TC under his belt and some familiarity, for some reason believe he can be pretty good for us if we make the moves I said we should in my original post.

So I wouldnt mind trading for a Jyles or Lulay and Keeping Bishop even. but I dont think many fans would renew their tickets if that happend, and I'm definately in the minority for thinking this.

I would take whoever I could get for cheaper of Lulay, Jyles, or Picket really. Then let everybody fight it out come TC.

....Whatever....the Bombers priority.....i'll say it again..... credible alternative to Bishop at qb. The Bish. should handle the back-up chores.....if ain't willing to fill that role we have to have a plan B to fill the qb. spot with experience and talent.. :rockin:

you know what though papa… Bishop would be perfect for the back up role… and it would be nice to land a ricky ray or a Henry Burris, but we wont be able to

if we land another QB in the same caliber as bishop or even just slightly above, they wont know the offence, or have any familiarity… and someone like pierce would just get injured anyway and Bishop would again be our starter… and we would have already given a lot for Pierce…

I say we try and land Jyles or Lulay… and groom them out of the number two spot… if not, start them even and have Bish as an Emergency

First thing Bombers need to do is sign Bishop to a multi year deal!! Need to go in to next season with a offensive game plan that allows for everything that Kelly said you should not use, such as shotgun etc.

As for BC qb`s....Printers is 0-3 as a starter in the reg season, 1-4 when you include the playoffs. JJ is a good qb but not as good as Bish. Nobody else on the BC team is any good, qb speaking with the exception of Pierce with his many injuries, mind you never been outside of the BC system.

As for McPherson, we really have no reason to think that he will be any good, outside of a gut feeling that Dunigan has. Dunigan promoted this guy so big, that all the pundits where afraid to say anything but, " he`s going to be a superstar"....we have no reason to believe that he will be anything special!!

Just like Santos, he has never thrown a pass in a reg season game, and I hear people saying....this guy is going to be great?? :roll: So he ran for 25 yards with a couple tds from the one yard line, I could have done that.

Umm...McPherson finished one game when Calvillo got hurt and played an entire game while Calvillo sat. Maybe you were out of the room changing names.

...Bishop has peaked my man......we're looking for more, at the position, in the future....I like what Mike brings to the game for the Bombers....there's a part that's lacking ,that has me concerned...I know you're a big fan of the Bish. and i hope he comes into tc. and shows everyone up at EVERY facet of the game....Here's hopin.... :thup:

Something's going over my head here. Is "honest Kenny" some Manitoba carpet salesman or something? We used to have Bargain Harold (not Ballard!) and Wacky Wheatley here in PEI but they both closed up shop years ago.

......Kenny Ploen......your handle broken down.... ploen-kenny --truth-honest........ it was a stretch alright... i guess you had to be there :roll: :lol: