What do you think we still need ???


I am pretty impressed with Danny and Roy filling the holes at receiver and QB but what do we still need ???

Safety- Is Edwards good enough to replace Gordon ??? If we had another import position Edwards wouldn’t be a starter but we don’t and I don’t think there is an unemployed canadian free safety as good as Edwards.

Charles Thomas- Come on Roy. Import O linemen are a dime a dozen. If you are an American on the Oline you should be the best player, not the worst.

Canadian O lineman- Is Matt O, Meara ready to go play or one of our other prospects ready to go ??? We might that an extra spot to bring in an american kicker.

Kicker- Who the hell knows. We might have to replace an american somewhere to get an american kicker.

Mitchell or Stancil ??? I say Stancil

Middle Linebacker- Is Mike going to be able to do it ??? I hope he gets the job but you can’t fake middlebacker with a canadian just to make ratio. If not, is Kwana Jones or Epps going to step up ???

Rush End- Is Terrel going to be able to play like he did before ?? Shop that position Roy, I wasn’t impressed with LeFall or Daved last year.

If we address these problems , I think we have a damm good team.

Actually I think we still need another running back. Keith is good, but he has shown that sometimes he is not a team player. He needs someone to step up and push him, or compliment him like Holmes did, maybe Hughes is they guy for that job. I agree another good Olineman would be great, and as for the kicking game, maybe we can talk Ridgway out of retirement. LOL

Dorey is a running back by trade too, not just a returner. Give him a chance, he might be the next Charles Roberts. He did have quite an impressive NCAA career, just too small to get a look from the NFL.

It will be awesome having two good returners ( Dorsey and Armsted ).

I dont think we need a RB, we have solid backups for keith and two good fullbacks that can run it up the gut.

our D is still great but we may have taken a step back from last season. Safety is a questionable, and our middle linebacker is a giant question mark. and our kicker is the biggest one of them all.

not sure why we didnt try and get Kellet?

We had good returners before as well....Corey was a great returner.

With TC only 3 weeks away, I am still alittle concerned about our kicking situation. I am not bashing the young kis we have signed but one kid wasn't playing last year, and the other has great college stats as a kicker but not too hot as a punter. With the way CFL contracts are (not guarnateed) I am still flabergasted why we haven't signed Reginas own Matt Kellet. He has already stated that he would love to come play here. GET HIM SIGNED, if he isn't the guy for the job cut him, but having a guy who has proved he can be a great kicker in this league with Montreal , give him a shot in his home town.

What if we took jackie mitchell and played him as a safety? Mitchell is fairly decent at coverage and can be a ball hawking safety like Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys, that way Stancil can play as well, or even Kitwana Jones who was a killer on ST? any thoughts to that.

The problem with that is if we use two americans on the Oline we are going to have aleast one canadian at middle linebacker or safety. I know Mitchell would be better than Edwards and Kitwana Jones might do a better job than mike..............But this is the CFL.

Plus any extra Canadian starter might just end up being an American punter.

But that's the whole point of the Canadian Draft, to draft canadian offensive lineman, and where is Matt O Meara in this picture, or even Rob Lazeo, he's canadian and just as good as charles thomas..just doesn't hold as much. And to be perfectly honest this rob pikula will be fine, we don't need an american specialist, with the offense we have with a proven quarterback and receivers and one of the best rushing attacks, the games shouldn't be that close to even have the kicking game involved.

To be fair to Thomas, he plays the blind side tackle and the person who plays that position is always going to look like a bum. Still I think we can do better there. Lazeo would be a starter if he could learn how to follow a snap count. Its just the stupid offsides that get him.

The one that should be replaced with a Canadian is Childress. I know he is good but the guard position isn't that hard.

Still you can't fake the O-line just to make ratio. Look at what happened to BC at the end of the season losing seven games in a row. Everyone just figured out how to play them ( Blitz ). It was pathetic. Poor Dave and Casey.

Maybe we should make a trade for Westwood :lol: We will give the bombers a dozen banjos for WW. We will put a muzzle on him so he doesnt make any bonehead statements while he kicks for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

we need a mlb a cfl version of urlacher would be nice but i could care less i think personaly right we have the best team in the cfl if we dont win the cup or get to the cup im gonna be like ok wtf is going on down there

What do you need? Winnipeg's castoffs. hahaha Just kidding. You will have a good club this year. But guess what? So have everybody else in the league.

Like you have taken ours Lebird? Omar Evans, Santino Hall and even Kevin Glenn. BTW, thanks for taking Jim Daley(even though it was a few yrs after), he might have set the bombers back for 5 yrs :lol: (only kidding)

Well Sambo I have to agree with you on one thing. Daley should did not do us any favors. It was frustrating to watch.