What do you think guys....

What do you think guys? Will Saskatchewan drive one more nail into the Lions' coffin? Will Saturday's newspaper headlines read: "Lions fail to gum the melon heads into submission!"

Durant! Dressler! Getzlaf! Gainer the Gopher! Unstoppable? Nope, not a chance. I'm expecting the boys in green to go into the dressing room at half-time with their heads hanging down mumbling, "They ain't the same team coach. They ain't the same team we've seen on the films. Thumpin's different. We can't put our finger on it but thumpin's different."

Will Friday night be the night the Lions finally own the opposition? McCallum has a great opportunity to stick it to not only the Roughies but also to the Saskatchewan fans who no doubt will be at the game. Remember the "load" some of the fans tried to drop on his driveway a few years back when he missed a key field goal? The story is they got the wrong driveway but it still made for an interesting story.

Former B.C. Lions, Jason Clermont, always the gentleman stuck it to the Lions in the over-time semi-final last year by catching the pass that allowed him to run it in for the winning TD thereby eliminating the Lions. Shame on Jason. Shame on him. We were that close to getting into the final last season. I'm sure Jason would not mind sticking it to his old teams just one more time. And to think we have a Lions's Clermont Jersey!

So much to prove, so little time. The Lions are 0-5. Yessiree, but the Roughies are 1-5 so unless you're playing baccarat that difference of one doesn't mean a whole lot. Though the Lions have met 5 of the 7 other CFL teams and have lost to each of them, the Lions were in every one of those games except for the Edmonton game.

They are the least penalized team in the CFL thus far, they are starting to run the ball more and making some decent yardage. They appear that close to cracking things open. Me thinks Friday is going to be their night and as the Roughies board the plane back to Regina they'll be asking themselves, "Uh..... what just happened 4 hours ago? It was suppose to be a gimme!"

We need to circle August 5, 2011 on our calenders as the date that marked the resurrection of the mighty orange and black!


"Beaglehound"..... BEAGLEHOUND! Wake up! You were having a dream...........Wake up.

This could be a game in which the Lions are not completely outcoached. Facing vs Greg Marshall who too 8 interviews to finally get a Head coach position and vs the incompetent Doug Berry at Offensive Coordinator it is possible that the LIons will finally have a good chance to win a game.

BC defense is a good matchup vs DURANT- Saskatchewan basically runs 1 of 4 plays--

They run deep corner routes to Dressler and Getzlaf about 50% of their offensive plays- Nothing fancy, just pure touch football deep corner routes--

Second play is Getzlaf on a 10 yard in route--

Third play is a Durant Scramble--

4th play is a Screen pass to Cates or Hughes--

Bc Defense plays a SOFT Deep Zone equivalent to a 3-3 touch football defense- IN which they drop into deep 3rds of the field-

The corner routes are low percentage passes for SASK and most teams in the CFL because it appears that the current group f CFL receivers in 2011 cannot catch- Quarterbacks have been deadly accurate on most teams and receivers have had balls hit them routinely in the hands and dropped the ball--

Defensively SASK has Jerrel Freeman a stud linebacker, Barron Simpson in the middle and James Patrick at safety- James Patrick will take away Lulays deep ball away from him. Sask has had trouble generating a pass rush this season.

This is a tough game to call, its a TOSS UP- if SASK improves the play calling and calls more than 2 pass plays, they can move the ball and score-

If Doug Berry calls the same basic plays with NO ROLL OUTS FOR DURANT like he did vs CALGARY, Sask will not win many games- Sask is as if not more predictable than Chapdelaine is- The opposing defenses only have to watch Dressler running a deep corner and Getzlaf running deep also-

This game will come down to the battle of the coaching staffs, and which staff can call a good game offensively with a mix of runs, short passes, intermediate passes-- Which ever team falls in love with the deep ball will LOSE the game-
Which ever team is BALANCED will probably win the game.


Good point about the screens. This season I've seen the Lions get burned time and again on that play. Why do you think that is? And why are the Lions not utilizing that play more frequently themselves? It's seems like a sure thing when trying to pick up necessary yardage on 2nd and whatever. I've seen Lulay scramble out of the pocket and spend forever looking for guys open down field and eventually end up throwing for an incomplete pass or have to throw it away into the stands. When they do the replay you'll see one or two players wide open forever just behind the guys blitzing.

One change I'd like to see Lulay make is to be more patient. You'd think he'd never heard the phrase, "march down the field" by picking up 5, 10 and 15 yard passes. It all adds up if he could only do this. So many times I've seen him go for 20 or 30 yards on 2nd and 5 only to see the team faced with 3rd and 5 the very next play. Is he calling his own play when that happens or taking instructions from the bench? Watch for it on Friday. I'm guessing they are going for 25 and 35 yards on 2nd and 5 because they think there is something to be exploited but it just isn't working from what I'm seeing. Two and out, two and out..... again and again.

You got my vote for post of the year for the classy baccarat reference.

As for the game? I think this one all falls on our defence - specifically the pass rush. Say what you want about our inability to tackle in the secondary, we just haven’t been getting enough consistent pressure on opposing QB’s.

I thank you YoEleven! You too have played the game I see. :smiley: Just the other day I was sitting down with my measly $15 on the banker patiently trying to claw back. This is 4 hours later! A guy plops himself down, buys in for $600, puts a $100 on the dragon bonus and $100 on the banker. Guess what? The banker won with a 3 card 7. [dragon bonus]. I didn't win, I didn't lose but he got $4000! The dragon bonus pays 40:1. I was happy of course for him...... but I must be honest...... I wasn't particular saddened when I saw the guy piddle it all away trying to make $1000 bets right after he'd won. If it were me I'd have walked and been ecstatic.

By the way..... in the end I didn't leave empty handed. Okay....back to the Lions. As far as the defense getting to the Saskatchewan QB is concerned? There is a rumor going around that our defensive line is particularly fond of watermelon and will very much be in the mood to harvest melon heads come Friday evening.

If ever the Lions have a chance to redeem themselves it will be this Friday evening. Matter of fact I just thought of a great promo for the Lions.

They could have served up a cool slice of watermelon to the first 10,000 fans who came through the gates at Empire Field. [no seeds of course]

the defense did have a bunch of rousing sacks last week. just that one lucky bomb for the td. they always hurt ya.
oh well, bat-a-rat sounds good too. can you play it behind the Esso.

That's "tether-cat" mystic!

As far as the sacks are concerned, yes sir....the Lions got a bunch of 'em but like one commentator said, " A game is often decided on 3 or 4 key plays." You can be matching play for play with the opposition and it just takes one stupid penalty or one missed assignment and the show is over. Remember what happened to Saskatchewan in the 2009 Grey cup? The 13th man! It went down to the last play of the game and the Roughies blew it. It took one mental lapse and it cost the Roughies a Grey Cup ring and the championship. For some of the players that may have been the only chance of ever winning a Grey Cup championship.

life the universe and football. it still looks to me that the Lions are putting out hard and you gotta think that not even the Lions can keep tripping over their tails every week. I'm going with the odds which if you know anything about backarat are now in our favor.

I'm picking the Lions to get off the schneide this week.