What do you remember most from your first game?

What is your biggest memory from your first Ticats game?


The mascot! LOL


I was about 4-5 years old and I remember that they were playing the Blue team. At one point the Tiger, who I had my eyes on the entire game, tied a Blue Team dummy to a bike and dragged it around the end zone.

I was hooked! LOL

I have to thank my parents for raising me right.

I was also about 4 or 5 years of age and my father took me to the players bench before and after the game.

One of my cousins was the starting fullback for Hamilton.

My first game was against Winnipeg and my Dad took my brother and I.

We sat in section 9 up near the back and there were these two guys who must have been hammered, chanting "BREAK HIS SPINE" every time there was a decent tackle.

It was pretty funny stuff and I was hooked right away... although I believe the Cats lost the game.


I don't remember what year it was... somewhere in the early 70's. The @#&%'s were in town and me and my buddies got tickets in the East endzone... with all the @#&% fans. Well... Ticats played horrible in the 1st half and were down by a substantial amount. The @#&% fans were really giving us the gears... mocking the sacred "Oskie-wee-wee" cheer et all. Cats came back in the 2nd half and smoked them! It was fun mocking the very quiet buses of @#&% fans as they skulked out of town!

You want me to remember something from 43 years ago? Aarrggghhh… I can’t even remember what… what were we talking about again?

I can't remember the year but I got to meet Vince Scott

Cheaper beer.

The smells, the sounds and the distinct butt kicking by the Cats to who else, the Argos.

I was about 5 or 6 All I can remenber is sitting in section 7 and watching Tom Clemens scrambling for his life.

I also went to the Black and Glod game the next year and Got Deiter "Deiter the Argo Beater" Brock's autograph. He was the only one who signed in Red pen.

Also remember standing next to Miles Gorell for a picture too. I was about as tall as his knee.

My first game was somewhere around '66 or '67 I think, against Calgary.
What I remember most was sitting in those rickety portable grandstands they used to put up on the track on the south side. Good seats to see the game close-up, though. There was a Canadian Tire guy with a sack full of little yellow and black footballs that he threw into the crowd. I remember chasing after one that fell through the grandstand, and scrambling around under the seats to get it.
The Cats won that night and I wrote the score and date on the little football to always remember my first Ti-Cats game. I still have it somewhere in storage.

Hey Ticat1991 - I'm from 'out on Vancouver Island' too. Long long way from Ivor Wynne. I'm hoping to get to Vancouver in September when the Cats play there.

I was 12 at my first game. What I remember most was the atmosphere. The warm sun on the northside bleachers, the smell of the hotdogs, the excitement of the crowd, the oskee wee wee. I remember seeing the field for the first time in person. I was in awe; couldn't believe I was actually there. Watching the teams warm up was one of the things I used to love; getting there early and watching the warm-ups was part of the experience for me. Oh, and I can't forget the old tiger in the endzone. It was just all the things that you can't get from t.v. that I remember, win or lose.

Unfortunately, I don't see this much anymore because I live a long way from Hamilton now. I wonder if Bob would move the team to Ottawa? :lol: Kidding! Don't hang me just yet.

TC pile-driving a blue team dummy;
TC running over a Ref on his ATV;
Somebody yelling "Way to use the boards" after Zambiasi drove a blue team guy head-first into the wall;
Labour Day when Lee Knight and the boys beat Dunnigan and Ishmail 48-24;
Going to a game with my grandparents (both blue team fans) and making them stay until the end of the game as the Ti-Cats were winning by about 50 points...

Sounds abit sadistic Sigpig. I like it!


I remember the Bobby McDonald benefit game at Civic Stadium.Joe Krol was a punter for the all stars.Bobbie was a TiCat who developed polio and the game was held to ease his financial burden.
I think my second game was the second half of the Als-Cats home and home after the Montreal mega blowout.The first game was something like 92-12.The Cats came back in the second game scoring 50 plus points against Sam the Rifle and Prince Hal.There was a rumour that the Cats had enjoyed the night life in Montreal before the worst loss in TiCat history.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

My first game was when I was about 10. Probably the 78 season.

This was when Frank Kush was coaching. Just after the Saskatchewan game when Hosea gave a one two combination to Patterson( remember that!!) so I remember the stadium being sold out, with signs saying Hosea, KUSH`S Army wants you!!!.

Great atmosphere, can`t remember who won, but after that I was hooked and kept going to all the games since.

thinking back about 46 yrs, mostly I just remember hot chocolate, a blanket, the end zone, and not having a clue what was going on on the field.

I remember all off the above too Pat. I attended most of the games in those days with Mike Lynch who remained a good friend until his passing. I think you too were related.
Mike lived on Prospect St. S., making it a cinch for the two of us to sneak into games.

Bobby McDonald's story was a real tragedy. A great Canadian kid with all that potential stricken with polio. I remember him and those wonderful days like they were yesterday. Actually, its "yesterday" that I now have difficulty remembering.


1974, the last play of the game, the score is 12-12. Winnipeg punt the ball into the end zone, it is kicked out by Hamilton but not out of bounds, Winnipeg run it back for a TD. I remember the Hamilton player who kicked the ball out of the end zone, sitting with his head buried in his hands