What do you think is wrong with TSN and could be changed?

Should be an easy gig for him since Football has loads of breaks in the action, unlike Hockey which is a constant flow of action. Maybe it could lead to Hockey duties since Dennis Bayek retired

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Didn't know Bayek retired. Is he not broadcasting the world championships?

He broadcasted his last Jets game when the NHL season was finished. The WHC is probably just a final contractual requirement with TSN

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Just saw his final closing broadcast.

Classy to the end.

He will be missed.

I believe TSN will still lean on him for the World Juniors and World Championships.


Yes that’s correct. While Beyak wasn’t the worst, as a Jets fan I am happy to see him gone as the Jets play by play man. He couldn’t follow the play anymore. Like Bob Cole but without the voice. Our radio guy, Brian Munz is better. So is Hughson.


Besides everything that's already been said, TSN needs to stop kowtowing to people who have just tuned into midway through the broadcast of a given game. The relentless, repetitive, surface-level game summary stops higher-brain function in any fan who is, you know, actually watching the game from start to finish. Delve more into Xs and Os. Give fans some credit for being able to follow the basics of a game, so they/we can be educated on the deeper aspects of the game.

Get rid of Suitor (long past his best-before date) and Sanchez (awful screen presence, can't say two words without stumbling). Give Kate Beirness, who is awesome, more of a voice.


And its not like Suits is Don Cherry (90), Bob Irving (73), Bob Cole (92) age.
The guy is a virtual baby at only 64 but like most observers he's lost more than a step in the booth. His opinions are wandering generalities and his attention to detail is lost on most.
Take your pension Suits. Take a long break from the game. Get inducted into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. And if you keep your nose clean you can go to any CFL game and get a few minutes basking in appreciation with the local radio guys or some Sara Orleski on the sidelines!

I'm in the crosshairs with regards to Beyak. Knew him from a hundred years ago when he started doing junior hockey up in Northern Manitoba - I was doing it in southern Manitoba.
Beyak isn't a fossil, he's only 73-75, about the same age as legendary Bob Irving who just retired in WInnipeg. Certainly not petrified wood like Don Cherry, Bob Cole, Steve Armitage, etc.

But Beyak has been losing it last couple years. Really poor player identification, tons of on-ice blunders, etc. His color man on Jets broadcasts, Kevin Sawyer is a bigger homer than Beyak - if thats even possible so when Beyak blunders, Sawyer goes along for the ride as he's vying for long-term work as a homer-man for the Jets or any other NHL team that will have him.
Beyak was very good until about 2 years ago when his decline began. Sawyer is just pure rubbish!

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Agreed on Suitor.

We need youth in the booth.

Jeff Gordon left the booth in NASCAR this season (ESPN?) and they've had a different third commentator each race. A different player on the panel (love to see Nick Lewis!) each game would be great.

Less colour commentary and more focus on the plays.

Luke Tasker does a great job on the TiCat radio broadcast. Young guys like that would breathe some life into the broadcasts. Less of the Dunigan drawl and goofy chatter...



Cameras are cheap now. I'd have a dozen running with AI and motion capture (the 'pylon cam' is one) just to catch some of the super awesome angles all the others miss.

Don't bring any more of those doofus Celebrities into the booth unless they're rabid football fans. AND make sure they know that sharing their thoughts during game play is a big no no. Throw at least one of them through the window if they can't keep their traps shut as an example to the others.


But he has nice hair. Oh, oops, thinking of Trudeau my bad, but still as someone without hardly any hair on top, guys who are older and have kept a nice mop on top are ok in my books. As long as they keep it looking nice and tidy, :grinning:

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I guess it is just human nature to find something to complain about. To find a whipping boy. For years it was Rod Black. Now he's gone. NEXT. Ok Suiter your chosen.

It is impossible to get something that is agreeable to all. Perfect is the enemy of good and perfect is impossible to find.


watched some minutes of one of the football games on the weekend. Can't remember what game. Noticeable to me was the crowd noise when there was no crowd. Crowd noise does make a difference watching on TV. every other sport does it because it makes for better TV.



Your hatred runs deep .

Tsn needs some competition, the cbc or sports net should also start televising games , or private cable companies, it’s never good when one company controls the purse strings, Look at our cell phones as an example. They just keep trying to swallow up smaller upstarts.


Couldn’t help but notice the great production values for the CBC/Sportsnet telecast of the hockey game tonight. As good as anything you would see down south. Now why can’t the same be done for the CFL games on TSN?

This from way back in 2014 but yes, Rogers and CBC are collaborating and putting coin into this, as an example:

"This bad boy cost $4.5 million. (You know how many Torey Krug’s you could buy for that?) The bill was footed entirely by Rogers, which leases the 10th-floor studio space from CBC. Scott Moore, president of Sportsnet and NHL, Rogers Media, called it the most expensive studio he’s ever had the chance to construct. The company spent $5.2 billion to secure the NHL rights for 12 years, so investing so much to air those games was a simple choice, said Gord Cutler, senior vice president of NHL production.

“You don’t invest in a high-end Ferrari and have a kid try to drive it,” Cutler said."

Fast forward to 2021:


CFL has been one of the longest running monopolies of all time. Now privately controlled.

Just focus on the game instead of pulling the viewer away from the product with everything but.

Refresh entire team

Create pre-game show


Hey, I like Suitor