What do you think is wrong with TSN and could be changed?

Actually, they haven't. Maybe for a game or 3 but those in-game interruption interviews keep recurring. How many times can we withstand Randy Ambrosie yapping about the great state of the league. At least we won't have Mr. Stern yapping guarantees and threats for his Als. The BC owner knows its not such a great idea to go on TSN, interrupt the game flow and let Old Glenny and Neilson butter him up like he's never been buttered before.
O well, at least the Halifax CFL franchise yap has been discontinued. Why? Cuz its pretty much dead in the wood. Nobody has stepped up - other than promoters with no money!

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We're doomed.

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Perhaps so but then THESE kids at the very least would be going down with some very eccentric and high style as opposed to the sordid path they are already on these damn meddlin' kids! /grumble grumble grumble

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I watched the TSN /CTV feed of the NFL ....

I watched many times during the commercial breaks the NFL Canada and the Flag football youth program .

So that's a NFL deal with Bell to circulate that .... plus not sure anyone noticed but most of the commercials was a CBC kinda deal with Rogers .

Bell love it to sell their extensive platform .

The main purpose seems to be to SELL

CTV , Crave , HBO etc ... programming .


Hire whoever the guy is doing the PBP in this PFC game:

Sounds to me like he's cut from the same cloth as Chris Cuthbert.

  1. fire suitor
  2. fire suitor
  3. fire him again for good measure
  4. keep dunigan on the panel and away from color commentary.
  5. put farnhan as panel host and stick kate on the calgary sidlines so she can endlessly fawn over bo
  6. add naylor as 5th panel member instead of fill in.
  7. maybe a little less sask hype ok

Thank you! Love this guy!

I like this post mostly because this is a very strong take.

How did you feel about Rod Black until his severance last season?

meh wasn’t a fan.

when ever Dunigan is done, I will not have any more reason to watch or listen to the panel.

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right now my two fav CFL play by play guys are Dustin Nielson and Marshall Ferguson. as far as colour commentary, i like Duane Forde but that’s about it. i tend to do my own commentary while i watch lol. i also like when Farhan does play by play, but that’s rare as a fill in. but he’s awesome when he leads the panel.

Glen Suitor today said that he and Rod Smith sometimes looks at the replay of penalties called (probably during a timeout) and then determine that it is worth not showing to the tv audience because do so would only make the officials and league look bad. Instead, they just move on to the next play.

Even though a player action might be a penalty as defined in the rule book, Suitor prefers that only infractions that are obvious should be called.


I find this completely unsurprising. I'm guessing they hold back on a lot of replays like this

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i don’t believe this simply because suitor is such a slow and bad color guy. he sounds drunk half the time. my guess is he spends his timeouts waxing eloquent about his roughrider days.

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Such holding back of replays or cutting replays short was certainly the norm for much of our lives until pro sports finally, after much delay, understood they had to reckon with video review especially once social media took off.

On such a note, I find it somewhat unbearable to watch old games in many a sport that turned on some horrible call given that when the footage is not edited out, we have more tools than ever before to examine even the old footage on replay.

Now I do understand that there is not enough time or interest to show everything.

Otherwise Suitor here comes off as elitist scum still stuck in the media thinking that was around prior to late 2005, a few months after YouTube was launched, such that it began to be mainstream.

Fire Suitor already, as many have said.

Wake up you Glen's out there. People check for themselves and don't need you to decide for them what to see.

And most people certainly don't believe you when you try to over-explain, cover, or ignore a bad call Glen you fool!


"And all he kept talking about was his ... Glory Days. " - Bruce Springsteen.


I think they're not doing that nearly enough. Some games it seems we see more replays of penalty calls being questioned than we see of well-executed plays.

We need to reduce the amount of airtime dedicated to refs and penalty calls. The last couple of seasons I've been watching more USports and CJFL games, and I much prefer the way its handled there. So much more flow. I'm sure there are plenty of bad calls in the amateur leagues, but they don't dwell on it; they move on to the next play and continue, which is much more compelling to watch.

Heck, they don't even pause to have the head ref announce the penalties. That info is just communicated to the PA announcer and/or booth guys so the next play can be set up quickly. Let's do that. We don't really need to see any ref's face nor hear their voice a couple dozen times a game.


Idea: for each broadcast have a local from each team as a guest. It would be combative, less dull. Something like Don Cherry battles with McLean is sure spicy, you need opposites to stir up the hype. How about a quiet, thoughtful Canadian debating a brash know it all Rassaling type loud mouth??


LOL calgary vs ottawa would be a war in the booth!