What do you think about Geroy's guarantee of a win

I think hes right they are not going to let what happened to the last time happen at home.

I like his statement because he is right!!!

.......i think it's arrogant.........even if you can prove you can do it it's arrogant.......

Like a stampeder has never made that type of comment. Oh well doesn't matter cause he was right .

....gee, I do not recall a stampeder making that kind of claim, please enlighten me.......

i believe it was the 2nd game of the back to back labour day game in Edmonton. One of the stamps made the comment in the Sun. but gee didnt you lose.

..name please.........if you are going to make that kind of claim I'll need a name.......

i believe it was copeland

.......thank you, I will suitably smack him upside the head the next time i see him.......guarenteed wins are dangerous things to toss about.....

I can understand why they say it though

Usually that's something you'd expect someone from the Riders to say . This is the first time I've ever heard of it from one of the Lions . But in light of the crap treatment they were shown by the classless bombers and their equally classeless fans 2 weeks ago when they were down , i could see that he would be very fired up knowing they were back on track and ready for bigtime payback. Geroy is a class guy ,but the circumstances were very unusal this time. And he backed it up too.

pennw, u keep going on about classless fans in the 'peg. at least i can go to a game there w/o getting beer poured on my head!!! there r idiots in every stadium. i've been to 5 stadiums in the cfl and bc showed the least amount of repsect for a visiting fan!!! i got 3 beers poured on my head for cheering for the bombers and 1 sprite. that's 4 idiots in bc place within a 10 seat radius of me! u don't hear me "crying" about ur fans, so quit the bullshi* 'bout classless wpg fans or i'll sick Kanga on u!!! lol

u won, u kicked our as*, enjoy it, becoz wen and if u lose in the play-offs, i'll be right there heaping it back on u!!!

BTW - i think Simon's prediction was cocky & arrogant, but as much as i don't like wot he said, it seems good players say that to pump themselves and their team up! ...... and good players back it up like he did last night, much to my displeasure!!!

I agree with you Shank , there are a lot of Bozos at BC Place too,as no doubt you would get anywhere. But throwing and dumping stuff on the players walking out underneath you is going to far just like that incident in hamilton when some fan spit on Brashear Livingstone or Rider fans nailing visting players with iceballs . There should be security at the end of the half and at the end of the game keeping morons from doing it.
As for Simon's prediction , the Bombers lit a fire under our guys last game. An article in the Province stated how after that game Frank Farrara bellowed to his team mates in the dressing room" We got these guys in two Weeks!" And they've rallied from there.
As they quoted Barrin Simpson before last nights game " I sure wouldn't want to be them playing us this week" .
So Shank .are you going to be at BC Place next game to cheer on the Lions vs the Riders? ( If you do ,maybe leave your "BC Sucks" sign at home and you'll have a better time)

sorry pennw, i only venture off the rock (victoria) to go to bc place for the bombers! it's unfortuante about those buttheads in wpg, but every city has them. after the grey cup years ago in the 'peg wen some morons were pelting argo players w snowballs (totally classless), they did beef up security, but u can't get all the morons. ...... and after the game, those morons don't care about security becasue all they do is escort them out of the stadium. charge a fan or 2 and i'm sure u'll see things clean-up a bit!

Shank868, I hope you notified the BC Place staff. I hate crap like that. I don't care what "colours" you wear, that stuff shoudn't happen.

I noticed in the newspaper that BC Place wants to crack down on that stuff. You can even phone security on your cell phone now.

Funny thing is, it’s usually the endzone fans that are idiots. I sat in section 9 at BCP for years in the 80s…we had fun, got wasted, but rarely was there anything even remotely resembling a fight. Now, I sit on the 30, right behind the Leos bench, and I couldn’t find a better group of people to sit with. Not once in 3 years in those seats have I seen anything happen…but those endzone seats…

People may think that Geroy's guaranteed win is arrogant but at least he was right unlike Gavin Walls guaranteed win . That's right he also guaranteed the Bombers were going to win!
So what do you all think about Walls guarantee ? Is he arrogant too or just stupid? Or both?

I was at the game on saturday and all I can say was that it was sooooo great to get even with the Blue Bombers!!!!! I sure hope we can return the favor to the Eskimos and the Roughriders. Just imagine if the Lions end the regular season 14-4-0!!!!!!

I guess the Lions are going to be playing the rubber match with both the Esks and Riders. Hopefully it will be payback for their 4 game losing streak.