what do you like

what topics would most interest you.
what topics would most likely get you posting more

we seem to be on the decline again.

July 2018- 3,786

June 2018 - 8,281

May 2018 - 5,431

April 2018 - 3,108

March 2018 - 3,062

February 2018 - 4,496

we hit a recent low in march.
a little bit more in april
notably more in may
same for june

now we on track to go down to 6900.

I wonder what it would take to see us average about 7500 a month.

sure we used to do at least that last decade.

Can't tell you..it's forbidden now

dawg is right. If a certain subject matter was still allowed can you imagine how many posts there would be the last month with the political scandals and events both at home and abroad. [underlined part edited for political content]

I don't see any reason topics like those would cause a spike in posts. Oops I misspoke I meant I don't see any reason those wouldn't cause a spike in posts. lol

Back on topic - I suspect part of it is summer slow posting season - since many of us are much more active away from our laptops at this time of year.

Maybe a posting pretty pictures thread would get some action?

The off-topic forum is what made this whole site unique. Now it is rather mundane, I mean, how much CFL can anyone talk. There is a limit, unless it is about expansion and then it goes on forever. A new thread has recently been opened about expansion. How many is that now ?

We better keep it the way it is, we certainly don't want anyone to get offended now, do we ? Bunch of ...........

I believe the off-topics forum was deemed verboten due to potential liability issues. This is still a CFL web site - and CFL fans ramming Trump or talking about Trudeau, Harper, Payload Ford, etc. might be deemed contentious!!

If there's another reason - amuse me!

Contentious is what it's all about. Don't posters argue with each other about football topics ? Aren't some of those contentious ?
Nah, it's easier and safer to ostrich from real life than it is to face it.

Oh yeah, who gets to decide what is contentious and what isn't ? Is there a class that teaches this talent ?... They are worried that someone will be offended, that's all. We live in a world where everyone is right all the time. I'm stating that can't work.

I am not going to request anything more in the way of forums since they already added entertainment to this forum at my request/suggestion.

However, the ideal compromise for me would be a forum where almost any topic is allowed that is not about politics, religion, or sexual orientation. If possible, I think being able to ban violators from just that forum instead of the whole site would work well.

I often think of starting topics that I don’t expect would be very contentious, then I remember…
Sometimes I take a chance, sometimes it doesn’t work.

I have tried to start many topics re sports and entertainment and most of them don’t take.

My reply was in jest and a bit of humor...

Pat just reinforced the need to have it forbidden...

I agree with FYB just keep those 3 subjects out and have at it

Fine with not discussing politics and religion because as Dan said some people are too sensitive about having the choices they make in those areas (no matter how bad - lol) discussed.

But sexual orientation? Discussion of it banned for what reason exactly?

When CFL players finally feel comfortable coming out of the closet (yes there are closeted gay players in the CFL) you guys don’t want people to talk about it? The fact that those players still feel the need to remain publicly closeted tells you everything you need to know about why it should be discussed.

That some people still have that attitude explains EXACTLY why the CFL, NHL, MLS, MLB, NBA and the Canadian Olympic Association partner with You Can Play to battle against those attitudes.


If you’re looking for signs the mainstream sports world had made progress on LGBT inclusion, the You Can Play contingent at last Sunday’s Pride parade displayed it. The sport advocacy group brought together reps from the CFL, MLSE and 170 members of the Canadian Olympic committee, which fielded roughly 30 marchers in its first Pride Parade in 2014. On the field in male-dominated major league pro sports, change is a little tougher to spot. No CFL team has fielded an openly gay player since Michael Sam’s brief stint three years ago, and there currently are no openly gay active players in the NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB.
The Canadian Olympic Committee says their Pride Week initiative aimed to lend both financial and symbolic support to LGBT inclusion in sport. CEO Chris Overholt said the COC’s Eaton Centre pop-up shop sold roughly 1,200 T-shirts, raising more than $15,000 for You Can Play. “It was an important stake in the ground for us,? Overholt said. “It’s not (only) about it being important to is. It’s the right thing to do, to provide leadership to the conversation so we can inspire others to be brave as well.?
And to get back to the 'What do you like' subject line. As somebody who was involved with organizing some of the early (smaller scale) Pride Night events with the Jays - I don't just like - I LOVE when i see how big the event got treated by the club this year. Even making it one of their giveaway nights giving away 20,000 rainbow logo hats. Proud to be a fan of organizations that step and do things like that.



I feel it should be all or nothing. This nitpicking of topics is what bothers me. If Pat can promote his agenda (I see what you did, Pat ;)) then why can't I promote what I want. Who decides what topics are not allowed ? All or nothing. Free speech like our country allows or is supposed to allow... We do not need hate speeches. That is just plain wrong in any sane person's mind.

Hey Dan. Yes because I’m gay it is a subject I have special interest in - more than most posters here I assume - lol. But I agree with you that discussions of those other topics should be allowed - but we’ve lost that battle.

But sexual orientation related issues? That is a topic that the CFL ITSELF and its member clubs have been very deliberately been making efforts to address - because they acknowledge the problem and very much understand the positive role they can play in addressing that problem.

That there was a request THAT topic be banned from discussion on the CFL board by at least two posters in this thread - a topic the league is actively and publicly trying to address. I ask again - Why?

Most don't care that your gay

Besides you and me, there are only 3 other posters here. I did not request that topic be banned so two out of the remaining three must be guilty. I didn't read all those Sherlock Holmes books for nothing, you know.... How do you know there are people not wanting to discuss it ? And, by talking about it not being discussed, we ARE discussing it !

How do I know? I can read.

...me, sully, guelphcatsfan, PTBO Dave and PrairieRouge...'The real Avengers' hasn't quite caught on yet but Marketing is still working on it...

...technically, the subject of sexual orientation is not verboten...it falls neither into the politics or religion sphere entirely, although it is frequently discussed in society through those lenses...it even loosely falls well within the scope of 'entertainment' I suppose....as long as it doesn't venture into breaking the rule of Objectionable Content (an actual forum rule, go look) then it could be possible it's a valid subject...

...the greater question I guess for the forum is 'do you really think it will end up well?'...I don't, but I've been wrong before...

Are you being snotty, Pat ?.. I honestly thought there was more secret squirrel stuff to it than just what Dawg and FYB said.

Censorship by five. I've heard of it before and 'it didn't really end up well' either. I guess I just don't like censorship.

I have to admit, some sexual orientation does fit under the title of Objectionable Content to me.

...it's a fair comment to say you don't like the current method of controlling discussion here Dan, but it is what it is...

I understand and obey... I appreciate the fact that at least I am allowed to not like it and say so. It's a step closer to freedom.

Snotty? Nope. Defensive - probably yes.

I tend to not let 'let's not allow talk about sexual orientation ' go unchallenged - when I know how dangerous that ends up being for some youth.

Especially as it relates to this particular forum - where we are in a board belonging to a league who have publicly acknowledged this very problem - that we need to talk about it so young athletes are able to be open and honest about who they are.

That keeping it hidden and quiet is wrong. The league is actively working with organizations to overcome this hush hush - don't want to hear about it keep it secret attitude.