What do you think is wrong with TSN and could be changed?

That's great for YOU given your schedule and also for a few others especially out west.

But 10PM Thursday night, and for the most part Friday night as well, is not where the mass audience is found.

We've been over the other options like putting that game on a Sunday or two games on Saturday.

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Yes and I like the 2 p.m. start also. Gives people time to get home for work next day. Not driving in the dark.


There are time differences in Canada; the games cannot all start at 19h/7PM to please some fans in the East; some don't seem to worry about fans leaving in the West. A game starting at 7 PM in the East is at 4 PM in Vancouver and 5 PM in Calgary and Edmonton.

I do leave in Gatineau QC and I don't mind watching the CFL games at 10 PM local time; I watch all of them, no matter the time of the day.


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Well, some of the discussion has slipped into the CFL ratings thread because there is a natural overlap, but there are three weeks in a row now remaining of these Thursday night games with Montreal playing.

Then there is only one more Thursday night game for the season and we'll see next year if TSN stays this subpar route or drifts more action to summer Sundays with the occasional autumn Sunday like in the good not so old days.

Let's see if the panel steps up or if they mail it in.


I remember years ago the owners of the ALS going to their season ticket holders about gamedays in the summer. The season ticket holders said they would prefer weekday games. Not sure if this had any affect on the slow reduction of game attendees.
As for Sundays, I believe at one time the agreement with McGill was no games on Saturdays as it was set aside for University sports. I am not sure if that still exists.
If the Saturday restriction still exists, and the CFL waved the white flag to the NFL on Sundays + ticket holders saying they would prefer weekdays, pretty much leaves Thursdays during the summer.


I've grown to like Thursday games . And I like the panel better on Thursday as well. Much more informative and toned down. However last night Matt seemed like he was on roids.

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So on the TSN panel during Winnipeg at Calgary, they were discussing the timely topic of roster turnover.

Now what was strange was when Milt Stegall starts talking about NFL cuts.

I brought this matter up a week ago, for there is a different chronological reality now, which it sounds like he overlooked.

We can leave kickers and punters out of this discussion, for they are by trade journeymen.

  1. Players on NFL teams for the preseason who are cut before the last very rarely come back to the CFL right away. They are often picked up by another team for the rest of camp and for practice rosters even if in final cuts.

  2. Players cut on the final day are in all great likelihood not going to be ready to go if coming back to the CFL until Week 15, which is two weeks after they are cut during Labour Day weekend with the next game less than one week away from the night they are cut (usually Sunday night over that weekend).

Aside from kickers and punters, I figure the number of players coming back may only be counted on one hand due to the late timing given the earlier start.

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Matt cherry needs to wear brighter suits, his are pretty dull.

My weekends are often busier then my weekday evenings so I really enjoy the Thursday games. I prefer them not to start at 10pm est but anything before then I'm all in for.

On the other hand I dont see myself attending a Thursday game at the stadium because of work the next morning.

So for T.V purposes, the more weekday games the better. For attending its gotta be a weekend.

Is TSN more interested in T.V views or live gate attendance? I assume views, whereas the league+team owners desperately want to get fans in the seats


Ron Lancaster ('The Little General') also did a terrific job of explaining things while in the booth between coaching gigs. :smiley:


How about the old two birds one stone - get CIU coaches doing the X's and O's AND promoting CIU games....

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But you would never see an NFL game starting at 10PM est, next week Ottawa is in BC and the game starts at 10:30 PM !!
TV ratings are important in the US and even the Thursday night games from Seattle or LA are starting at 8PM or 5PM local.
The CFL is gate driven and BC wants their games in the evenings.
Too bad the BC couldn't have all their games on Saturdays or Sundays and start them at 5PM local or 8PM Est, Sundays in the summer until the NFL starts

The TSN Ottawa/Toronto coverage was good yesterday, always good when Suitor is not yapping non-sensical!!
Suitors stories during the Stamps/Bombers game was awful he just gushes about various players. Disappointed with the play-by-play guy Nelson, he came up with that horrible cliche after a player made a couple of good stops "he came to play tonight" LOL - I hate that expression, ALL the players came to play


I think Milt meant Canadian NFL cuts like Pier Oliver Lestage that signed with the ALs. Those are the guys that will come back to the CFL after exhausting their opportunities in the NFL

I think they'll be about dozen (including kickers) head north out of NFL camps. Lots of guys are pre-cleared by their agents (ie. if my guy gets cut he'll sign an offer with your team for $______ PLUS the obligatory signing bonus. Most of these guys need the CFL to pad their flimsy resumes and prove they can get it done!

Barring injury, Winnipeg & Calgary (our two top teams) might bring up one guy each. Other teams, 2 or 3. Edmonton & Toronto could be on the high end. Chris Jones doesn't run a football team - he runs a body farm!

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PLOP was the greatest panelist/analyst in CFL TV history. Wonder how he'd fare as a color guy if the coaching don't work out?
PLOP is also a great technical coach but he has little to no swagger. He's afraid of his players and doesn't have a vice-admiral to steer the discipline. He'd prolly make almost as much in the booth as he does on the sideline, too!

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I don't know what the booth pays these days. CFL Head coaches make 6 figures. Would TSN pay that much?

Some CFL coaches (like Jones & O'Shea) make well over $250k. Jones prolly makes more cuz he's taken on 4 or 5 jobs with his organization.

I don't think Stegall would be working panels for anything less than $125,000 + expenses. Dunigan, based on a bit more experience might be $150k+

Now doubt they'd fit Plop la Police back in - prolly for $125K to $160k. Plop also has a small career as a speaker - and he'd be doing football camps in the off-season where he'd be tremendous.

Sounds good to me. I wonder what Chris Walby is doing these days?

Walby is livmg the life no doubt of a 70 year old man with bad knees.


Thank gosh we live in Canada. We'll get Walby a new pair of knees for Christmas. He'll have to wait two and half years due to the surgical backlog to get them installed but at least he'll have them. :grinning: :+1:

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