What do you think of Smilin' Hank's colour commentary?

For his first game , I think he is doing pretty well.

I like it. He should bump out Dunnigan for sure.

He should consider coaching in some capacity.

Really good. Upbeat, concise, and insightful.

Better than Rod Black

So far so good .

I liked it, thought he did good. Very upbeat!

Overall he’s ok. Sometimes he gets a little preachy

Wrong answer, strike 4 now what…

Pretty good job but then again who doesn’t love Smilin’ Hank.

I’m not a Hank fan, but I thought he did a good job.

He wasn’t cheerleading for either team. His praise or critic of each team was balanced and fair.

I watch games with the sound off but I turned it up in the 4th and he sounded pretty good. Assuming he gets better, he could be terrific.

I mute a lot of the game too. Burris has a weird laugh and he should stop it. He sounds like Goofy.


I need the sound when I’m watching sports. Especially if it is a game I’m really into or if it is a close exciting game down the stretch. In those situations I usually have the sound cranked to make it more like being at the game.

I thought Burris was good. He still needs to learn to keep his mouth shut for awhile immediately after a big play to let the sounds of the crowd and players on the field come through instead of going into instant analysis like he did after a couple of the touchdowns today

At the very beginning I thought, Oh My God, No! ::slight_smile:
But within minutes, I liked it, He did a good job of it.

If you can hear him. Gets to excited and starts to speak way to fast then very hard to hear him.
Monotone voice. Did regular announcers quit? Gees CFL can not continue with this lack of
quality game announcers. Okay football player does not make a okay announcer

The sound of a live game sounds nothing like what I hear on TV. I also don’t miss any plays when I’m at a live game(a la Sarah). I know what’s going on ! Commentary is for after the game but play by play and some colour is OK. Unfortunately there is no play by play anymore and the colour has gone the way of soap operas. My mute button is easily the most worn on the remote.

Maybe we need to stop presenting the game on TV like thousands of unknowing neophyte fans are watching for the first time. After all, I picked up the nuances of the game years ago by watching and learning from the announcers and I ain’t no Alfred Einstein. Why do we have to hear the basics stated over and over ?

Really like listening to him and watching his face with his grins and that. Outstanding considering he’s getting his feet wet with this.

He’s a natural, very good job, having a pro like Gord with him helps too.

Henry Burris is my all-time favourite football player. In my mind, he can do no wrong. His commentary is insightful and interesting. I am very happy to see him as a part of the CFL commentariat.

Case in point: he very accurately weighted on on the Masoli vs. Manziel furor that was going on at the beginning of the season, when most people were clamouring to get Manziel onto the field and Masoli off. He was one of the few who recognized Masoli’s talent.

Now if only the ORBs would hire him on to tutor Harris on how to be a more effective QB…