What do you think is wrong with TSN and could be changed?

So how did the TSN panel do tonight 4 August for Blue Bombers at Als?

We get to do it again in Winnipeg with the same two teams next Thursday!

What a snore Duane Ford is..

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Well, maybe on Labour Day weekend we shall see an improvement or difference once these Thursday night games are over.

To be fair, I think they have tightened up things and are better overall.


Well I am going to give a compliment to TSN for once in a long while.

The TSN panel have sharpened up. I am not sure what inspired them, but last night at halftime during the late game they were sharp and I am going to be a bit generous here with Sanchez given he was stumbling on his words at times though still making a good point.

May they keep this sort of professional presentation and game analysis going so that never again shall we have screens of screens, giddy-high school antics, yuck-yuck jabber or any given other such gimmicky trash on a sports channel.


Plus no booth or sideline interview over the play!


They didn’t miss a beat during the weather delay.


I noticed a little while ago that they seem to be moving away from that crap. Perhaps they have listened to the members of this forum?


I think Naylor reads the forum.


Naylor said the Command Centre is not supposed to intercede on plays that are challengable, yet early in the last Argos Ticats game, the Argos were flagged for roughing the passer.

Before the Argos could challenge, command called down to pick up the flag.

The original call was weak, but still, the Argos should of had to use a challenge.


Maybe they are reading us some and considering our points in trying to help despite some angry rants, but I will quote General Patton here for any organizational or business environment be it sport or not.

All those historic corporate and government blunders that made major news later with a bunch of bowling-ball headed dudes all nodding and grunting in harmony, despite being easy to see coming when you asked the average person on the street, come to mind in these regards.

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."


Great point and this is what ticks off many a fan.

When you make such video review rules yet encounter a perceived or actual deficiency as will happen when you go into such territory in any sport, you don't make stuff up like this on the fly just because you think you have to "get it right."

You go with the EXISTING rules and then if necessary a meeting is called afterwards if the matter is bad enough and then if broader concerns of merit are at hand, the league makes modifications to the rule, the challenge process, or to the interpretation for FUTURE similar matters.

When you make up procedure on the fly, you diminish credibility as well as open the door to great abuse, which will snowball to do even more damage.

The Command Centre is interceding on obvious mega-blunders by paid CFL officials. However, like a cherry patch they tend to pick 'n choose, sometimes according to score, sometimes not.
They intercede due to paid on-field officials being unable to determine penalty calls, ie. far too many random calls.
Glen Suitor had one of his best games in years on the stick last nite. His info was quick & clear and he had some great ideas regarding the ruffianship currently infesting CFL ball.
Another change I'd personally like is when a returner is on a breakaway for an obvious TV but one of his blockers smears or chops a fruitlessly pursuing cover guy. If its obvious the returner was on a breakaway then the TD should stand. The offending player should be assessed a 15 yd penalty (on the kickoff), the standard CFL low as crap fine ($50 to $100) and given a misconduct for an unnecessary hit on a cover player. These hits can (and have) caused injuries. A misconduct could also be assessed which puts the player in jeopardy of being removed from the game!

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And I am going to disagree here. Discipline is part of the game including avoiding such frivolous, and sometimes cheap shot, hits.

I don't want the official having to make at least one judgement here in determining if any player on the cover team was even close enough, for the cover team has fast guys too, or to determine if it was a cheap shot or not for sake of the nature of the call.

It's a clear penalty and should be called, and that player needs to be talked to by a coach if not also to take a seat for at least one series.

Of course in any case, an official can still call unnecessary roughness or objectionable conduct.


Like him for what he is not for what you want him to be.
Ice cream is great even without the cherry.

Bobo I think you are correct. . . he's 14.

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To bring this thread back in topic and not be about officiating I noticed that during the Bomber/Als game the other night, anytime the crowd reaction to a play was shown, it was a tight shot showing 4-6 people max.
I think it would have been great for TSN to use a telescopic arm or drone camera to pan over the crowd to get a better look of the overall atmosphere. The college football coverage in the US uses this masterfully to “sell” the event, and make it look great on TV.
There were 30,000 at IGF on hand the other night, and I think it would have been great to showcase the crowd to the rest of the country.


Well with the other young ladies showing up more often on the sidelines lately for TSN, I figured something was up.

Many here are sweet on Sara, so take your pick "She's Gone" (after the Banjo Bowl) or "Sara Smile" if you will.


That’s too bad. She was excellent at her job and well liked.


Unfortunately, those kick/punt return hits were administered to me in a high school scrimmage, then I became a master of them when someone was fruitlessly loafing (I did make sure I ran up and hit them square and legal), and then someone almost broke my ankle on a terrible clip in my last year of playing.
Anyway what goes around, comes around, and it can be a vicious and dirty game.
It is a shame when an unnecessary hit to a great return, brings it back with no contribution to the good job by the actual returner.
NFL, American football is actually trying too move away from having kickoffs due to the danger(s) involved.

As for improving TSN broadcasts:
1). I’d like to see Dunnigan do more grilling and actually feed the fans!
A pregame tailgate!!!
2). Maybe do some small snippet(s) with a local fan. Give someone 2 minutes of fame in a mini interview. May help fill the stadiums more too!

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