What Do You Think About Kevin Glenn?

In my opinion Kevin Glenn is a good QB. He finds his targets and his arm is amazing at times. He's showed us that he can be consistent, but the question is can he be like that when it comes playoff time?

first of all we have to make the playoffs.....secondly...just my thoughts.....I think Glenn is starting to show the confidence he needs to QB. this club....Michna has put a little pressure on him.. which is a good thing....and also alot of pressure has been taken off of him knowing he has an adequate guy backing him up if need be....so all in all this is giving this team a big lift... and who knows where we could end up with the solid unit we now have...looking better all the time... :arrow:

Glenn, has silenced his naysayers with these last two games, he is really starting to click with his receivers now, especially Brazzell and Colon and Stokes is dangerous anytime he gets the ball, 300 - 400 yards a game with 3 TDs is going to be common plcae for him with this group of receivers.

First there was the birth of Jesus, then he was nailed to the to the cross for all the Riders sins, and then the the lord gave us Glenn who is growing stronger each game, but the Brazzell trade, gave us the double threat,and the return of Colon only enhanced our offence, still there will be bumps in the road to the promise land, but the waqon is in great shape...GO BOMBERS

Kevin is the real deal. I always liked this guy and I'm super happy that he is playing well and showing promise. KEEP IT UP GLENN! The Bombers will keep this up and I for damn sure know it!

I was happy to see Glenn play last year already, he showed how much he wanted to win and play. But when this season started there was nothing out of him, he seemed laid back and quiet. But now that he's becoming more exited and psyched I see great things for the passing game. The only thing that Glenn needs to worry about is that "Khari Jones" like passing when the pass should be arc'd over the defensive backs and he throws them low and straight, that's where the defense can really easily get some turnovers.

I'm sure we won't need to worry about Glenn throwing alot of turnovers. By the way he is playing, if he throws one Interception in a game... Oh well. I'd take almost 400 yards and 3 TD's with one or a couple of turnovers any day. Even, better if we get the win like we did last night. Keep it up Glenn!