What do you think guys?

I love the Cats and always will...but that doesn't mean I can't be mad at them every now and then. We looked like clowns last night. And like we couldn't make ourselves look bad on our own, the refs had to help out with what was probably the worst blown call since they shafted the Stamps on the on-side kick in BC. But Suitor did a great job of making Yeast look like a heal on that interception. True, I can't figure out why Yeast didn't put his hands up, but maybe if McManus threw the ball at the recievers, they wouldn't have to always run back to the ball, or run faster to the ball, or jump higher to the ball or whatever cop-out Glen McManus had for Danny. Come on Suitor, recievers can only run the wrong route so many times before you have to start thinking someone else isn't doing their job to get the ball there. I'm not putting it all on McManus. I don't like him, but that was an all around bad game for the whole team.

Ya I agree, people have to stop diverting the blame from Mcmanus and start giving him the brunt of it. You guys need a new QB, your ofeence is probly the worst in the league. I know you can not always blame that on the QB, but you have to be realistic to. If Hamilton had a good QB they would probably be much better. He is not like Damon Allen, Allen is athletic and can move the pocket, Danny looks out of shape, and just plain old.

I don’t get how football analysts can be so dense sometimes, I saw a possible explanation for the so called “lack of effort” that suitor had to jump all over.

There was another Ti-Cat player about 5 yards ahead of Yeast near the end zone. When Yeast turned around, he couldn’t see that player, and when the QB throws a ball that far over your head, in a pro league, you’d tend to think it was intentional.

I’ve seen it time and time again when 2 routes cross eachother, and the ball is going to the back reciever, the front one will not go for it, so not to interfere with the pass.

It makes sense that Yeast, knowing a teammate was “somewhere” behind him believed that the ball, that was grossly overthrown, was not intended for him, and didn’t want to deflect the ball.

Maybe Yeast should have known where his teammate was a little better, but I think that play was all Danny Mac, and Yeasts effort was moot.

this is just a thought, but maybe you could trade Troy Davis to the Argos for the Rights to Eric Crouch. :lol:

On that play where Yeast let it go past him and the ball got intercepted, it looked to me like he thought there was another reciever behind him who was the intended target..

I think it was just 2 plays before that one where Yeast let it go past him and right into the arms of another cat. I remember thinking how smart he was to know that other guy was there.

Anyway, just a thought. I don't blame Yeast just because Suitor tells me to.

Does anyone think that maybe the boys just aren't playing for McManus? I know, their pros yadda yadda yadda, but it wouldn't be the first time something like that has happened. This is a good team. I can't figure out why they aren't clicking?

No. They're not playing for the fans. No heart, no desire. They stink. Nothing else you can really say.

You think so?

The million dollar question, what do we have to do to turn it around?

Get rid of Mcmanus and/or Lancaster. Because one thing will lead to another :wink: I mean Mcmanus did look good against B.C. I was impressed with his play but then on there last drive he threw an interception. We need a Q.B. thats not gonna forgive to pressure like he did against B.C. last nite. other then that our team looked really good against B.C. If we had Barrenechea in the middle I think we prolly wouldve won. It wouldve been a lot closer anyways. To bad he was injured.

I thought u guys played good last night , ur improving.BC is a good team

I agree i dont think DM is your problem, its your receivers for sure, DM played very well last night, good enough to beat BC , but his receivers let him down, way too many dropped passes and stupid penalties, they seem like they don't care, play like their always tired, i find them to play very lazy, some won't even turn around to catch the ball if a hit is coming ( brazzel ) you should always expect to get the pass, breaking routes off early, not going full speed. If DM had a group of good receivers around him im sure he would be one of the top qb's in the league.

yeah, there were alot of dropped passes last night. I was expectin the Tc's to win, but i think a lack of confidence (mainly in the recievers), have managed to push the team farther down then they already were. All that can be hoped is a better season than 2003.

There isn't anything to worry about yet. It's only week 5. Tons of time to turn it round. Plus, the East is looking like a pretty easy division to get out of if you can just finish a game or two over .500

Not to disapoint ya Yeast, but I would stop looking for all those wins right about now and be praying that its not another 1-17 season for the Cats.

They looked last year like they turned it around, and for some reason or another they just aren't playing at all.

Maybe its a conspiracy to get Danny Mac out and maybe not, we shall see when Jones takes the helm in a couple of games.