What do we need to do to beat Calgary?

OK....we beat Montreal. Time to move on.
What kind of a game plan do we need against Calgary?
Pretend you are Kent Austin. How do you prepare the team this week?

bottom line stop their run game.

Three simple and true words "DEFENCE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS "
Stuff the Cornish Hen and shutdown the pass simple as that !

On offence:
Short passes to Fantuz, Giguere and Tucker.
Grigsby up the middle
Colaros in a moving pocket

On defence:
Pressure the Qb
gang tackling

Special teams:
Make that first tackle

You mean Tasker right?

The vast majority of Calgary's games have been won or lost by ten points or less.

That means it's our defense that will win or lose it as far as I'm concerned. Take away the run and pressure the qb as we've been doing.

Of course, since they're used to close games so it's a guarantee they're going full throttle till the last second.

Also, Calgary never played The East Division Champion Tiger-Cats

Don't beat ourselves. No turnovers and no dumb penalties. Collaros has to be better than he's been so far. He's been good but not great. He needs to have a great game against the Stumps. Everyone else needs to execute at their best.

An Argo-Cat fan

Calgary has one of the hotest teams I have ever seen in the CFL and I've seen them all.

To beat them, we need to be at the top of every phase of our game; defense and offense.

[i]What the Ticats need to do to beat Calgary? Transform into the 1979 Edmonton Eskimos, or the 1996 Argonauts.

If they can’t do that, they have no chance…[/i]

Play Tiger Cat Football stop Cornish and we will be fine

D: I agree stop the run :thup:
Front seven have to get pressure AND stop the run

The secondary has to get more help from the safety, maybe play the safety deeper and change the angles, Montreal not that good!

O: Spread the ball around more, make first downs, keep 2 and outs to a minimum! Score 6 in the red zone!

ST: Kick for rouges all game! this will give a few yards to Calgary, but will limit the possibility of a kick return td, or a big gainer, and 3 or 4 points on singles could make the difference. Play for the onside recover as well and a timely fake or reverse would be icing on the cup!

Not really.

Only 9 out of 19 of Calgary's games have been decided by 10 points or less. That's 47%%. Hardly a vast majority. In fact not a majority at all. The majority. 10 were decide by more than 10 points. 1 was decided by exactly 10 points. 8 by less than 10 points.

Average point differential in their games was 12.74. That's more than 10.

In their 3 losses, they lost by 1, 16 & 8. Or an average of 7.33 points. In their wins, they won on average by 13.75 points.

Calgary isn't used to close games at all.

Score more points than them? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Seriously, they are a solid team. 29 of our players (?) were in Regina last year, so they know what to expect. Although we are a young team, they believe in themselves and are playing well enough to beat anyone. Although losing both games in the regular season to cowtown, this really is a different team today. They have grown and gotten much better. I know they will do well. I just wish they were playing at THF because the 13th man gave them such an edge. We will be with them in spirit if not body.

Bonne chance!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Furthermore ...

TiCats had 15 of their 19 games decided by 10 points or less. (79%) 37% of the time it was by 10 points or more. 16% of the time it was by exactly 10 points. Many more 10 or less than Calgary. 15 of 19 would equate to a "Vast Majority".

Average point differential in their games was 7.9. Much closer games than Calgary played.

They won by an average margin of 9.4 points and lost by an average of 6.2 points.

In our third game way back on July 18th, we lost a very close AWAY game by a FG (IIRC it was about a yard shy of a TD for the win) with our BACKUP QBs in due to Colleros sufferring a concussion. The next game was a ten-point loss at Mac (but still VERY hard-fought) with LeFevour unfortunately tearing his ACL and Masoli having to finish the game.

We are NOT the team we were then. With the emergence of Speedy B in our offence, Nic Grigsby FULLY taking over the starting RB position, the O-line FINALLY getfing their collective nasty on (I have been very critical of them in the past, but the improvement has been incredible), Tasker seemingly catching everything thrown to him, Fantuz back on the field, and, most of all, a defence that cannot wait to sink their teeth into some premium Alberta grass-fed beef for Sunday dinner, I certainly think that the game will be a lot closer and exciting than the so-called "experts" are saying...

We tend to allow the opponent to score first and often second before we get going. I would like to see an opening drive TD and score early and often. Then the defense can show their stuff as the offense continues to challenge for points.

Just playing, the way they've been playing, appears to be enough to make believers out of the TSN CFL panel. We're just one jock short of winning all of them over:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/video/grey-cup-can-the-tiger-cats-keep-it-close-1.143557]http://www.tsn.ca/video/grey-cup-can-th ... e-1.143557[/url]

Is that a jock or a jock strap? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes Johnny Cup Cakes might have something there. :wink:

Of course what we should avoid at all costs is transforming into that notorious third rate team the 2014 All Wets. :oops:

Does everyone agree? :lol: :lol: :lol:

We need to play the best game of the year. Without taking any dumb penalties. The Eskimos were heavily favored to win the Cup back in 86. Let's do this again!!!