What do you do?

We won the Semi. Not in convincing fashion, but we won. The defence was huge, and the special teams chipped in. That leaves the offence. Nichols can't move the ball, and he's 0-2 against Calgary this season. But looking at Reilly tonight, he's far from being healthy. So what do we do? Hope Nichols improves (LOL)? Try Pat White (he's only on the 1-game injured list)? Give Goltz the first team reps? Or gamble with Reilly?

Once Riders figured out that Nichols was not going to run with the ball he was not effective. I think Reilly will be fine with another week to go. Defence was huge, if the D plays the same next week, I think the Eskimo’s will be fine.

And that's one thing I don't like about Nichols. He makes us one-dimensional because everyone knows he isn't going to run.

Simple answer Chief.
Better and more effective play calling and execution is needed on the offense for the passing game.
This goes back to your concerns with MaCadoo and his inability to make the correct adjustments to take advantage of the match ups that are available.

Well he can't throw either all he can do is hand off the ball to be the RB . I can do that . If Reilly hasn't shown a lot of improvement I go with White a Goltz white gives you the option to Run and Goltz is just a better option then Nichols.
Nichols can hold the towels as the guys go into the shower after the game.

No way, our offence is fine our only losses were with our back up. How can you say execution is needed on offence for the passing game when we have the leading receiver in the league and by a large margin. We do need a good back up QB but their is only so much money to go around.

Let's speculate about what to do after Wednesday or Thursday when we know what Reilly has been doing in practice and how he has progressed through his injury (likely broken foot). A broken foot can heal within 2 weeks of injury at the earliest, which i'll admit would be lucky and not quite the case for Reilly. So it'll be 3 weeks by the time we play Calgary and hopefully it will be 100%, realistically im not so sure, 85-90% good would give us an edge and big chance to win.

I thought this was a thread about what we do for a living at first, first post confused the heck out of me lol

These rider fans aren't that smart .lol