What do you think is wrong with TSN and could be changed?

Glen Suitor isn't the PxP guy
He is the Colour Guy
And he is a great colour guy if your colour is Green!


Dunigan and Stegall are horrible and Davis can’t put a sentence together
More stories on CFL legends/history
There are lots of great Canadians who would be far better
Like the focus on Friday night games I agree with not one game each night
Also agree with the guys comments about not having discussions with the game going on. Leave that for half time

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Why not ask the alumni associations and get former player or coach to "guest" as a third guy in the booth so we don't just have the colour guys yak endlessly.
No travel, pay per game, bring in guys like oh, Chis Morris CFL Alum, Head Coach for U of A Golden Bears. Set up a few stories or whatever from his playing days during longer breaks in play, let him promote CIU games.
I'm sure there are similar guys in every city. Kill several birds and maybe find some diamond in the rough for new colour guys on their broadcasts. Or at least a little something different on the broadcast.

Stop the forced comedy with the panel. Also its time for Stegal to go. I've never found his input informatuve.

Plus his tweet about people being afraid to compete for jobs, was a subliminal shot at Canadian players and the ratio.


Talking about other things when the game is in progress is unforgivable. There. Is. A. Game. In. Progress. Talk about it, please!


I love Stegal. Hey, he is allowed his opinion and good on him to share his thoughts and not be a weasel about it.


Get some of them on a guest colour guys....

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Stegall obviously has the right to say what he thinks. But he is way, way out of line commenting on what players in 2022 are going through. He isn't playing now. And he made very good coin as an elite receiver back in the day. What does he know about trying to support a family on the league minimum?

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I don’t know about that. He played for a long time and is still in the game. I think he knows more than most. Davis Sanchez has made comments in favour of Canadian players. I think their comments probably mirror the divide and conflict among current players. I’m up for a good analyst fight.


Not a bad idea, but not everyone has what it takes to be entertaining enough to listen to for a whole game. It actually is a skill. We've all heard some pretty wooden interviews with some of these guys, & stretching that out for a whole game might be painful for all involved. An idea worth pursuing, but prescreen their aptitude first. Just don't expect everyone to be good at it.

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Neither he nor Sanchez is an active player today. I wouldn't pay attention to either of them, especially since both were very well-paid in their playing days. At one point, Sanchez had a 200k, four-year contract. That would be good money for a DB today, let alone 15 years ago.

I am interested in active players talking about the CBA and what it means to them. Not pontificating from retired players / talking heads who get paid largely to stir the pot.

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Lots of those guys are involved in sports in some way, especially junior football. Do a segment on the panel like a where are they now thing. Let them show their passion and tell people how to get involved. That's a big part of what creates fans, play or be involved in the game.

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Lots of great stories to be told out there. Not sure I would trust the panel to stay on topic long enough to give a great story justice😁.

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Do a canned 5-10 minute segment in pregame or at halftime...

Or maybe a CIU player feature....interview next years draft class and their coaches. Or a weekly recap for a junior football league.


Bob Irving would be an excellent guest color man and probably available. Very funny man.

CJOB used to pick up Neil Lumsden when they played in Hamilton and he was good as well. I agree that it would add from the regular format.

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I miss Rod Black. Actually I miss everyone ripping him. Lol

Rod Black was so bad that it was kind of entertaining.


Rod Black is boring and full of tired cliches. I do like Marshal Ferguson as play by play. Unlike that Justin guy, Marshal will tell you where the ball is spotted and silly things like what down it is. Instead of talking about coffee, or whatever pops into Justin's head.

As far as color commentary, I'm tired of them all. But I'm watching the game and mostly don't care.


I thought he was gone from CFL broadcasts?
TSN did a pretty good broadcast last night.


From what I saw, Sara Orlesky did well in the studio with Milt. Bit of a different vibe with Dunigan and Sanchez at the game and her and Milt in the studio. Less goofy chatter, a little more professional with just two people on the panel. Like to see a little more of this, and add some new faces to the mix.