What do you love the most about Hamilton Tiger-Cats?

Hi guys, I'm working on a school project and I would love to get your thoughts on what you love the most about Hamilton Tiger-Cats and what brings you out to see them play. Is it the excitement of the game itself, the community, the fan base, the affinity with the players, or something entirely different? Any comments would be much appreciated!

I love watching football and I love the environment in the stadium but the one thing unique for me to being a fan of the Ti-Cats is that it is 'Hamilton's team' and how the community rallies behind them. In a sense to much of the country the Ti-Cats are Hamilton.

All the other teams I am fans of in all the other major sports in North America (Leafs, Raptors, TFC, Jays and Bills) I really like them - but now that I have moved from Toronto back home to Hamilton - they no longer are MY community's team the way I can say about the Cats.

What do I love most about the Hamilton Tiger Cats? easy.....
They're not the Argos!!!!!

Being born and raised in Hamilton, I clearly love the fact that it's our team (and brings all of Hamilton together). But in addition, football is my favourite sport and enjoy the game with family and friends. But considering it's our major sports team - that's what I love most. It's ours. All the best on your school project.

When I moved to Hamilton about 16 years ago, I was offered tickets to a game by my then employer. They were corporate sponsors at the time.

I walked up the stairs into the South side stands at Ivor Wynne and saw the crowd, heard the voices, something stirred in me.

It wasn't the size of the crowd, I had been to baseball games with 40 or 50 thousand people before. It was the vibe from that crowd. I was home. Silly as it sounds, it was in that moment that Hamilton became home and the Ti-Cats my team.

This team represents my city.

This in an interesting thread. :thup:

The above "highlighted quote" is what many who go to the game with my tickets come back and say to me. They in turn buy Ticat swag and even if they don't get back to a game for some time (because of the distance travelled), they seem to always resonate a "Ticat friendship/fan loyalty".

The game day experience is what newcomers to the game remember and hopefully we keep them as fans and grow "Our Game". It's absolutely amassing how many people say the same thing..."I didn't know it was like that being at a game live". Many have been blasted with the "NFL" stuff. :roll:

Take/bring friends and particularly young people to the games...let them experience the sights and sounds. If they enjoy it...they will keep those memories for life.

Just remember..."you only have one shot at a first impression"...And that is the one that will be foremost and lasting. :wink:

The fact that the TiCats represent the anti-establishment of big city Toronto is a huge lure for me as well as Canadian football at the highest level in such a great sort of "small town" atmosphere is fantastic.

For many years, sitting at an old historic stadium, viewing the steel mils in the distance, being able to cheer on my team in my city . To learn and love the game while watching some of the best; Henley, Barrow, Mosca, Krouse. All this while listening to Perc and Vince on my pocket radio.

This is how my love and passion for the Hamilton Tiger Cats began and why it continues. New names and faces have come and gone, but the history, tradition and memories carry on.

It’s been my team for over 30 years and will always be MY TEAM.

I am here because I have followed the career of Zach Collaros since he was in 7th grade, but I have fallen in love with CFL football and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The smaller size league makes it easier to follow, the less pecunious paychecks (than the NFL) results in players who are unspoiled, and the wide open rules produce a more enjoyable flow to the game.

Although I began with a two-year allegiance to your hated rivals, IMO, the Hamilton organization exudes a class that the "Double Blue" has yet to emulate. From the Caretaker on down, the organization is run in a professional manner. Coach Austin is a master team builder who is unafraid to make whatever changes are necessary to build a proficient team. The ownership seems to support his decisions and can also be complimented for winning the long battle to build a first-class stadium.

I can hardly wait until June!

All of the above, and also because of the history of the team and how ingrained it's been into the culture of our city, our air force, our league and our nation. Hard nose steeltown football in a hard nose to the grindstone town.