What do you remember most from your first game?

Sitting behind the Ticats bench 4 rows up and cheering for the Al's..........it was the '70's and I was misguided......I came to my senses mid '70's to like the Cats.....under an ultamatem from my Mom.


Cigar smoke and these big guys in all yellow (gold)uniforms whacking the heck out of each other and people screaming at these guys. I forget what the other team looked like. A long time ago.

I was about 8 and me and my dad went down on labor day 2003 and the cats lost but i remember every one screming lets go danny mac and the cat lost. But it didn’t matter to me

I went to my 1st football game in 1958 as a young boy.All I can remember is a clash of colours crashing in violent colliding collisions.I loved it and dreamed about it all that night.From that day forward I lived and died on the fortunes of the cats and decided I know longer want to be a cowboy but a football player.Which I did until the age of 30 when I shattered my ankle and decided it was time to get a job!

My first game was in 1957, and I don't remember much about it except that the Tiger Cats won. It cost me 35 cents for my seat in the West End Zone, with the box top from some kind of crackers. The Cats went on to win the Grey Cup quite easily over Winnipeg that year. The first game I remember really well was in 1960, I think. It was Vince Scott Day, and the Tiger Cats lost 9 - 7 to Ottawa. It was the first loss I had been to, and I remember thinking that it wasn't right that they should lose on Vince Scott Day.

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First game was in 1971 if memory serves.

I used to see my friend's uncle (who lived with them)walk down the street all decked out in his Tiger-Cat fan gear, complete with hard-hat, on his way to catch the bus to the games......he got some free tickets to a game once and took 3-4 of us kids.....(we were all about 12-13 years old). His season's tickets were in the north stands around centre field. All I remember was that everything seemed a bit surreal, bigger than life, colourful and noisy......kind of magical

After that, We were hooked......but us kids had to ride our bikes all the way from Stoney Creek to buy our $2.00 bleacher creature tickets from the centre mall for the rest of the games we attended. We used to stop after games for a pizza at Viscas on Barton because they served alcohol too.....and never asked for ID :wink:

Anyone remember the Deluxe Cleaners/Ticats plastic mini-footballs?......the founder of The Attic Pizza in Stoney Creek, Mike Vjajkov was the owner of Deluxe Cleaners at that time if I recall correctly. (R.I.P Mike)

Also, anyone remember the Ticats security/stadium attendants people and the uniforms they used to wear?......with the "police style" caps......I wonder if anyone has any photos of that kind of stuff ?

That player would have been Hamilton's own Mike Walker who passed away last year.

I certainly don't remember my first few games, at 2 and 3 yrs. old I sat on my mom's lap. But my earliest memory of awe and excitment was seeing Garney Henley chase a guy down from behind and shoestring him at the 5 yrd. line to save the touchdown. My mother was so proud of Garney's heart she talked about it all week. I also remember some fans calling Leo Cahill "pigface", and got a laugh out of seeing his face behind the Argo's bench.

My first game for which team?

Hamilton Flying Wildcats? That would have been during the 1942 season.
Memories...Seeing Joe Krol do it all, passing, running, punting, kicking field goals....Seeing playing coach Frank Gnup making his crushing tackles from his DB position.

Hamilton Tigers? During the 1945 season when the Big Four resumed action after the War.
Memories....A very poor team, achieving nothing, leading to they and the Wildcats switching leagues prior to the 1948 season.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats? That would have been opening day, Labour Day weekend, 1950.
Memories..That was the day we got to see our new coach, Carl Voyles, and these new guys Ralph Sazio, John Barrow, Vince Mazza, and others. The start of all the good times!


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Thanks Wilf!

I didn't remember that John Barrow was a Ticat in 1950.I certainly remember Carl Voyles, Mazza, Scott, Bevan, et al; but not Barrow on the original 1950 team.
I think Barrow began his Ticat career in 1957 and helped the team win a Grey Cup that season.

Spike, you're absolutely right. I had a 'senior moment'. Barrow didn't come here until 1957.

Note that while Scott and Bevan were on the 1950 team, they didn't start then. Both had been with the Wildcats before Voyles came up.

I recall winning tickets from CKOC to a game against Ottawa in 1977, I think. I remember getting binoculars for my birthday, which I brought to the game. My favourite players at the time were Lawrie Skolrod and Gabriel.

My memory of my first game was ....it was the first time I smelled weed!!my brothers girlfriend was trying to sheild from it.GOODTIMES!!!