What do you call 50 people watching the Grey Cup?

The Toronto Argonauts

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In all honesty I'm glad the Argos lost after Eiben ran his mouth. In this day and age he should know better.

Sorta like Tyrone Williams on live TV... down by 9 with around 5 mins left in the game... We will not lose to "these guys" we will come back and win...I guarantee it!!!

MIC’ed up is terrible honestly. I don’t know why they don’t scrap that all together.

Yea exactly Dust.
Look at what team did not even get 10 points,lol

I'll third that about Eiben, not a very bright thing to say on his part.

It should be a great GC though, I honestly think Dinwiddie has the tools to get the job done, at least what I saw in his short stint yesterday. All the best to Glenn, a warrior.

To be fair, the Argo defense only gave up 10 points, like he said they would.

Fletcher said it best after the game in regards to the defense carrying the offense: "we've been like this for five years, something has to change."

What has to change? Its obvious. Fire Clemons.

Perhaps Eiben was a little too enthusiastic with his comments but the guy did show up to play. Two fumble recoveries isn't a bad day.

Technically there were only 10 points scored against the "D". The rest came off special teams.

But let's face it, your not going to win the 2nd biggest game of the year scoring only 9 points.

Yeah he may have riled a few feathers but I still think he showed some class. And it's a hell of a lot more interesting then all the half-hearted political correctness you usually here.

Still it was 10 points that he said the bombers would not get.

It's true about the political correctness. I wish players from both teams would smack talk a bit in the media before a game. It intensifies the game and the rivalry.

They wouldn't be calling this the Banjo Bowl if it weren't for some smacktalkin Bomber kicker.

I wonder how many copies of Eiban's quote Coach Berry had pinned up in the dressing room to fire up the troops?

The obvious comeback was of course, "Only ten--that should be enough!"

I agree, smack talk is needed to build a great rivalry.
That is what this thread is ....its a smack talk thread,lol