What do you expect against Calgary?

I expect a close Hamilton win.

cold beer

Well if they play better than they did in Calgary, jamie, kick some field goals!!!

According to some reports, jamie ain't kicking this game.

Marty York, CapitalTD?

Must be since the depth chart shows him as starting kicker. Of course that's subject to change...

Since I still feel he were destroyed last game against them, it was only close because of 2 flukey t.d's, one a fumble by soemone who never ever fumbles, and the second because Burris waited too long to throw it, I expect us to lose a close game, and there is nothing wrong with that, Calgary has an outstanding team.

[url=http://www.900chml.com/station/ticats_microsite.cfm?hdl=43000]http://www.900chml.com/station/ticats_m ... ?hdl=43000[/url]

Maybe the team should update the depth chart? Thanks for posting the link sigpig.

You're welcome, Mike. They could have him listed on the "active" roster, but be one of the 4 non-playing "active" players.

A great day for football at IVS, cold beer, a rocking band during warm-up, War plane fly by during the anthemn, scoring big points with the girlfriend bringing her brother along, seeing all the great people in my section again, great concession service during half time and oh ya...

Total Tiger Cat Domination!

Oskie Wee Wee

I hope the Cats win, that's always my hope when I go to the games. I find it funny though that the most likely outcome has the fewest votes.

Are we homers or dreamers here?

I'm a realist, I chose close Calgary win. And maybe by saying that the reverse will happen to prove me wrong.

Drexl , an interception return for a td is a not a fluke in any football game . The game changed when we changed corners and got Lewis under control . They only scored I think 7 points in the second half and it was on 2 field goals and a single .

last season we had a Danny Mac pass picked off that was thrown from our endzone . His arm was hit and the ball floated out and was returned for a short run to our end zone . I believe that was the difference in the game . Was that a fluke td as well ??

i expect a monster game from our offence , not because of Lancaster but just because we`re due !!!!!!!

which is more likely to happen, cold beer at IW or a Ti-cat win? Too close to call ... :?

Seems to me most are "Flanderses" or "Barneys"....

just win......nothing else matters right now

We are blowing away Calgary to-night . 8)

It will be close but will win…
Where Due…