What do we need to do to beat Calgary?

:thup: :thup: :thup: Couldn't have said it better myself!!

Thank you. It turns out I was wrong about the first game. It was a bad snap/muffed hold on a FG attempt to tie the game.

Oh right Johnny glue bag, the way to beat the Stamps is to be just like MTL and shoot your mouth off to the media
about how they would "kick their butts" and tell their DB's how "they don't stand a chance".
A high school team would know better than to do something like that. :roll:

Last season the Hamilton D got beaten bad with the run in the GC. Hamilton went out and made the moves to better that run defense and they are second to none on that D line right now. Interior and LBs are made to stop the run. Norwood and the re addition of Hickman changes a whole lot with that pass rush.
In year two a lot deeper in that D backfield with some additions as well as returning DBs. Neil King will not be starting at Safety for this Grey Cup.
Bulcke will be missed on the Dline. They have manged without him very well but the Grey Cup and the best RB in the CFL he would be nice to have.
Calgary will NOT want to get lit up on teams so they will need to spend much more time than usual which will take away from preping for something else.
That something else could be the Hamilton Passing attack. Weather has had much to do with running the ball more and have been able to do it very well. Collaros will take off as well. The game is indoors so the passing attack will likely come back a bit. Montreal was prepped to stop the pass so Collaros ran with it.
Calgary is favored and rightfully so but the Cats defense has been lights out, so Hamilton winning would be an upset in that Calgary is the more polished team overall. Hamilton, however, can win this one and surprise a bit in that they are going to be even better in year three of the Hamilton under Austin and home field from the get go.

Excellent analysis Steve (and I don't say that just as a Ticat fan). :thup:

Avoid turnovers, avoid the big play and get to the quarterback. Do these 3 things and we win.

Also, as long as it is close at halftime (less than a TD) AND we do not have huge lead in the 4th, we win.
Our coaching staff is excellent at half time adjustments. My concern with a big lead going into the 4th is we tend to let up.

I'm sure the coaching staff is looking at the Montreal vs Calgary game very closely. At least Montreals defence that game.

This will be a great game. #1 rushing team vs #1 run defence.

If we were playing at home I'd have more confidence for a win. To state the obvious, they better come to play or it will be last year all over again.

I hope they've tuned up their silent count procedures, which they likely haven't had to employ since the opening game of the season. Although BC Place is a neutral field, it's a noisy place and there will be more serious CAL fans in attendance than true HAM fans. The majority of the locals attending will likely be rooting for HAM, but not to the point of being extra vocal to aid the TC defence.

We have an outstanding team! We fully deserve to be here!
I think we match up against the Stamps pretty well.
This is the Championship Game, I feel you can throw out previous records and stats,
but I will use them anyways

Both teams have very good QB’s with a very good receiving corps, call this even

They cannot match our special teams, Banks is just too good, we win the special teams

We are healthy, This is the strongest, healthiest roster we have fielded all season!
They are missing 2 of their starting DL’s in Charleston Hughes and DeQuin Evans

Jon Cornish is special, But,
Our #1 Run Defence matches their #1 Run Offence

With a CGY banged up “D” Line, their front 7 will have to contain Grigsby and Madu,
It will give Collaros some time and room to throw and run. Collaros is a winner
This game is ours to take, it will be close, but we are going to win this one!

I think we need to take risks to win this game. Be bold and creative.

Straight up, as most Cats fans know deep down, we're probably outmatched. If both teams play a vanilla game, I don't love our chances.

But we've shown some flair in our play calling this year. Fake punts, onside punts, short kickoff up the middle, reverses on returns. On offence, lots of gadget plays that take advantage of the speed of guys like Banks and Sinkfield. High pressure defences that may expose us a bit but seem to work more often than not.

I want to see some of that on Sunday. Calgary is feeling more pressure to win, and they may be conservative in their schemes. A couple of imaginative plays that go our way can change the momentum and make the difference. Any turnovers will be huge. Some deep passes may catch the Stamps off guard because we've used them so sparingly this season. (Can anyone really cover Banks on a fly pattern?)

Personally, I won't criticize the coaches if they take risks and come up short. I will be upset, though, if they play it safe and come up short.

@ExPat - you forgot the seldom-used Speedy-B passing the football off of a pitch-out...

Man we get no love and are really not being given a chance in this game. I get that Calgary is good and it will be a tough game but not many giving us a chance.

I'm not sure that has ever worked for us. First time for everything? Maybe now that people are so focused on stopping Banks.

X 2 :thup: :thup: :thup:

Right, they'll think "Oh oh - HE - has the ball, better try and tackle him, which would leave Sinkfield uncovered deep? :wink:

That was also said in 1986 & 99. Cats can win this!

Oskee wee wee!!

  1. Stop Cornish
  2. Play a full 60 minutes of hard hitting football
  3. Pray that our offense shows up and performs well.

If anyone of these fail it will not be a pretty sight.

Yesturday the entire TSN panel says we will be hard pressed to generate 20 pts my prediction is we are going to shock the world as we kick the horses A$$ :rockin:
Our D is playing awesome and we now have the Zack Attack , and speedy will go all the way once!!!

I think the Ticats need a very long prayer (or two) to win :?

I'm not disagree or agreeing with you but can you elaborate a tad? Why do you think this an unwinable game for the black and yellow.