What do you see Simoni Lawrence doing here TiCat fans?


I just see a page of garbled data. Is that what one calls irony? :slight_smile:

Actually that probably means you don’t have a twitter account. ???

I hope you’re a Ticats fan and not a Calgary fan joining the forum to troll us, which is a violation of forum rules.

I see a Calgary player flipping Simoni by his neck. Which should have been a penalty for Calgary…but probably was not.

What I see is Simoni twisting out of the vice grip of the running back’s legs.

A Ti-cat fan wouldn’t have posted this.

What I see is a Calgary player attempting to put Simoni’s head in a leg scissor.

WWE move, hopefully they shoot him a fine. Thanks for sharing!!

Well just looking at the video regardless of who posted it, it’s not the greatest thing to see someone do and I am a huge ticat and Simoni fan.

Did people start watching football last week? There isn’t a linebacker alive who doesn’t do this sort of thing.

What a shock! Bad things happen in a football pileup. What next? - actual tackling? :o

I see the Calgary player locking down on Lawrence. Why would the Calgary put more pressure on his own ankle if it was being hurt by Lawrence?

All I said is it’s not the greatest thing to see haha I know everyone does it but just looking at that clip itself it looks bad.

I don’t want a linebacker on my team who doesn’t do this sort.

what sort of thing is that again?

The Simoni sort of thing. The do just about anything to get a mental, physical edge on an opponent so my team can win sort of thing.

Is it dirty, yes. Does stuff like this happen in every scrum, yes. Not an issue.

Agreed , incredibly dirty of the Stampeder player to put a leg lock on Simoni’s head . Hopefully he gets a fine out of the deal for trying to deliberately hurt Lawrence .

Oh and as for the OP that started this thread ? Nice hit and run there buddy on yer first and probably only post on this forum or any other CFL forum for that matter . You may have noticed that he has not responded since starting this thread .

Three words for ya pal…GET LOST TROLL !!!

I don’t think either player had any malicious intentions. For some reason some people just like to read the worst into a persons actions.

That’s the way I see it too.