What do you make of Calvillo sitting out the last game?

I think his sternum is still bothering him when he throws.

He must be hurt. Not neccessarily the sternum but he is injured. Tressman does not, and never has, rested his starters. He has been faulted in previous seasons for playing Calvillo late in blow out games. If he's not playing something is wrong with him.

Trestman has opted not to start Calvillo in the final game of the season in each of the past two years. You, sir, are full of crap.

Given the fact that they're playing a team that they could be playing in the final (did I just say that? [knock wood]), I'm not surprised that he's sitting. It would be to the Argos advantage to target him to try to knock him out for the duration. And Belli is back from his injury. :x

So don't give them the opportunity. Simple.

The point of this pool is? Let's get things straight here. If AC would of played 18 games he would of thrown over 6000 yards and over 40td's (projected) He missed 3 and 1/2 games and was still able to throw almost 5000 yards and over 30 td's. Why are other teams fans so fascinated about talking crap about AC?

Well said mike. I'd be sitting AC in this one if I was a coach. If it mean't something to the Boatmen, AC doesnt sit.

The beauty of the CFL isn't that it's some big pool with so much money on the line like the NFL where who cares about your favourite team, it's just about some stupid money pool. Garbage. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: No wonder freebies were plentiful at the Bills game in Toronto, peope know the NFL is about gambling. It's an inferior game to the Canadian game.

He threw for 400 yards last week, do you think his sternum is still hurting. Get a life and worry about you own teams. 38 years old and may win his 3rd MOP player in a row, yes AC is slowing down.

Yeah, I seem to recall Trestman resting AC against Edmonton a couple years ago.

ask Milt Stegall, it's really all about a GC ring when you get down to it. CFL guys arent' going to be retiring big millionaires, the ring is HUGE. Other leagues, sure the ring is big but when you can retire a huge millionaire, hmmm, not quite the same thing I'd say. Dan Marino is doing quite ok I'd say.

You're right. Marcus Brady played the final game of the 2008 season against the Esks. Last season McPherson started and Leak got some time as well against the Argos.

I dont know why he is resting Calvillo already. that means he will be almost a month without seeing the field (exept for practice). Im not sure thats a very good idea.

It worked last season.

It was last game of last season he sat Calvillo. Trestman does have a history of not resting his starters, however he started to change history last year which I had forgotten about. :oops: Do I feel foolish.