What do you think of the 2007 rules changes?

What do you think of the 2007 rules changes?

I like them.

ro1313 will be so happy about the punting out of bounds rule!

The horse collar rule makes sense.

I especially happy to see the blocking rules return to 2005 standard.

....I am concerned about the switch to the round ball....while it is going to increase the boundaries of the kicking game I don't think they gave much thought to how difficult it will be on the passing game......suppose I'm a traditionalist....

they made a pretty fair judgement on the "kick from scrimmage" rule. A highly controversial idea, but making it apply only "between the 20's" still allows the skilled placement kicker to make his 'coffin kick' and even considers the rolling out of bounds... so if Flemming can drop it just barely in bounds and let it roll out... :smiley:

Round ball???? Red, what did I miss??? I re-read the article again..... Tongue and cheek?

in flight between the 20's.....how good is that???

.... i like the helmet contact rule with regards to the qb....and hitting below the knees ...when it can be averted....good changes.. :thup:

I like all the changes from a quick read-through and good on them for the kicking rule change for between the 20's. Excellent, the return team still has the option to decline it and take it where the ref says it went out of bounds. And still allows for coffin corners. :thup:

Ill take the punting out of bound rule change, Its not enough but its a start!

Im not crazy about the wording on this one

  1. Rule 7, Section 2, Article 4 – Roughing the Passer

Rule change – Re-word clause (c):

β€œAll rushing defenders must make every attempt to avoid hitting a passer at or below the knees, either if their path to the passer was unrestricted, or if they are coming off a blocker?

While I agree with the concept, Im not crazy about having the ref decide as to whether or not the player made "every attempt"

I already think the QB is protected way to much!

...yup, I agree, way to much arbitrary-ness for the ref there....

If the route to the qb was unrestricted then this will be easy to see if a guy made "every attempt" or whatever. More difficult will be coming off a block. If he gets blocked and falls into the qb at the knees where everyone is in say a 2 or 3 feet radius, then no penalty. But if the guy is blocked from say 4-5 yards away, falls down and rolls into the qb, then "every attempt" hasn't been made I don't think. But agree on this one it will cause some difficulties in intrepretation.

They all sound good to me.

No hitting below the knees? There goes Ed Philion's career...

I like all the rule changes.

The only thing I'm shakey about is the between the 20 yard lines for not kicks out through the air. There are going to be some close calls when the ball sails out close to the 20.

I would have rather forced all kicks from scrimmage to land in the field of play.

Its a huge step in the right direction IMHO.

joe, they are still close calls now though, new rule or no new rule and I don't see anyone complaining. I think if it's say within a yard or two of the 20 in his judgement, you will see the ball placed on the 18 or less or the 22 or more, he won't dare put it on the 21 I don't think, I don't think I would.

Other than the punt rule and the four side blocking rule the rest of the changes are worthless. Let the defence play the game and use the roughing rule and good judgement to determine what happens in a game. Too much analysis just sanitizes the game.

Well, one thing I like about football compared with hockey is that the violence in football is cleaner as it has been more sanitized over the years, and this is a good thing. Hockey right now doesn't have a clue what they are doing and hence we will continue to see the Simon types of things like in last nights Rangers/Isles game because the NHL didn't do some proper house cleaning when it should have.

My all time favorite got addressed here. The Eskimo delay of game tactics used by peter pan Macooohie! :lol:

How exactly do you delay the game while the clock is running?

AND every team does it btw!

Kicking Rule + blocking rules are very good.

Also the stopping of Teams running over a minute of the clock by that Tactic is good, very boring to watch 3 Delay of game, pre-snap fouls in a row.