What do you think OBIE will do this week ? thoughts ?

I think a few players should be at risk :

ALL Coaches especially Taffe
Mariuz to backup
Dyakowski to backup

Have a Sprite and a laugh with his wife, Scott Mitchell and Ron Foxcroft in a private box at Ivor Wynne, watch the Ticats "practice," and then tell CHTV that "the coaches are working as hard as they can," despite the fact that when they actually play, Taaffe's clowns look like they don't practice, don't have heart, and don't care that everyone knows it.

Way to earn your big paycheque, Obie! You work about as hard as Taaffe does!

Seems you and I are on the same page .

Have you noticed Creehan brings in Manning and Anthony in for passing downs ?
Do you know much about Manning . I have watched him close all year and have not once seen him stop a play or not get burned . Every time a db has gotten injured he has coem in to replace them and then the other team has targetted thsi guy paly after paly with contuned scucces …that keamu petterson guy had a bout 5 completions after manning came in and when saskatchewan had that big run where bradley kncoked that ball out at the one well that was amnning again but nobody blames the guy …he has also coem in for thompson and ribinson and bradley and got burned every game

i think this is a huge reason why hamilton is losing . I suggest we bring in Nedd instread .

I think he'll have a good laugh at all the threads posted about him and all the people who think they could do a better job. On second thought, I would think he will just have a nice weekend with the family. Or maybe he'll go shopping. Or to a movie. You never know he might cut the lawn.

What a stupid thread.

He’s going to tell the press he’s staying the course.

Does Obie even have a computer in his office?

Number one, I think Obie will be thinking how best to keep his own paycheques coming next year.

I think Obie is the guy to lift us out of the basement, but I think he's also a master politician.