What do we want?

As Bomber fans, what do we want to see for threads?

One year long thread, as it is now where anything Bomber related goes and posts get lost to the webiverse? Basically stay as is?

A week by week (game by game) thread so relevant info is easy to find and read?

Or offense/defence specific threads?

Or just make a new topic when ever we want?

For me, I’d like to chat about recent roster moves, but hard to get that going in the big thread. If I’m alone on that, then I’ll just bite my lip and move on. But if others also aren’t keen on one looooong thread for the season, now is your chance to speak up!

I tend to stop reading loooong threads, Infact I usually dismiss them around 200 posts regardless of which team is highlighted in them, as they contain waaaay too much information for me to bother with.

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I have already posted my views but whatever anyone wants is fine with me as anyone can make a thread if they desire.

I think we need one general discussion thread for sure during the season. Also an off-season thread. Two years ago we had a free agency/roster moves thread. I would like to see all of those which would split the general discussion thread into three threads.

I have no problems with a game thread but doubt it would be much used. We already have the game thread chat option but it hasn’t been used once yet so I doubt separate game threads will become a thing. Personally I prefer to post on the general game threads so that there is interaction with fans of other teams and different perspectives rather than just a Bomber circle jerk.

Whatever people decide is fine with me. I suspect we need more Bomber only traffic to sustain many more threads. It may also be difficult for people to find numerous small threads for say on defence as you suggest and that they will post on a more prominent thread instead. I understand you have a problem finding the last posts on the Bomber general thread when you don’t log in but I don’t know if others have that problem. If they do then more threads might be the answer. I don’t have that problem because I am always logged in but I can’t speak for others.

Speaking of looooong threads…


I’ll start with a roster moves thread, and we’ll see how that goes?