What do you make of this?

Bengals Apparently Unhappy With Super Bowl Halftime Show Incident (msn.com)

should he have gone to the locker room, or should it be ok that he stayed out?

I would release him pronto. Or trade him to Jax

No question he should have been in the locker room. He plays on a team. Idiot. Not sure how the coaches could have allowed it or missed it.

He is a kicker, they are strange loner ducks by nature. can also understand the uproar. he is on a "team" and the team takes president. You know also if the QB would have done it pandemonium would have happened. Doubt they will trade him though. But, they might cut off his non-kicking leg.

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Had they won, this would be a non-story, so this smells mostly of sour grapes.

To Rider's point, if not a kicker or punter, I would see it differently.

But if his rapport with his teammates was not good before this, well he should not have done it if he knew some would be upset by this matter.

I figure some of those with their longer knives out now didn't like him anyway, so this was their reason to draw them.

In 2004 or 2005 the Riders were playing the TiCats at Ivor Wynne Stadium. In those days Bob Young had set up an internet cafe underneath the east endzone stands adjacent to the visitor locker room. It was a good spot for a field field level view of the game as the wall facing the field was open and the internet cafe and adjacent hot dog stand were only separated by a baracade from the area beyond the east end zone.

All that to say, on this particular game at half time, kicker Paul McCallum was sitting on a picnic table outside the visitors locker room leaning back, arms wide, legs sprawled out in full uniform, sipping on a can of coke while the rest of the riders schemed away in the locker room.

I guess kickers and maybe the long snapper can get away with it..