What do you expect for the 2nd half of the season?

Well the Tiger-Cats are 2-7 in the first half of the season.

What do you expect the Cats' record to be in the 2nd half?

2 or Less they Play alot Good Teams the Rest of the Way .

Unfortunately for the Cats, they don’t play the Argos anymore so it’s gotta be 2 or less.

An Argo-Cat fan

BC @ Hamilton
Hamilton @ Edmonton
Winnipeg @ Hamilton
Hamilton @ BC
Montreal @ Hamilton
Hamilton @ Montreal
Hamilton @ Saskatchewan
Calgary @ Hamilton
Hamilton @ Winnipeg


BC @ Hamilton - Loss
Hamilton @ Edmonton - Loss
Winnipeg @ Hamilton - Win
Hamilton @ BC - Loss
Montreal @ Hamilton -Loss
Hamilton @ Montreal - Loss
Hamilton @ Saskatchewan - Loss
Calgary @ Hamilton -Loss
Hamilton @ Winnipeg - Loss

I have nothing to be optimistic about.

I see 1 win...maybe

The optimism I have is based on our close losses( like last night ). This team is not great but better than they've shown, so I'll say 3 wins out of their remaining 9 games. And yes, I think 3 wins is being optimistic.

BC @ Hamilton LOSS
Hamilton @ Edmonton LOSS
Winnipeg @ Hamilton Win
Hamilton @ BC LOSS
Montreal @ Hamilton LOSS
Hamilton @ Montreal LOSS
Hamilton @ Saskatchewan LOSS
Calgary @ Hamilton LOSS
Hamilton @ Winnipeg Win

we are a team going nowhere fast!

5-13 at best with this head coach and staff. Likely we will wind up 4-14. The defence simply gives up too many big plays and the receiving corps as a whole is underwhelming.

If major coaching changes are made, I reserve the right to revise my prediction upward. I do not think it would be enough to get us in the playoffs, however.

Oski Wee Wee,

One maybe two wins.

All we have to do is win more games than BC and Winnipeg and the playoffs are a lock!