What do you think of people running on to the field?

On Friday night, there were four individuals who ran onto the field in Regina. Of these one was naked, except for a flag around his shoulders.

What is every one else opinion of these people and this pratice?

My opinion is that this really detracts form the game. I do not think these people are fans and should be prohibited from attending any CFL games in any city for a period of 3 years for the first offence and life for a second offence. In the case of the naked person, there are many kids in the stands and drunk or not they should be charged with indecent exposure and automatically barred from all major sporting facilities (of any sport) for life.

Oh Lighten up. It takes like a minute from the game. And its always fun watching them get tackled by security guards!

yes, charge the nudist with indecent exposure.

Anyone does that in front of my kids will regret it.

I agree with Riderz. The naked body is a perfectly natural part of life. We all have once and have seen at least one. Lighten up.

I think if they are going to do that they should be greased first so they are harder to tackle =D

Seriously though, I think it's really stupid but relatively harmless. They should probably be kicked out, charged with trespass and probably public nudity if needed. It would impossible to ban them from every game. That would require checking IDs of every single person entering every single stadium and that's totally unworkable.

Pretty much agree with those points, RP.
Almost impossible to enforce a ban just at Taylor Field after those displays, let alone the whole league.
It is a relatively minor offence. Yet criminal charges can be pressed, and if convicted, having a criminal record would be more severe than a stadium ban anyway.
What annoyed me the most was the Riders actually had a little bit of momentum when this happened, and that sorta evaporated by the time they dragged these losers off the field.

The best part is when the security finally tackles them lol, sometimes they get em good.

I think it was a member of the Rider staff that took down the one guy.
They used to clobber those guys real good, but are now under orders to use a touch more restraint.
Most of the guys in this game had the good sense to stop and take their lumps....I especially liked it when the first two guys got to the endzone...the first guy was caught and his buddy ran up and surrendered...

Ive heard they get slapped with a pretty hefty fine for doing that at Rider games. Ive heard someone mention a 5000$ fine but that sounds a little steep.

I wasn't upset that a couple people decided to run onto the field, I was angry that 1 Security guard had to take down 2 of them while about 10 just stood and watched. Security needs to be a little more on the ball.

some guy running naked down the field, I would love to have a long barrel pistol with a silencer and be able to shorten his package for him.

It is a very hefty fine from what I have heard. My cousin back in his idiot days did the same thing about 25 years ago at an Expos' game (he was not naked though)
I remember that he spent a night in jail, got a $900 fine (in 1982 dollars) and a severe beating from two of the security guards. He also got a criminal trespassing charge.

Ever since wackos have been gunning down celebrities and morons throwing (edit) at people's homes for missing a field goal in basically a kid's game played by men, the law takes this stuff seriously.

It is not much fun having to deal with these idiots, if you are a security person. Who knows what these guy's plan is when they run out like that. I have seen fans jump refs at Estevan Bruin hockey games. So who knows?

Did anybody hear what the penalty is for Jack Rabbits running onto the field in Calgary. :slight_smile:

I don't really have a problem with it. I'm just glad that i'm not the guy who has to tackle them.

Idiots everywhere from time to time. Just fine them and that's that. I remember once streaking in high school late at night with a few of my friends, we had had a few and that's when steaking was in. Fortunately we didn't get caught, in downtown London, Ont. It was stupid, but fun if my memory serves me correctly. :wink:

2 cents worth:

Cameras are constantly scanning the stands for people who want to be on TV. Once a camera is pointed at them the people jump and dowm, scream and hold up their beers. Others paint themselves, paint dumb signs, wear watermellons on their heads... whatever. For a lot of people getting on TV is more important than enjoying the game.

The whole presentation of football has changed to emphasize the whole event which includes the fans as spectacle. That presentation encourages people to go as overboard as possible as they compete for camera time. Running onto the field by some is inevitable. It's just going to be something we either learn to live with or we learn to enjoy complaining.

I would like to see one of these idiots get near an angry football player- he will regret his decision to run onto the field! They should get the $5000 fine and be barred from stadium for a year, naked or not-- the second offence would be a 10K fine and a lifetime ban from the stadium. I really dont understand the motivation to run onto the field.

I can't beleive some of you would condone this crap! An Official got injured from one of these idiots earlier on in the pre-season. Would you be jumping for joy if one of these idiots injured a key player ON YOUR TEAM?

Sambo I disagree, make the fine $10,000 and a lifetime ban on the FIRST OFFENSE.

I Ran onto the Field in the Skydome last week, It was great to be at field level and i felt important,

I didn't get charged or anything but it was after the game :slight_smile:

In Montreal, nobody ever do it during the game, but near the end of October, when people stay warm by drinking liquor, there used to be people running on the field after the game. And it was plain fun to watch because the game was over, and instead of heading home, you could see drunken airheads get slammed by 250 pounds security guards.

That one time, one guy managed to climb up the uprights. And the upright dangerously started tilting. No security guard wanted to climb behind him as this would probably have been too much weight on the thingy and... well, what do you do when you get there? Throw the guy down on the field?

So they waited for him to get back down. About twelve security guards around the upright. The guy was waving to the crowd and making his show, knowing he'd get smacked so bad once he'd let go.

That was pretty funny.

I think during playoffs if your team wins then it is a fun thing to storm the feild in celebration providing that it is after the game.

Running onto the feild durring the game nude is not something I support though.
Funny these things happen mostly in Regina cause that is where I first saw it too.
The dumb guy was doing good running away from cops and security too until he did something really stupid,lol, he ran off of the soft turf and onto the hard cemment. They tackled him hard there,lol